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    Infinix’s new Zero X series comes with high refresh rate displays and 5x periscope zoom camera - Zoom is probably the next Frontier for Mobile Phone Cameras

    Danie van der Merwe · / gadgeteerza-tech-blog · Monday, 13 September, 2021 - 15:13

Megapixels are increasing, and we've seen wider angles, but the next differentiator will probably be optical zoom capability, as megapixels can only do so much without real optical capability. Optical zoom, along with really wide angle, and macro capability are what holds mobile phone cameras well back from DSLRs, yet many prefer to use their phones as they always have them close but due to their compact size.

So we see Infinix's Zero X now has a 5x optical zoom, and tomorrow will tell if Apple has made any real differences to their iPhone.


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