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    Hypnagonia is an upcoming open source "spire-like" deckbuilder / GamingOnLinux · Tuesday, 4 January, 2022 - 12:55

Do you love games like Slay the Spire? I sure do and so seeing a new free and open source game appear that's inspired by it has me a little excited. This is Hypnagonia. It's currently in development, although playable, it has plenty of work to be done to flesh it out into a full complete experience. Even so, you can easily see that the promise is there.

In Hypnagonia you are asleep, a dreamer and you've been somehow captured and pulled into a nightmare realm. It's a fun sounding idea and you lose if you wake up. The idea is that you're facing "Torments", which are a manifestation of things causing your nightmares. You attack by inspecting them, to try and understand them, while they cause you stress that builds up as anxiety until you wake up.


Built with Godot Engine, the developer is looking for other developers to join in to build it into something special.

You can try it in your browser on although I do recommend downloading for better performance. The source code is available on GitHub .

Hat tip to aD.

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