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    Reset Instagram Password Spam / perishablepress · Wednesday, 16 December - 05:08 edit

For the past year or so, I’ve been getting TONS of email spam from Instagram. Asking if I want to reset my password. The problem is, that the email I use at Instagram is private, and exclusive to Instagram. So there is no way of knowing, no way for anyone to know, my Instagram email address. There is only one possible conclusion: Instagram is spamming its own users. Time for an experiment I’m going to do some further experiments with […]

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    Free WordPress Plugin: Disable Application Passwords / perishablepress · Wednesday, 9 December - 22:48 edit

Launching a free plugin to disable the new Application Passwords feature introduced in WordPress version 5.6. The plugin is one line of code. Install and activate to completely disable all of the Application Passwords functionality. To re-enable all Application Passwords, simply deactivate/uninstall the plugin. Easy peasy. Download I literally just submitted this plugin to the WordPress Plugin Directory. So for now, you can download the plugin directly here at Perishable Press: Feedback welcome in the comments below or send via […]

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    Customize BBQ Firewall / perishablepress · Tuesday, 24 November - 00:41 edit

BBQ Firewall is a lightweight, super-fast plugin that protects your site against a wide range of threats. BBQ checks all incoming traffic and quietly blocks bad requests containing nasty stuff like eval(, base64_, and excessively long request-strings. This is a simple yet solid solution for sites that are unable to use a strong Apache/.htaccess firewall. BBQ is kept as lightweight as possible, so there are no options or settings to change default behavior. Based on years of feedback, the default […]

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    Disable Ask for Location Prompts in Google Chrome / perishablepress · Wednesday, 28 October - 21:27 edit

Want to stop Google Chrome browser from constantly asking for permission to “know your location”? This mini tutorial shows how to do it quickly and easily, for Google Chrome versions (around) 83 and better. Disable location prompts Chrome users probably are familiar with popup dialogs that say: wants to know your location. For example here is a screenshot of the location alert at Chrome asking for your permission to access your location By default, Chrome will display these […]

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    Opera and Brave Blocking Legit Images and Files / perishablepress · Monday, 26 October - 21:06 edit

The Opera and Brave browsers are blocking many legitimate images. Thanks to the Opera settings “Block Ads” and “Block Trackers”, lots of legitimate (non-ad) images are broken. For Brave it’s the setting, “Block cross-site trackers”. The reason seems to be that the blocking feature in Opera and Brave is determining (at least in part) if images should be blocked based on the page URL and file name. More specifically, any image that includes a phrase such as “ads” or “google” […]

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    Wutsearch: Search Engine Launchpad / perishablepress · Wednesday, 30 September, 2020 - 20:53 edit

Recently launched a simple one-page website called Wutsearch. Wutsearch is a search-engine launchpad that I use for my homepage. Usually I work with several browsers open, each set to open multiple tabs on startup. All those tabs used to be Google. Then DuckDuckGo. Now, it’s Wutsearch. Frictionless Search Launchpad I do a LOT of searching and browsing. For all sorts of stuff. And guess what? There are some things that you just can’t find in Google. Or don’t appear in […]

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    Code Snippets to Customize WordPress Sitemaps (Complete Guide) / perishablepress · Wednesday, 23 September, 2020 - 18:14 edit

By now most have heard about the WP Sitemaps feature introduced in WordPress version 5.5. From what I’ve read most existing sites that needed a sitemap already had one via one of the many free sitemap plugins. But for new WordPress sites going forward, having all the sitemap code in the WordPress core now means that new sites have the option of rolling with the default WordPress sitemaps, or use a dedicated plugin to do the job. This post is […]

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    7G Firewall: September 2020 Update / perishablepress · Wednesday, 9 September, 2020 - 21:30 edit

Pleased to announce that the 7G Firewall is updated to version 1.3 (September 3rd, 2020). Now available for download, 100% free and open-source as always. 7G Firewall: summary of changes Changes to 7G Firewall include: Reorders some rules within the firewall Replaces L flag with END for logging rules Renames log files and updates logging rules Removes logging loop-protection rules Adds some new patterns to the firewall Removes some patterns from the firewall This update was big focus on better […]

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