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    Threaded rod in Solvespace 3.0

    ericbuijs · Saturday, 19 December, 2020 - 16:47

Threaded rod in Solvespace 3.0

I just published a video tutorial about the new Solvespace 3.0 helix tool and how to design a thread with it. If you're interested in 3dcad and free and open source software, Solvespace is absolutely worth trying out.

  • Threaded rod in Solvespace 3.0

    Solvespace 3.0 RC1 has recently been released. This version is a huge upgrade from the previous one (2.3). One of the new features is the Helix tool. With the Helix tool a corkscrew a sketch can be extruded along a corkscrew like path. A useful application for this tool is the threaded rod. In this video I'll demonstrate how to design such a threaded rod. The Solvespace file of a threaded rod can be downloaded here: The background music in this video is a Piano Violin beat created by Nathan Buijs (license CC0) For this video I used Solvespace v3.0 RC1 on Mac OSX. Solvespace is open source (GPLv3 license) and is available for Window, OSX and Linux. It is developed by Jonathan Westhues and maintained by Whitequark and others. It can be downloaded here:

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