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    Easy Self Hosting Setup in the Cloud (XMPP included)

    Matt · / dcentralised-media · Saturday, 20 February - 01:07 edit

While I run my own #Yunohost server @home, I like the idea of having a bit more separation between my public/private spaces...

Already having a Digital Ocean account, I spun up a $5 p/month Debian 10 droplet, then following these instructions to setup Yunohost on a remote server, was up and running in under 10 minutes...

For those that don't know, Yunohost has an #XMPP server running out of the box. I also wanted to bridge between the AFediverseChat Matrix room and XMPP (Chatroom can be found here . Quick search, and Matterbridge is installed... I recommend setting up a throw away account on your Yunohost server for this

Just installed Etherpad, so will see how that works... But so far, it hasn't even put a dent in my $5 droplet...

Want to post a comment? Sign up to a Movim pod... using your XMPP account!

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