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  • 09:02 Seer

    Alternative to Chrome - Cent Browser

Fedora was maybe the first Linux OS I ever used, and that was 15 years ago.

Time to give my old MacBook (2007) a third chance - latest MacOS supported is 10.6 and Windows 10 doesn't work smoothly.

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    Paplain , piddle


  • 25 April piddle

    I remember starting with Fedora back with Fedora 22 (around that time) and stopped using it for a long time and came back at Fedora 31. I've loved it and used it since, and now my daily has been Fedora Silverblue.
    Really can't complain, has excellent package availability, new features, stability and SIlverblue itself is quite an innovation and new but familiar experience. Thank you for this post.

  • 1 May Xabi

    Even though my daily OS is Mac and my servers have been OpenSUSE and now Debian, I always had a thing for #Fedora. And I must say Gnome 40 looks beautiful.

I changed my ISP recently and my server is not available outside my network anymore, which I guess it's a #CGNAT thing that I'm trying to fix. But in order to get the set up that I want, I need a proper #router.

Having owned a #WRT54GL with dd-wrt in the past I am considering the WRT3200acm —even though I know it has some issues—. If anyone has any suggestion, let me know. My budget is ~150€.

Because of coronavirus some areas within the county of Araba, in the Basque Country, face movement restrictions / lockdown [in red] while others, even with over 500:100.000 cases can still travel freely due to smaller population [in blue]. Green areas show lower infection rate even though still too high to keep #covid19 under control. #araba #map

It's been 9 months since I moved my server needs from my smoke-like-smelling MacBook to a shiny RaspberryPi so there is no need to keep old O.S. versions hogging valuable space in my HHDs.
I was hoping Apple would release new or at least updated MacBook Pros yesterday but they didn't and I don't know what to do now. I have been using other people's laptops since February, and trying to keep everything tidy on the cloud is a challenge.