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    Alpha 20 goes live for survival game 7 Days to Die / GamingOnLinux · Tuesday, 21 December, 2021 - 23:23 · 1 minute

The Fun Pimps have promoted Alpha 20 of 7 Days to Die to the stable release builds making in the new official update and it's a big one again. Players are clearly enjoying it, with it still remaining at a higher player count than it had been seeing months prior to the experimental version.

11405376301640128884gol1.jpg Hard to believe this is the same game I funded on Kickstarter back in 2013. It sure has come a long way, both in terms of game mechanics and graphics. Still quite some ways to go on the optimization though, it's still real heavy.

Some of what's new in Alpha 20 includes:

  • A brand-new version of Random Gen World creation with new cities, city tiles and a part system spawner. You will be blown away by it!
  • Over 200 new POI’s and updates to many of the older POI’s. Over 550 Explorable locations total
  • Navezgane has many city improvements, terrain improvements and new rural and wilderness communities
  • Nearly 25 new HD characters with a couple with improved shaders
  • 6 New weapons and 13 HD remakes with the addition of new primitive pipe weapons
  • Overhauled shape menu with hundreds of new shapes organized and buildable from a simple frame with in-game, creative and level design support
  • Block Placement Improvements
  • We have added a Robotic Drone Companion to carry your extra gear, heal you and more
  • Dynamic Imposter System renders accurate changes to POI’s and player bases at far distances
  • Rendering improvements with 100s of new PBR models
  • Quest Improvements including new restore power night Quests
  • AI Enemy Improvements including city spawning, ducking, obstacle attacks, head tracking and burst attacks.
  • Feral Sense Game options for a completely new game experience
  • Vehicle Improvements with coop passenger support and mods to improve and customize your Vehicles

The developer also mentioned recently that they plan to start removing older versions of the game, a bunch of which are available as opt-in Betas. They said it's due to limitations with Steam, so if you do have a game on the 19.x series you might want to make it go out with a bang.

You can pick it up on Humble Store and Steam . Full Alpha 20 release notes here .

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