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    Might and Delight confirm Shelter 3 to launch on March 30 / GamingOnLinux · 14:41 · 1 minute

Get ready to become one with nature again, as Shelter 3 from Might and Delight now has an official release date and it's going up on March 30.

The Shelter serious is all about exploring nature as an actual animal, Shelter 3 puts you in the shoes of an Elephant and so it's a bit different to the previous games since you're part of a bigger community. Might and Delight say it's their "most emotional journey yet". You'll be helping to protect the entire herd, while also trying to protect your own calf as a new mother. It's shaping up to be a thoroughly unique experience.

You can see their previous gameplay trailer below:

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"Landscapes and fauna are rendered in mesmerising patterns and scored with an enchanting soundtrack by Retro Family, conjuring a magical world to lose yourself in. From lynx cubs to elephant families, from the tundra to the jungle, the next Shelter incarnation migrates to new territory, evolving into a new, magical game world and an experience that you won’t forget."

You can wishlist / follow Shelter 3 on Steam . It will likely appear on GOG at some point too like the previous games.

If you've played some of their previous games, do let us know what you think to the series in the comments and if you're looking forward to this latest.

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    Torrent of Impurities is a brand new single-player and co-op Quake Episode / GamingOnLinux · 13:33 · 1 minute

Need more of the classic FPS Quake in your life? Check out the newly released Torrent of Impurities by a bunch of Finnish mappers which serves up another dose to blast through.

In development for over 9 months it brings over 7 new maps with thousands of monsters spread throughout. Plenty of secrets to find for this will too with over 120 to scout out and find. Using Copper as the base of the pack, which is a "drop-in improvement to stock /id1/ gameplay and an equally suitable basis for new mods" but it tweaks plenty on top of all their unique additions.

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The end of that trailer…definitely feeling the need to blast through this. I have personally checked it out using the QuakeSpasm game engine and it works well. Quake is an absolutely retro classic and the gameplay does hold up quite well in this new episode.

To run it you will need a copy of the Quake data files which you can grab from GOG and Steam .

For the Torrent of Impurities episode grab it here .

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    Drova - Forsaken Kin is an upcoming pixel-art RPG with 'high player agency' / GamingOnLinux · Yesterday - 21:38 · 1 minute

Ready to try another demo of a promising upcoming game? The developer of Drova - Forsaken Kin emailed in about their pixel-art RPG and it sounds pretty promising.

They mention that it's a pixel art RPG that "focuses on investigative exploration and combat with high player agency", with you choosing a side in a changing world "devoured by Ether, the essence of creation itself getting out of control when an ancient threat returns". So what they're saying is the world is dynamic, it changes and you have an effect on things - something like that.

A demo is out now where you get to experience a small slice of one side of the story. Trailer is below:

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Feature Highlight:

  • Explore a dense, hand-crafted and changing world
  • Choice of faction results in a vastly different storyline
  • Atmosphere changes from low fantasy to dark fantasy as the game progresses
  • Use the mouse as your eyes to see behind obstacles and find clues
  • Multi-layered quests and dialogues
  • Visual impact on your character with every piece of equipment
  • Choose from a wide variety of weapons and spells to fit your play style
  • Tactical combat with the flow system

The developer, Just2D, mentioned how they've put "a lot of effort into Linux compatibility" so hopefully that works out well for them. Certainly looks good and after trying a bit of the demo I'm thoroughly intrigued to see where this goes in the full game due out in 2022.

If you want to try the demo it's on their page .

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    Another Proton Experimental update is out improving VR and controllers / GamingOnLinux · Yesterday - 16:59 · 1 minute

Proton Experimental is the extra special testing area where new fixes and features enter the Steam Play Proton compatibility layer before going out to everyone and there's a new update out. If you're not clear on what Proton and Steam Play are, be sure to check out our constantly updated dedicated page . It's a special compatibility layer for running Windows games and apps from Steam on Linux.

Proton Experimental as of the latest update (March 3, 2021) has these extras added into it:

- Fix Xbox controller input and hotplugging in Hades.
- More PlayStation 5 controller layout improvements.
- Fix crash in Home Behind 2, Crown Trick, and possibly other Unity-based titles.
- Improved Virtual Reality startup time, and better compatibility with more games including Microsoft Flight Simulator, Gravity Sketch, Battle Arena VR, Until You Fall, and more.

To use Proton Experimental in the Linux Steam client you need to ensure it's installed. If you search for it in your Steam Library, it will show up like other games and software does. Then on any game in your Steam Library, just right click and go to Properties and then select it from the drop-down menu in the Compatibility section:


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    The next AMD RDNA 2 card revealed with the AMD Radeon RX 6700 XT / GamingOnLinux · Yesterday - 16:35 · 1 minute

AMD has today revealed their next graphics card powered by the RDNA 2 architecture with the AMD Radeon RX 6700 XT, which they say is aimed at the "gaming enthusiast looking for maximum settings at 1440p and high-refresh competitive gameplay".

Here's the comparison for you against the other models:

RX 6700 XT RX 6800 RX 6800 XT RX 6900 XT
Compute Units 40 60 72 80
Ray Accelerators 40 60 72 80
Cores 2,560 3,840 4,608 5,120
Boost clock 2,424MHz 2,105MHz 2,250MHz 2,250MHz
Memory bus 192-bit 256-bit 256-bit 256-bit
Infinity Cache 96MB 128MB 128MB 128MB
TBP 230W 250W 300W 300W
Price $479 $579 $649 $999

It will go available on March 18, with a price around $479. They mentioned how on day-1 they will be launching their own reference cards on their official store, plus their partners including ASRock, ASUS, Gigabyte, MSI, PowerColor, SAPPHIRE and XFX will also have their cards available and various online stores will also be stocking them all on release day. Hopefully then, they won't see as many stock issues as we've seen with previous new releases from both AMD and NVIDIA.

Don't want to build your own system? AMD expect various OEMs to get building with them "in the coming months". They mentioned "more than 40" system builders are expected to launch systems with the AMD Radeon RX 6700 XT.

AMD also said to expect more Ryzen 6000 laptops to be announced "soon".

You can watch their full event below:

What do you think to this new card from AMD, worth picking up? We want to see your thoughts in the comments.

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    Tower Defense with deck-building 'Core Defense' set to get an expansion / GamingOnLinux · Yesterday - 16:11 · 1 minute

Core Defense, a positively rated tower defense game by users (and one we enjoyed) from developer ehmprah that sprinkles in a little deck-building is getting an expansion with a Beta you can try.

Quite different to most tower defense games, as the placement of almost everything is down to you. You're building up a maze for enemy units to travel through, and then each round you pick from a set of cards that can give you new towers, abilities and more. It was a success too, earning the developer over $20K in the first week on Steam, clearly hit a mark.

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"The unexpected success of Core Defense enabled me to quit my day job and work on the game full time and with the Mastery Expansion I want to pay back to the community, who made all this possible and contributed many of the ideas coming with the expansion!" – Mario "ehmprah" Kaiser

With a new Mastery Expansion announced, there's a lot coming to the game. So much so that there's going to be a Beta you can opt into from March 5 that anyone who owns it can opt into to try the DLC free until the end of the weekend.

The big feature of the expansion being "Mastery Progression", that sees you earn experience points for each game you play through and across each level up you get a "mastery point" which you can use to unlock bonuses. There's also going to be a new "SUPERCHARGE" mode that lets you activate an additional difficulty modifier including  every wave having a boss, random spawner locations for enemy units and more. A Daily Challenge mode is also being added, more difficulty levels, a new tower, a new flying enemy that ignores walls (uh oh!), another new enemy that deals area damage when it does and the list goes on.

Sounds awesome overall and the base game is well worth picking up.

You can buy Core Defense on and Steam . The Mastery Expansion releases March 19.

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    The tenth Norse world sure is busy as Valheim hits 5 million sold / GamingOnLinux · Yesterday - 15:53 · 1 minute

Fully expected of course, Valheim continues pulling in masses of new users with the announcement that it's now sold 5 million copies over the first month. What is it? For those living under a rock: a brutal exploration and survival game for 1-10 players, set in a procedurally-generated purgatory inspired by Viking culture.

Across this time more than 15 thousand years have been spent playing Valheim based on a combined player time count, over 35 million hours of Valheim was watched on Twitch, it continues rising up as one of the best reviewed games on Steam (#39) and this is all still from a five-person team. The actual player-count seems to have now settled though from the 502,387 peak 10 days ago to it seeing a more regular player count of around 350,000.

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This truly is now a complete runaway success. Iron Gate mentioned how they "struggle to find the right words to express our gratitude to you, the community" and there's plenty more to look forward to as this is only the beginning of the journey for the game. Some big updates are planned which we're excited to see land in the game, are you?

Note: they also recently released a fresh patch on March 2, here's the notes:

* Localization updates
* Made Haldor head-turn smoother
* Object network interpolation is skipped if object was far away, solved issue with network players flying through the air when entering dungeons & exiting portals etc
* Added -public 1/0 flag to dedicated server again, Allows players to host local lan only servers
* Join IP-button updated to allow for lan-connections (dedicated servers only) & added DNS support
* Dedicated servers use directIP connection instead of SDR, solves issues with slow steam relays in some areas of the world
* Bonemass puke-effect network fix
* Updated Dedicated-server PDF manual
* Prevent pickup items when entering portals
* Lowered wolf procreation slightly
* Lowered chance of boss trophy talking

Just like we did before we took a look back at the charts from LinuxGSM , which is a command-line tool for quick, simple deployment and management of Linux dedicated game servers. Since adding Valheim support, the number of servers has rocketed upwards and there's now over 2,300 servers running Valheim thanks to LinuxGSM ( source ).

With full Linux support you can buy Valheim on Steam .

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    Koi Farm is a simple relaxing chill-out experience about raising fish / GamingOnLinux · Yesterday - 13:51 · 1 minute

Need a casual game to get you through the day, or perhaps to mess with on another screen? Koi Farm released recently and it's quite a little gem. It's a small game though, all about raising Koi with an "infinite number" of patterns you can create by cross-breeding all the different colours and you end up with lots of different mutations as you go along.

You can pick them up, drop them between a big display pool and a smaller breeding pool and eventually let them go to swim on with their lives. On top of that, you can also turn them into special cards to stick in your book and progress through it.

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Quite a beautiful idea that I hope to see expand. As it is, it's a really nice chilled-out experience but it gave me a real needy feeling of wanting the same idea but in a much bigger setting with more to do. According to the developer, they do plan to open source it eventually too so perhaps people will join in when that happens.

You can buy it now on and Steam .

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