DeGoogle my life

It's been over a year that I started to DeGoogle my life and I must admit it's not easy and I'm still not done yet but I thought it was time to make a blog post about the choices that I made thus far. This blog post is also meant to help people making these choices when they want to DeGoogle and therefore I'll try to keep it up-to-date. Comments are therefore much appreciated.

  • DeGoogle my life

    According to Wikipedia to DeGoogle is the act of removing Google from your life. As the growing market share of the internet giant creates monopolistic power for the company in digital spaces, incr…

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  • 24 May, 2020 preptorrent

    Well making "movim comments exclusives" videos on youtube or bitchute seems like a reasonable thing to trial. Audience engagement is strengthened greatly by people commenting, as so consolidating all the comments in the one place can make that easier. Also you have the fediverse.

    One of the downsides of "Movim" is the name "Movim" not being "Jabber" and so people do not realise what it is. The coders of Movim are clever. Some people (in the general public) are really stupid and this is a variable we all have to acknowledge in order to deal with it, rather than treading carefully in case it offends.

    If I were CEO of "Bossing Movim Around" Towers, my next board meeting would involve ordering them to show Pidgin IM more to people (because people, even some stupid people) know what it is from Linux Distros. While "Empathy" is used, it is generally not on Microsoft-Windows and we have to be realistic that people use Windows. Really gaming is where it is at and Linux is doing very well indeed in terms of getting gamers on board and not only are they computer-savvy but also they have disposable income. So I'd boss Movim around and my next orders would be to modify Pidgin IM to work in FOSS games (like Pioneer and OOElite or BattleForWesnoth or TuxKart etc), and then talk about Movim a lot.

    Movim is "fun" but not "fun enough" (it has potential yet to use) and that is silly because it should be as it has so much positivity going for it. Humour sells. Also music sells. Both humour and music (especially ballsy music like rock music) get people's emotions going in a good way and they remember how they felt that day. With that, they would remember Movim if it were used in Pidgin IM in gaming which involves humour and music.

    Video is a terribly inefficient medium for gaming. With VR (directx12 and vulkan) being used more these days, the things people will want to do with gaming-replays will change the nature of Lets-Plays and streaming and so video will not always be the way to observe (or experience) a Lets-Play.

    You're into 3D graphics and I think you could do with making a Lets-Play for a OpenSource game in which you can invite people to use the PidginIM chat system (whether integrated into the game or not, on a software level or just sitting on the PC desktop in an extra window). Then have the LetsPlay video with movim-only comments (and tell people in the video). I think part of the problem content-creators and commenters (who wish to degoogle) have is that they rest on their laurels by leaning on youtube comments as a dependency. They create a form of fun such as making a video and then they enjoy the attention in the comments section, and they give in to temptation by usig the youtube comments.

    So for example, your darth-vader video was both clever (for making a gadget using electronics) and fun. People engaged with the video by making comments. Now I think the pitfall a person (be that you or me or anybody - well maybe not me because I'm so self-disciplined on such things) would encounter is a lack of willpower to keep the comments turned off on youtube (and btw informing the audience to visit the movim link is crucial). It is too hard to shut-down the comment's attention and positive feedback from a cool darth-vader clever and funny video.

    So how to break that catch22? Basically, by making a video which is more focussed on the degoogling while keeping the comedy. And with that, I think gaming is a way forward (but other options exist too). If the topic is inclined to have people want to join in by having a Movim account and the game to play, then it does not require an investment of energy (or steal from the "fun") in order for them to do so. Therefore nothing is lost in translation. There is not that "extra step" required from the audience.

    So in other words, if you are a content creator and it brings you joy, make content which is "more compatible" with the ("not google") Movim way of doing things. Uploading file for a savegame for a soccer football replay (to a movim post) is an example and a commodore amiga game "goal" and "kickoff" (also on PC) had that funtionality and so that sort of theme is how the audience can experience the same replay (and the filesize is small) and they can have the game. It need not be the final technology for all other such posts, but it starts the ball rolling in terms of not using the video format of youtube.

    I have my doubts about PeerTube but it does have something going for it. I have my doubts about Mastadon, and Movim is better in its approach to rules (well as far as I can tell so far). I wonder if peertube will go all "don't be naughty" in its rules like mastadon has done. Mastadon have a rule on not "misgendering" (so like basically if somebody has had a sex change) and that is madness, and I'll give an example as to why. Consider the youtuber Blaire White (basically a person born a man and then took hormones and got boobs implanted). Blaire is deliberately a trolling offensive drama content creator who does trolling as a form of comedy sometimes, and clearly the viewcounts show it works. Blaire's material would be rendered useless half the time if a rule to only be called a woman had been adhered to. Blaire started off in gaining followers when making content by being a Mens Rights Activist and that was a very effective comedy trolling Blaire did (because it flew in the face of the feminist way of branding Mens Rights MRA sayers of hate-speech). It was more difficult for google to tell Blaire what to do and it exposed how google abused its position in general with other people (be they political Left or Right or whatever).

    4Chan catalysed its popularity partly because reddit got all "rules orientated". Personally, while I have read 4Chan and Reddit, I don't another using them to write on. The echo-chamber vibe of them can be useful in the sense that echo-chambers are a sort of "forced outcome think tank" (whereby a way will be found to support even the most untrue argument), however, the obvious downside is that you don't get the fun of both sides mixing and having skirmishes. The "fediverse" really should not go down the route of #OperationKillJoy by making some jokes taboo. That will only make those jokes funnier and they will be launched from catapults/trebuchets elsewhere. In school when you're not allowed to laugh a joke in the assembly hall, it only makes trying not to laugh funnier, and so the joke (whatever it may be) becomes funnier in the context.

    Even though I appreciate it is far smaller than other networks, I'm loving my fun on Movim. I'm enjoying abusing my position as a brash Brit swanning around being "Red Pill" whilst "doing a sexism" with an inflated ego, living up to my stereotype in the middle of Brexit and I might even start playing the "bad winner" of world-war2 making jokes in my favour, and getting butthurt when Germany beat us yet again in the world-cup footy. On Movim, I managed to gain about 75 add-contacts, at least half of whom probably disagree with me, as indicated by the fact only about 9 or 10 of them subscribe to my manosphere shitposting community. That ratio of 65 disagreeing with 10 agreeing makes it funnier for the 10 that agree (but also for the 65). Had the ration been the other way around (of 65 people in agreement with me and 10 disagreeing with me), I'd look like an unfunny bully against the little guy and it wouldn't be funny. This way it is funnier for both sides of the equation. So for example, here I am dishing out advice on your written-post when you have more net followers than me (but then I'll argue that is because you are using youtube - audacity being the mechanism of huour at play there).

    I should be a nobody here, and yet with my typos and slapdash "articles", how the hell did I gain more attention than my days on youtube ever? Humour. That's how. Live it!

    So yeah do a comedy video or a game and get people logged into pidgin-IM and then have them comment with the same xmpp movim login on your written post in movim pertaining to it all. If you have people feel and remember the fun, they'll come back. Youtube having a "fun monopoly" is undesirable and now (what with their 'rules') is the perfect opportunity to do the above so as to do what google cannot do.

  • 24 May, 2020 ericbuijs

    Thanks for the comments and suggestions. They are helpfull.

    My video channel and blog shifted from DIY to being a free (as in freedom) software, open standards and distributed networks propagandist. My videos are an attempt to demonstrate that free software is as capable as the proprietary stuff out there (somehow the general public thinks that free software is rubbish). What better way than to use the free software that i love for that purpose. So I’ll probably stick to 3D CAD and 3D printing but your remark about humour struck a chord. I’ll probably suck at it but I’ll try to lighten up the videos.

    I agree with your remarks about YouTube ‘fun monopoly’. I’m intrigued by the idea of using Movim and XMPP to interact with the viewer from all platforms that I use for distribution. I could setup a chat room right here and use that in the future. Thus far almost all interaction goes through YT so it’s risky to disable that (what if the chat stays empty because all viewers are pretty new to free software let alone XMPP/Movim). So I’m a bit hesitant but I’ll give it some more thought.

  • 24 May, 2020 preptorrent

    Oh I didn't mean disable all your youtube comments on videos. I just meant make one video (or a few) without comments (if you like to) and embed it in a movim post. The helium with Darth Vader voice was funny. :) It sounded like the Daleks from the old Dr Who tv show. I can see people in the comments loved it. That was definitely good humour. My opinion about the open-standards is similar to yours probably. And yeah, I know it sucks how the public generally take ages to cotton on to foss, or even don't realise it is cool.

    So like I looked at the darth-vader comments-section and thought

    "Hmm there was a time I'd log into google and comment but I'll resist because I want to degoogle my life".

    One of the good things about google is the ability to do a google-takeout so as to then delete a channel while keeping some sort of record. I'm not saying you should delete your channel. I just mean, it has helped me in the past (deleting an old channel) to cut away dead wood from an online footprint I cannot be bothered to maintain. The other good thing in youtube is the ability to delete one's own comments (as long as one is starting a thread and not replying). That too helps to remove one's footprint and degoogle one's life. Even if we can never be sure google is 100% honest in how much of one's data is kept or discarded on a server, the fact the public see it has gone helps the ritual and willpower to ditch youtube or google.
    A good usage of the chatroom is to prompt people of replies on threads like this one (or other threads) because movim does not seem to use notifications for these comments the same as youtube.
    I tend to "downsize google" than fully "degoogle". However I'm pretty close to being degoogled in terms of trying not use it signed in anymore (at all pretty much). I don't use it anywhere as much I did in the past. I also avoid signing up to new things like discord and twitch, and I don't use facebook (although I tried it in the past) and I don't officially use twitter per se.
    When I started to degoogle a little bit, I found myself using such internet less even when alternatives were a thing. A great thing about movim chatrooms is the ability to use Pidgin because then one can keep the data clientside. Also RSS is awesome in Movim such as setting it up with mozilla-thunderbird so as to keep a copy of one's favourite blogs and so on clientside. Internet in the UK can be a mixed bag (and not always available), but a good thing about that is it enourages one to use RSS in thrunderbird so as to read content offline. Movim works great with some of that.
    Yeah your 3D stuff is cool. I'd really like to see collada files enabled in movim posts (just something simple) or the ability to play a flash swf file (although of course that is not open-source so it's be kinda lame in that regard). Basically animated collada seems to be the answer. I can dream I suppose. I wish there existed a print-preview so I could check my comments here for typos in advance of typing them.