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    Bash Linting / warlord0blog · Thursday, 11 February - 11:56 edit

I had some of my bash code commented on publicly and the one comment was “You should run your scripts through shellcheck.” This was probably the most useful bit of advice I’ve had to do with bash scripting. You’ll maybe note that previously I’ve used linting for php and JavaScript and that’s been immensely helpful &ellipsisRead the full post »

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    Prosody Debugging / warlord0blog · Tuesday, 9 February - 20:38 edit

After building an ejabberd container set I’m continuing my foray into the world of xmpp by looking at prosody. I’ve run into a few man traps along the way and thought I’d document some of my failings to act as a catch all for search engines to help others with similar issues. Are the certificates &ellipsisRead the full post »

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    Nginx Maintenance Mode / warlord0blog · Friday, 5 February - 18:10 edit

We use a simple method of putting an Nginx site into maintenance mode. Just set a geo default variable on on and have it generate a HTTP 503 status response. Then Nginx delivers our maintenance page until we set it back to `off` nginx.conf By using a geo I can add in our own ip &ellipsisRead the full post »

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    Load Testing with Locust / warlord0blog · Wednesday, 3 February - 17:42 edit

This has been a very tough few days. I was asked to build some load testing scripts for use with Locust. I was told “How hard can it be? Just a few scripts to poke a web site.” The actual involvement requires investing in Python and digging deep into the chrome developer window to capture &ellipsisRead the full post »

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    Apache Directory Studio – No More JNDI / warlord0blog · Friday, 29 January - 10:47 edit

In a previous article Apache Directory Studio – JNDI I explained how to keep the JNDI connection to use LDAP over a socks proxy. It looks like this has gone for good this time. The new version of Apache Directory Studio (Version: 2.0.0.v20200411-M15} does’t even have the drop down in the connection settings to choose the &ellipsisRead the full post »

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    Switching Java in Manjaro / warlord0blog · Wednesday, 27 January - 21:45 edit

I’ve a few programs that require Java and some need older version that others. I currently have openjdk 8 and 11 installed and needed to switch the default version from 8 to 11. What’s installed: Changing it is as easy as copying the name and using set: References

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    Keycloak API / warlord0blog · Tuesday, 26 January - 13:16 edit

Keycloak is a great tool for authentication and I’m bundling it into a package that includes LDAP. What I want to do is automate the deployment of Keycloak so that it is provisioned to work with the LDAP that is also deployed without the using having to fettle with Keycloak manually- This is where the &ellipsisRead the full post »

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    Templating / warlord0blog · Monday, 25 January - 21:39 edit

Quite often I find myself creating files using a template that populates content using the projects .env file. Mostly I find myself using good old bash to do this for me, but it has some limitations. Today I resorted to Jinja2 which adds a lot more flexibility, but requires python and the Jinja2 module. Using &ellipsisRead the full post »

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