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    Removing ANSI Colours from Log Output / warlord0blog · Friday, 5 August - 16:16 edit

Despite using the --no-color switch for docker logs, I still get colour output. This is frustrating as I just want to throw the output into a file for analysis and the colour codes just add interference, eg. Pipe the output through sed like this and get clean output.

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    Motion Sensitive Temperature Display / warlord0blog · Saturday, 23 July - 11:13 edit

Following on from Python Motion Sensor I put to get a 2004 LCD display, DHT11 humidity and temperature sensor and the AM312 PIR and came up with a display that is triggered when motion is detected. To get things going, I needed to install the RPiI2C_Driver and Adafruit_DHT library and this is the result. I &ellipsisRead the full post »

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    Python Motion Sensor / warlord0blog · Thursday, 21 July - 09:21 edit

I wanted to add a motion sensor into a Python project that would activate a display to show the temperature only when someone was nearby. The AM312/HC-SR312 is a cheap, tiny passive infrared sensor that trips for 3 seconds when motion/heat is detected. It only has three wires, VIN, OUT, and GND. The VIN is &ellipsisRead the full post »

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    Nvidia… again! / warlord0blog · Wednesday, 15 June - 17:22 edit

Yep, whilst applying some updates to Manjaro, my screen goes blank and the system dies. This time the updates are with 5.17, and it forced me to reboot and install 5.18. This was a little tricky as I could not boot 5.17 at all, and had to resort to 5.16 – glad I kept that. &ellipsisRead the full post »

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    Laravel and Vue.js / warlord0blog · Monday, 30 May - 08:31 edit

I tried to pick up where I left off with my Laravel skills. I began with some vuejs pages and wrote the api to feed the data to them using axios. It took me a while to get an authenticated version of the api’s working. I added in bearer authentication using tokens, as I used &ellipsisRead the full post »

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    Relearning Laravel / warlord0blog · Tuesday, 24 May - 20:40 edit

I feel like the past few days have been quite a battle. Mostly in terms of my memory and trying to remember what I did with Laravel and how I can re-establish a functional development system for it. My main aims have been to build a project for LDAP authentication using Vue.js. For this I &ellipsisRead the full post »

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    Laravel Jetstream and OpenLDAP / warlord0blog · Saturday, 21 May - 12:53 edit

It’s been a very long time since I did anything with Laravel. I found another job around the time of Laravel 6, and today they are up to Laravel 9 – much has changed. I was keen to look at using Laravel with LDAP both for authentication and management. Building the App First, I had &ellipsisRead the full post »

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Terminal Multiplexer, it’s like screen++ I generally use screen when running detached processes, been doing so for a long time and switching to tmux is going to take some doing. New keystrokes to learn. CTRL+B Action S List Sessions W List Windows D Detach Current Session X Close the Current Pane ? Help % Split &ellipsisRead the full post »

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