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    Democracy and extremism

    François Brutsch · Wednesday, 21 July - 10:25

  • Anyone who believes in democracy should cheer Labour's purge of the hard left - CapX

    As Labour’s national executive committee met yesterday, a motley crew of discontents paraded outside. They included Piers Corbyn, the prominent conspiracy theorist and Covid denialist, and a handful of people who either have already been expelled from the party or sympathise with far-left organisations that the NEC has now proscribed. Pleasingly, the protesters vigorously fell […]

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    LGBT Counter-Reformation

    François Brutsch · Monday, 12 July - 15:39 edit

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    An Anglo-Turkish back to the land of his father (beautiful longread)

    François Brutsch · Wednesday, 7 July - 16:06 edit

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    As Turkish As I Want To Be | Newlines Magazine

    “My baba left,” I would say to friends, who were still a little mystified I had moved by choice, “and now I’ve come back.” I could never stop myself from saying “back.” In a way, it makes no sense. I had never lived in Turkey before. But it acknowledges something that feels true: that the arcs of our stories stretch beyond our own lifetimes.

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    UK: undestanding the Labour vote (or not)

    François Brutsch · Sunday, 9 May - 10:02 edit

Must read: long and complex but fascinating analysis by Chris Clarke @WarringFictions on the sociology of the Labour vote, past and future. #politix

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    ‘Against their interests’

    The Hartlepool by-election result has renewed discussion about how Labour re-connects with working-class voters. The analysis in this…