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    First XMPP Meetup in Hamburg September 6th 2018 19h

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We meet at an unknown building of the University of Hamburg situated between the train station Altona and the Chaos Computer Club, both five minutes via your feet:

Max-Brauer-Alle 60
5 min walk from train station Altona

Ground Floor
Roomnumber NOT changed (!): 233

We want to get to know each other personally so there is no tight schedule. All newcomers heartly welcome.

Our MUC:

#hamburg #xmpp #meeting #meetup #jabber

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    13 August, 2018 error

    We need a photo of the meetup site.

  • 6 September, 2018 lorddavidiii

    Viel Spaß euch heute! Ich hoffe das ich es zu einem der nächsten Treffen auch mal schaffe aus Hannover nach Hamburg zu kommen!