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    ChimeraOS 29 brings fixes for Aya Neo, GPD Win 3 and more upgrades / GamingOnLinux · Friday, 7 January, 2022 - 11:05 · 1 minute

Continuing to refine the SteamOS-like full-screen experience, ChimeraOS 29 is out now bringing on upgrades and plenty of bug fixes too.

The usual main components have been upgraded including Linux Kernel 5.15.12, Mesa drivers 21.3.3, NVIDIA driver 495.46, RetroArch 1.9.14 and upgrades to their own special helper packages too. Users of a few handhelds will be happy too with ChimeraOS 29 bringing fixed WiFI on the Aya Neo 2021 Pro/Retro Power, there's now a touch-screen driver for the GPD Win 3 and another hardware fix is to stop the ASRock LED controller being recognized as a joystick.

21139055731641553519gol1.jpg It boots directly into Steam Big Picture mode for a console-like experience.

Along with that there's also some additional libraries added as required by Worms W.M.D, fixed hidden/flickering popup windows in some games, fixed game patches not applying on first boot, improved reliability of downloading and applying game patches and tweaks, an updated default Nintendo 64 config to reduce artifacts on 2D graphical elements and they also updated install media with improved internet connection detection and experimental Intel/Nvidia hybrid graphics support.

I'm still keen to see how ChimeraOS will evolve once SteamOS 3 has a public release. No doubt there will be plenty of things it continues to do that Valve won't be able to do officially (or won't want to do) with SteamOS. Just like you have Proton GE that does things the official Proton doesn't.

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