I'm very proud of my wooden flatpack deer that is standing next to the tree. It took many hours and it's not finished yet, I need to sand it down which is going to take looooong hours. Maybe in 2022!

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    Timothée Jaussoin, eyome

Sonic for Master System turns 30 this month. It was my first game and I love it and I was very sad because I couldn't find it — the best known Sonic is the one for the MegaDrive / Genesis, which was 16-bit, but the one I wanted was the 8-bit one.

I have already installed it on my Retropie and I forecast hours and hours of fun.

#SonicTheHedgehog #Sega #MasterSystem #Retropie #gaming

I'm trying to fix some .js code to show the date and time properly in Basque but I don't have any JS knowledge so basically I'm looking for a volunteer.

The piece of code that I'd like to fix is on this GitHub and it should be easy peasy.

My approach has been:

var dateFormats = {
full: "y'(e)ko' MMMM'ren' d'a', EEEE",
long: "y'(e)ko' MMMM'ren' d'a'",
medium: "y'(e)ko' MMMM'k' d",
short: "yy/MM/dd",

var timeFormats = {
full: 'HH:mm:ss zzzz',
long: 'HH:mm:ss z',
medium: 'HH:mm:ss',
short: 'HH:mm'

var dateTimeFormats = {
full: "{{date}}, {{time}}e(t)an",
long: "{{date}}, {{time}}e(t)an",
medium: '{{date}}, {{time}}',
short: '{{date}} {{time}}'

This would be the quick and dirty solution. A more accurate approach would be:

  • years ending in "1" and "5" should be followed by 'eko'
  • years ending in 2, 3, 4, 6, 7, 8, 9, 'ko'
  • years ending in 0:
  • — 10 30 50 70 90 100, 'eko'
  • — 20 40 60 80, 'ko'

Let me know if you are bored :wink:
#code #js

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    I need a hard drive. Any advice or suggestion?

    Xabi · Sunday, 7 November - 17:15 edit

My (13) hard drives are all full and I'm looking for a new one but I don't know what to look for. My requirements:

  • No less than 8TB. 10TB would be even better
  • I only use it ~1 hour per day so I don't think I need NAS graded ones
  • 3,5 inch disks are OK although the less cables on my desk, the better
  • I want something that will last for years
  • My main OS is macOS
  • Ideally ±200€

Extra info: I don't have a NAS. I have a case for a 3,5 disk, but I'm not sure it works anymore. I only had one Seagate HD and it was extremely noisy. #IT #tech

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    Timothée Jaussoin


  • 7 November Timothée Jaussoin

    Maybe try to cleanup one to reuse it ?

  • 7 November Xabi

    I have deleted films but the issue is that the picture library and bootlegs partition will keep increasing ad infinitum.

…would be a great time to promote XMPP/Jabber. Instead people seem to be using Bizum to chat to each other. Not even Telegram. I don't think there is any hope for this society

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    Timothée Jaussoin

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    Jorge Luis, Seer


  • 15 June, 2021 Seer

    Alternative to Chrome - Cent Browser

Fedora was maybe the first Linux OS I ever used, and that was 15 years ago.

Time to give my old MacBook (2007) a third chance - latest MacOS supported is 10.6 and Windows 10 doesn't work smoothly.

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    piddle, Paplain


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    25 April, 2021 piddle

    I remember starting with Fedora back with Fedora 22 (around that time) and stopped using it for a long time and came back at Fedora 31. I've loved it and used it since, and now my daily has been Fedora Silverblue.
    Really can't complain, has excellent package availability, new features, stability and SIlverblue itself is quite an innovation and new but familiar experience. Thank you for this post.

  • 1 May, 2021 Xabi

    Even though my daily OS is Mac and my servers have been OpenSUSE and now Debian, I always had a thing for #Fedora. And I must say Gnome 40 looks beautiful.

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    28 October pookito

    I remember when I was using it when Fedora was RedHat, prior to making the community edition. Overall, #Linux has come a long way for desktop users. Now, I am using ElementaryOS. Back in the days IDK what happened but I stop using Fedora and moved to Debians editions.

I changed my ISP recently and my server is not available outside my network anymore, which I guess it's a #CGNAT thing that I'm trying to fix. But in order to get the set up that I want, I need a proper #router.

Having owned a #WRT54GL with dd-wrt in the past I am considering the WRT3200acm —even though I know it has some issues—. If anyone has any suggestion, let me know. My budget is ~150€.