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    Element and Movim Messengers Comparison Made Simple -

    Timothée Jaussoin · / Movim · Sunday, 3 October - 20:05 edit

A nice #comparison between #Movim (XMPP) and Element (Matrix) from similar features. Thanks !

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  • 3 October Slavko

    No worth to link it...

  • 4 October neko_teko

    When we can expect inline replies?

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    4 days ago - 19:29 carl

    Sehr gut, Danke

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    Reminder: Leaving Diaspora

    debacle · Saturday, 31 July - 08:58 edit

Reminder to my dear followers on Diaspora: I'm leaving Diaspora soon!

Reason: My Diaspora service will close. Thanks to the Framasphere people for providing this great service over so many years! Merci infiniment !

Feel free to follow me on Movim with your Jabber/XMPP account.

I'm also on Mastodon, at least until an XMPP-ActivityPub gateway exists.

#diaspora #framasphere #jabber #movim #xmpp #mastodon #libervia


  • 31 July debacle

    Btw. there are some nice things, which I can do with Movim, but not with Diaspora. Most important: I can edit and correct my posts! I mistype so often and realise it afterwards. In Diaspora I had to remove the post and make a new one. In Movim I can just edit the post.

  • 31 July debacle

    Second: I'm not forced to use the web browser to make a post. It is all possible from the command line using the jp tool (in Debian: sat-xmpp-jp).

  • 31 July debacle

    Also nice: When using the command line tool, it is possible to control the resulting URL. is better readable than

В четвертый раз проверю #Movim. Надеюсь сейчас он сгодится как чат-клиент.

Mi primera experiencia en #movim, he escuchado sobre esta plataforma en #mastodon , me decidí a empezar un blog por acá para ayudar a todos aquellos que deseen primero leerme y segundo aprender un idioma extranjero, imparto español a angloparlantes e inglés a hispanohablantes, el objetivo es brindar consejos y como no hablar de cada publicación que hago a través de los canales por los cuales imparto mis cursos gratuitos para todo aquel que desee superarse y por que no disfrutar aprendiendo.

My first experience in #movim, I have heard about this platform reading some posts in #mastodon , I decided to start a blog to help all those who want to learn a foreign language , I teach Spanish to English speakers and English to Spanish speakers, the objective of this blog is to provide advice and talk about each post I upload through the channels in which I teach for free for everyone who want to improve themselves and enjoy learning.

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    We are looking for some help for the Movim Android application

    Timothée Jaussoin · / Movim · Monday, 31 May - 20:17 edit · 2 minutes


I am writing this little post today to ask for (a bit) of help on the official Movim #Android application that is currently available there.

I am maintaining #Movim for more than 10 years now, mostly without asking for any help from the hundreds of daily users that we have now (on the servers we're aware of, at least). I am also maintaining and updating the infrastructure hosting the website, the official pod and the #XMPP server and related services.

However Movim is a little more than that, there is also an Android app, and a desktop app (currently abandoned).

I am maintaining the Android app with the really thin knowledge that I have on this platform. Most of the code of the application is basically copy/pasted from StackOverflow and a bit hacky. Fixing and developing this app is always really time consuming as the environment, and the way of dealing with it, is really different than the knowledge that I have on the web development side.

So basically today I'm asking from some help for the official Movim Android application. If you have a little bit of experience in Android development (or if you want to learn !) and if you're willing to help me to improve the application do not hesitate to contact me through our official chatroom, directly on Github or as a comment of this post.

The app is quite simple. It is basically a WebView that shows one of the configured pods. And… that's mostly it.

What would be really helpful would be to have (non exhaustive list):

  • Another pair of eye to check and maybe refactor the few classes that are contained in the application
  • Create two flavors of the app, one "Play Store ready" and one "free of Google Play" integration (the current app cannot be published on F-Droid because there is some strong dependencies there)
  • Fix the mic/camera support and authorizations
  • See if the current notification system can be improved
  • Send an event to Movim when the app is "put in background" in a chat conversation to ensure that the notifications are re-enabled in this specific case
  • And any other nice feature that you would like to see integrated

There is no pressure or deadline, any pull requests that could help improving or fixing things in the application would be really appreciated.

I am currently dealing with Google to re-enable the application on the Play Store as well, I will keep you updated about that.



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  • 24 August Kefah Issa

    First of all: Hats off for the amazing accomplishment. I just came across movim today and I'm pretty impressed.

    How can I learn more about the codebase? What technologies did you chose? I can see that the android app is almost identical to the web, so I assume that the web version is embedded into the android app.

    Do you have the code/issues on github?

  • 24 August Kefah Issa

    My bad! just noticed the github link on your post
    Will look into it and come back. Thanks!

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    Morgan McMillian · Wednesday, 14 April, 2021 - 23:34

    I guess it's time for a #movim noob question. What's the expected (proper) way to follow somone's public posts? Do I add them as a contact?

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  • 15 April, 2021 eyome


  • 15 April, 2021 Morgan McMillian


  • 17 April, 2021 Timothée Jaussoin

    Yes :)

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    JSXC gets funding for group calls!

    debacle · Tuesday, 6 April, 2021 - 08:53 edit

JSXC gets funding for group calls!

That sounds cool! #Jabber web browser client #JSXC gets funding by German governments #prototypefund to implement audio/video group calls within the next six months. One-to-one calls between #Conversations, #Movim and JSXC already work since some time, although not without flaws.

Note, that #Dino gets funding to implement one-to-one audio/video calls right now, compatible with Conversations and JSXC. The future for XMPP A/V calling looks bright!

#XMPP #federation #conference #freesoftware #javascript #strophejs #jingle #webrtc #Round9 #audiovideo #privacy #sovereignty #Datenschutz #Souveränität

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