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    What have you been playing? Have a Sunday chat with us / GamingOnLinux · Sunday, 18 April - 14:14 · 1 minute

Another week comes to a close and there's been a number of fun releases lately - so come have another community chat in the comments about what you've been playing.

For me here, to I'm sure no surprise, there's been a rather lot of Metro Exodus since it's now released for Linux . Quite a beauty this one, another game where (like Valheim), I find myself taking screenshots constantly because some of the scenes are just awesome or completely surprising.

Here's a few fun shots of it in my travels so far (click to enlarge):


4A Games and Deep Silver managed to do a Linux port that does perform very well. However, it's not without issues. It eats ram for breakfast, lunch and dinner - there's what seems to be a memory leak somewhere which has been seen across both AMD and NVIDIA. We've been told they have confirmed the issue in support tickets - so they are aware it's a problem.

Voxel Tycoon is also sucking up some of my time, it's capturing me in a way that other building, management and logistical sims haven't before. The thought of building up through an endless work is quite enticing to get everything working together.

Over to you: what have you been playing recently and what are your thoughts on it? Give over your latest and greatest recommendations to fellow GOL readers.

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