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    UK: undestanding the Labour vote (or not)

    François Brutsch · Sunday, 9 May - 10:02 edit

Must read: long and complex but fascinating analysis by Chris Clarke @WarringFictions on the sociology of the Labour vote, past and future. #politix

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    ‘Against their interests’

    The Hartlepool by-election result has renewed discussion about how Labour re-connects with working-class voters. The analysis in this…

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    The history and future of the lesbian and gay movement

    François Brutsch · Monday, 22 March - 17:00 edit

  • Julie Bindel: United we stand - Lesbian and Gay News

    I have long argued that the relationship between lesbians and gay men is a bit like that of Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton. We fall out, disagree, and eventually get back together again when we realise we need each other. And right now, we need each other. Lesbians have become the targets of extreme misogyny […]

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