Do you want to live in a world where you are at the mercy of a Tech tyrant?

Imagine today if suddenly the things you use to identify yourself:

  • passport

  • drivers license

  • social security number

  • photo ids for work, etc

and the things you use to prove your credentials:

  • high school certificate

  • academic qualifications

  • college transcript

  • memberships, etc

and the things you use to prove what you own:

  • bank accounts

  • title to real estate

  • title to motor vehicles

  • broker accounts

  • 401ks

  • crypto wallets, etc

just suddenly disappeared.

It would destroy your life. How would you get money to buy groceries, or earn a living, or prove you have not stolen your car.

But don’t worry, all these things could magically reappear if:

  • you just did what you were not,

  • if you thought how you were told,

  • if you only said what was “acceptable”, etc.

  • That is a tremendous power somebody could hold over you and everybody else in society.

The questions is:

  • do you want to control that power for yourself, or

  • would you prefer to let a tech tyrant hold that power over you, or

  • a corrupt politician, or

  • a faceless bureaucrat in a tyrannical government

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