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    Ignite Realtime Blog: Smack 4.4.4 released / PlanetJabber · Monday, 1 November, 2021 - 18:06 · 2 minutes

We are happy to announce the release of Smack 4.4.4. Thanks to numerous contributors this patch level release includes many fixes and improvements. I’d like to especially thank the folks from Jitsi , namely Boris Grozev, Damian Minkov, Ingo Bauersachs, and Jonathan Lennox. Who tracked down multiple bugs, including a nasty concurrency bug. Furthermore, thanks to Ingo, Smack and its important dependencies jxmpp and MiniDNS are now, again, OSGi compatible.

For a high-level overview of what’s changed in Smack 4.4.4, check out Smack’s changelog .

The shortlog for the 4.4.4 release is

flo@neo-pc ~/code/smack $ git shortlog -n --no-merges 4.4.3..4.4.4 Florian Schmaus (23):      Smack 4.4.4-SNAPSHOT      [xdata] Add missing ensureAtMostSingleValue() to parseBooleanFormField      [xdata] Safe the raw character data of form field values      [caps] Use the raw character data of form fields when caclulating the hash      [pubsub] FormNode(Provider) should not fail if there is no DataForm      [socks5] Ensure that the local SOCKS5 proxy is running (if enabled)      [core] Assert that 'event' is not END_DOCUMENT in forwardToEndTagOfDepth()      [socks5] Fix javadoc of getLocalStreamHost()      [socks5] Remove stale null check      [disco] Add DisocverInfo.nullSafeContainsFuture(DiscoverInfo, CharSequence)      [muc] Check mucServicedDiscoInfo for null in serviceSupportsStableIds()      [carbons] Remove erroneous assert statement in connectionClosed()      [muc] Check for self-presence first in presence listener      [muc] Call userHasLeft() *after* the leave presence was sent      [jingle] Add empty element optimization for <content/>      [core] Pass down the XML environment in IQChildElementXmlStringBuilder      [jingle] Mimic Manager.connection() in JingleTransportManager      [jingle] Make Jingle.Builder extend IqBuilder      [jingle] Add unit test to check that there are no redundant namespaces      [build] Remove OSS Sonatype Snapshot repository      Update NOTICE file      [resources] Rename to generate-notice-file      Smack 4.4.4Ingo Bauersachs (5):      Prevent password enforcement for SASL anonymous      Fix BOSH connection establishment      Make Smack jars OSGi bundles      Add getter for the stanza associated with the exception      Add missing stream namespace to xml declarationJonathan Lennox (2):      Update documentation of default SecurityMode.      Add removeExtension methods to StanzaBuilder.Damian Minkov (1):      [muc] Also process destory message if it contains <status/>Guus der Kinderen (1):      SMACK-908: Don't use components to count tabs in DebuggerSimon Abykov (1):      Accept an empty string as the label value

As always, this Smack release is available via Maven Central .

We would like to use this occasion to point at that Smack now ships with a NOTICE file. Please note that this adds some requirements when using Smack as per the Apache License 2.0 . The content of Smack’s NOTICE file can conveniently be retrieved using Smack.getNoticeStream() .

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