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    Not Actually A DOS Game looks like a retro delight / GamingOnLinux · Monday, 3 January, 2022 - 15:14 · 1 minute

Do you love retro games (or just retro-styled) and you're a fan of dungeon crawling? Check out the recent release of Not Actually A DOS Game for your latest fix.

Taking the visuals of classics like Rogue, it spices things up a bit to make the style a little more approachable with a slightly more modern interface and some small effects. The result is a game that should appeal to classic roguelike fans while giving some nice quality-of-life adjustments like tooltips, stat comparisons and more. Overall it certainly seems like a solid entry.

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Game Features:

  • A core of classic roguelike gameplay. Descend the dungeon, collect items and kill monsters and bosses.
  • Kill enemies or explore the dungeon to gain floor progress.  Filling up the progress meter spawns a portal to the next floor.
  • 37 pieces of equipment for 13 equipment slots with tooltips and stat comparisons.
  • 11 Spells with multiple combo chains, gained through leveling and new equipment.
  • Discover campfires in the dungeon to cook higher quality foods and upgrade stats.
  • 3 dungeon tile sets.  Forest, Desert and Tundra.
  • A graveyard which grows as the number of your deaths do.

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