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    Afghanistan: the women's fight

    François Brutsch · Monday, 13 September - 20:38 edit

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    Afghan Women Confront the Taliban - Newlines Magazine

    The Taliban’s newly formed interim cabinet doesn’t include any women. They have banned unauthorized protests and attacked journalists for reporting on them. Yet the protests have continued. The women are fierce. They are not content with simply preserving their rights, they are demanding leadership positions in any new government.

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    In Switzerland too, gender dysphoria among young people is spreading and premature medicalisation offered as the only answer

    François Brutsch · Friday, 20 August - 14:01 edit

My latest article on Un Swissroll (in French)


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    9/11, Afghanistan: 20 years on full circle

    François Brutsch · Sunday, 15 August - 12:37 edit

Arthur Chrenkoff was one of my favorite bloggers in the first years of the century. His politics seems to have taken a Trumpian turn since then. But, except two silly nasties about Joe Biden, his comment on the current tragedy in Afghanistan is fitting. #politix

  • No more good news from Afghanistan

    It’s not true that failure is an orphan. Afghanistan today is like Freddy Krueger, “the son of a hundred homicidal maniacs”, whose nurse mother was gang raped by inmates of a …