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    XMPP (and Movim) As An Alternate Social Network For Secure Messaging and Blogging

    Danie van der Merwe · / gadgeteerza-tech-blog · Tuesday, 19 January - 20:33

XMPP is an open protocol that supports Instant Chat, Messaging, Presence, Audio Calls, Blogging, Video Calls, Chat Rooms, IoT, and much more across 1,000's of XMPP servers and numerous client apps. It supports end-to-end OpenPGP or OMEMO encryption for secure chats. It works much like the Fediverse and I explain here how it relates to the Fediverse, what Movim offers for social networking and blogging, and show what some clients look like.

Anyone can also host their own XMPP server if they wish. There is no lock-in to any provider (server side or client side), no adverts, no data being shared. It can be as private or as public as you wish.

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  • 19 January Matt

    Prosody and Metronome (Prosody fork) support PubSub THUMBS UP SIGN

  • 19 January Danie van der Merwe

    Ah great - just hoping that folks will be able to subscribe to pubsubs from other places and not only within the hosting service itself. In theory they show up in Service Discovery and should allow subscription from anywhere like group chats... That would make it really universal.