Let's consider it my first #meme

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    stk, so, Miho

The disappointment of the day: Arabic alphabet doesn't have the latter "flemkh" (It's a reference to and old video in the attach)

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    Diablo II Ressurected is awesome!

    Blue · Friday, 24 September - 07:44

I played yesterday, it was amazing! It was a bit of a hustle to launch it but I did it!

Here is what helped me: first, there is some kind of mess about nvidia module, i have no clue what this command does, but it helped! sudo nvidia-modprobe -u -c=0

Then, instead of seeing some error on unreadable window the game went launching but not showing anything. So, to make everything work I shoved app into steam.

Then I have downloaded this tar.gz and unpacked it in /home/<username>/.steam/root/compatibilitytools.d/ compatibilitytools.d folder wasn't there, had to create it

After that I had Proton-6.16-GE-1 as a compatibility environment in my steam, and I forced it to be used with app and it worked! The game worked perfectly!

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  • 20 October nerdfella

    I must admit, Movim looks like shit.

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    Keep setting up Movim node

    Blue · Wednesday, 22 September - 19:30

Well, that should fix my federation issue, lets see! Please, people if you see comment this for me to veryfy if it actually works

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    ericbuijs, Timothée Jaussoin


  • 22 September eyome

    It works ;-)

  • 23 September armitageone

    Сколько раз я подходил к мовим, столько глюк возникал с удалением комментария после того как сам его лайкаешь

  • 23 September Blue

    Вероятно, это из за кривой раздачи настроек на pubsub ноды в В принципе этому подвержен любой сервер если не озадачиться этим вопросом до первого логина в мовим.

Diablo 2 ressurected is going to be released tomorrow, oh my, I'm so excited!

Probably the wine version of it wont work yet, but I have something shiny in my double boot for that occasion

That's right is now movim!

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  • 18 September aurel1on_sol

    Черт, выглядит это всё очень круто, на самом то деле

  • 19 September eyome

    Another comment! Congrat for your pod!

  • 19 September Timothée Jaussoin

    We need more comments ! Yay !

  • 22 September purplesky

    Hello, Blue. Now I can comment to your post. I am happy.

Hey hey! Again a new post in movim! Looks sleeker and sleeker