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    Joining Matrix Rooms from XMPP

    Matt · / dcentralised-media · 4 days ago - 07:34

Previously, I'd known about the BiFrost bridge, and joining Matrix rooms using your XMPP account, but struggled to find any clear information how to achieve it... So I'd setup a Matterbridge server for some of the rooms I was interested in; but that changed today..

Here is the link on how to join Matrix rooms (and direct chats), and vice versa..

The BiFrost server is hosted by

I haven't tested any servers beyond, but the one's I did try, have all worked.

I did notice that on some rooms, I had to alter my nick as it complained that the username was already taken. This was simple enough on Blabber, by just going into the room settings, and adding something extra to my nick e.g _xmpp is what I used...

  • matrix-org/matrix-bifrost

    General purpose bridging with a variety of backends including libpurple and xmpp.js - matrix-org/matrix-bifrost


  • 4 days ago - 10:08 Matt

    One thing I have noticed though is the connections can be a little patchy...

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    Movim Post Comments and Yunohost - Fix

    Matt · / dcentralised-media · 5 days ago - 23:33 edit · 1 minute

If you're using Yunohost, Movim, and one of the free domain names supplied when you set up Yunohost, here are some quick steps to fix an issue of Movim generating additional pubsub nodes with each comment.

For a bit of background, Movim looks for a pubsub service called comments.server.tld, otherwise it will create a new node on the original publishing PubSub service for each comment... So, for example on, it was generating urn:xmpp... for each comment..


The fix I used on my Yunohost deployment was to add an additional domain, but this requires the commandline interface, as the web version has a hissy fit (at least it did for me)..

After SSH'ing onto your server (or accessing a terminal directly if you're able), run:

yunohost domain add _comments.server.tld_

yunohost diagnosis run

yunohost domain cert-install _comments.servcer.tld_ - This will install a Let's Encrypt certificate

Obviously, you'll need to use sudo for the above commands if you're logged in as a non-root user.

After the dyndns has had some time to do it's thing, Movim will hopefully start to use the new comments domain to capture any post comments... (Fingers Crossed)..

Want to post a comment? Sign up to a Movim pod... using your XMPP account!

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  • 5 days ago - 23:33 Matt

    Testing my own logic...

  • 5 days ago - 23:36 Timothée Jaussoin

    You actually need to create the Pubsub service as well

  • 5 days ago - 23:37 Matt

    With Yunohost - It will automatically create the PubSub service when it adds the domain name... ;)

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    5 days ago - 23:43 remote10x

    Should work...

  • 3 days ago - 17:59 Melvin C. McDowell

    So, how did it work?

  • 3 days ago - 21:35 Matt

    It works... THUMBS UP SIGN

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    Lemmy XMPP 2 Matrix Chatroom

    Matt · / dcentralised-media · Saturday, 20 February - 05:20 edit

For those who use #Lemmy (the federated reddit replacement), I've created a Lemmy #XMPP chatroom that bridges to the Lemmy Matrix room....

You can join at

Now we don't need to feel left out... :D

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    Easy Self Hosting Setup in the Cloud (XMPP included)

    Matt · / dcentralised-media · Saturday, 20 February - 01:07 edit

While I run my own #Yunohost server @home, I like the idea of having a bit more separation between my public/private spaces...

Already having a Digital Ocean account, I spun up a $5 p/month Debian 10 droplet, then following these instructions to setup Yunohost on a remote server, was up and running in under 10 minutes...

For those that don't know, Yunohost has an #XMPP server running out of the box. I also wanted to bridge between the AFediverseChat Matrix room and XMPP (Chatroom can be found here . Quick search, and Matterbridge is installed... I recommend setting up a throw away account on your Yunohost server for this

Just installed Etherpad, so will see how that works... But so far, it hasn't even put a dent in my $5 droplet...

Want to post a comment? Sign up to a Movim pod... using your XMPP account!

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