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    GamingOnLinux moves on from Freenode to Libera.Chat for IRC / GamingOnLinux · Wednesday, 26 May - 18:43 · 1 minute

IRC, that lovely simple chat network that's been around since forever is still going despite other much more popular solutions appearing (hi Discord) and recently the huge Freenode network had a hostile takeover.

The situation and history of what's going on isn't exactly easy to explain. To keep it somewhat simple: Andrew Lee (rasengan) who is an entrepreneur, a crown prince of Korea, the founder of Private Internet Access, Shells and more now owns and controls Freenode. You can see a pretty reasonable summary over on Ars Technica .

Sadly, the newer owners of Freenode have since decided to make many missteps and have become outright hostile to us and a great many other channels. We've seen over 700 projects (including us!) have their Freenode channels be taken over, removed and redirected elsewhere while the remaining Freenode staff attempt to take control. Why? Us and all the others had the sheer audacity to mention Libera.Chat and so Freenode swooped in to take control of any channel that does.

Imagine in Twitter, Facebook, Discord, Matrix, Mastodon and so on took over if you dared to mention another network? To be blunt, the way Freenode (Andrew Lee) has been acting has been more like a hostile dictatorship than anything we wish to be associated with and so we're cutting all ties.

Like multiple hundreds of other websites, FOSS projects and more, we've migrated over to Libera.Chat and we suggest you do the same.

If you wish to continue being part of our community on IRC, please point your clients to #gamingonlinux on Libera.Chat. We have updated our IRC webchat to this.

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