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    SpaceHey is a retro MySpace (THE pre-Facebook) clone focussed on privacy without algorithms

    GadgeteerZA · / gadgeteerza-tech-blog · Friday, 12 November, 2021 - 09:10

Created by a young German coder identifying himself as An the Maker, SpaceHey is a faithful recreation of the spartan social experience in the early years of online media, triggering nostalgia in some users and curiosity in others. MySpace was the most popular social service on the web before Meta Platforms Inc.’s Facebook surged ahead.

Part of the attraction may be explained by the absence of intrusive advertising and big corporate overseers. SpaceHey promises “no algorithms, no tracking, and no personalized Ads – Feeds on SpaceHey are chronological and there is no suggested content begging for your attention.”

It is a centralised model (not peer-to-peer or federated), and although it uses some open-source libraries it does not appear to be open-source itself. The blogs, groups, and forums though are publicly accessible to read without login, so this is great for bloggers. Blogs also have RSS feed links, which is useful for replication elsewhere, or for followers who are not on SpaceHey.


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