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    Signal Adds Cryptocurrency Support / Schneier · 6 days ago - 23:58 · 2 minutes

According to Wired , Signal is adding support for the cryptocurrency MobileCoin, “a form of digital cash designed to work efficiently on mobile devices while protecting users’ privacy and even their anonymity.”

Moxie Marlinspike, the creator of Signal and CEO of the nonprofit that runs it, describes the new payments feature as an attempt to extend Signal’s privacy protections to payments with the same seamless experience that Signal has offered for encrypted conversations. “There’s a palpable difference in the feeling of what it’s like to communicate over Signal, knowing you’re not being watched or listened to, versus other communication platforms,” Marlinspike told WIRED in an interview. “I would like to get to a world where not only can you feel that when you talk to your therapist over Signal, but also when you pay your therapist for the session over Signal.”

I think this is an incredibly bad idea. It’s not just the bloating of what was a clean secure communications app. It’s not just that blockchain is just plain stupid . It’s not even that Signal is choosing to tie itself to a specific blockchain currency. It’s that adding a cryptocurrency to an end-to-end encrypted app muddies the morality of the product, and invites all sorts of government investigative and regulatory meddling: by the IRS, the SEC, FinCEN, and probably the FBI.

And I see no good reason to do this. Secure communications and secure transactions can be separate apps, even separate apps from the same organization. End-to-end encryption is already at risk. Signal is the best app we have out there. Combining it with a cryptocurrency means that the whole system dies if any part dies.

EDITED TO ADD: Commentary from Stephen Deihl:

I think I speak for many technologists when I say that any bolted-on cryptocurrency monetization scheme smells like a giant pile of rubbish and feels enormously user-exploitative. We’ve seen this before, after all Telegram tried the same thing in an ICO that imploded when SEC shut them down, and Facebook famously tried and failed to monetize WhatsApp through their decentralized-but-not-really digital money market fund project.


Signal is a still a great piece of software. Just do one thing and do it well, be the trusted de facto platform for private messaging that empowers dissidents, journalists and grandma all to communicate freely with the same guarantees of privacy. Don’t become a dodgy money transmitter business. This is not the way.

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    Signal est désormais inaccessible en Chine / JournalDuGeek · Wednesday, 17 March - 10:00 · 1 minute

Crédits Signal

En Chine, pas question d’utiliser les solutions de Facebook pour converser, ni même celles des GAFAM en général. Les applications occidentales y sont toutes interdites. Toutes ? Pas vraiment, une irréductible messagerie résistait jusqu’alors à l’embargo. Signal, récemment mise en lumière par Elon Musk , est inactive dans le pays depuis ce matin. Les utilisateurs l’ayant déjà téléchargée sur leurs portables ne peuvent désormais plus envoyer et recevoir de messages lorsqu’ils se trouvent sur le territoire chinois. Selon Reuters et TechCrunch, le site web de l’application gratuite a été bloqué par le gouvernement le 15 mars. Elle était principalement utilisée par les journalistes. Avec 500 000 téléchargements en Chine, cela représente une petite goutte dans l’océan de la population chinoise.

Vers une interdiction ?

Pour le moment, les raisons de cette absence restent encore inconnues. Comme le note TechCrunch, il est encore possible de la télécharger dans le store iOS. Cela pourrait vouloir dire que le gouvernement n’a pas interdit à proprement parler son téléchargement. Ce n’est d’ailleurs pas la première fois que Signal est momentanément indisponible dans le pays. Elle avait déjà été inaccessible sans VPN, avant de revenir en service. Il est donc encore impossible de savoir si elle sera à nouveau disponible et si la Chine envisage d’appliquer les mêmes restrictions qu’avec WhatsApp et Instagram par exemple. Lancée en 2014, Signal est une messagerie chiffrée de bout en bout qui permet de discuter en toute discrétion. Elle est considérée par les spécialistes comme une alternative plus sécurisée à WhatsApp. Elle a d’ailleurs gagné en notoriété après l’annonce du changement de CGU de la filiale de Facebook.

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Signal est désormais inaccessible en Chine

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    Signal Not Working? Here’s What You Need To Do Fix Issues / FossBytes · Wednesday, 17 March - 09:14 · 4 minutes

signal app not working issues

After the WhatsApp privacy policy fiasco, Signal Private messenger witnessed a massive boost in the number of downloads. It has now become one of the most popular secure messaging apps .

But as they say, “With great power comes great responsibility.” The non-profit Signal’s responsibility is to keep the app working. However, there could be times when the app is non-responsive.

So, in this article, we will tell you the common Signal issues and what you need to do if Signal stops working.

Is Signal banned? Is it just me?

Given the private nature of Signal and how it is the perfect tool to hide your chats from the government, it makes sense that some countries would try to get rid of the encrypted chat service.

The app has been banned in China, along with its official website. If you live in China, then you can use the app with the help of a good VPN service .

Is Signal down? Check for Signal outage

If the app is not banned in your country, the next thing you want to do is check if the Signal server is down. Thankfully, you can do that on the official Signal Status website or you can also check their Twitter handle to see if they have posted any updates regarding the server.

If you are not able to access the official portals to check if Signal is down or not, you can also use third-party websites such as .

The last Signal outage occurred back in January where the messages were shown as sent but nothing was being delivered.

Is Signal Blocked only for you?

It is entirely possible that the app is non-responsive only on your device. This happens when you are on a closed network or the app is not part of the list of apps allowed by your employee.

In that case, try running the app on a private network or a private profile. You can also use a VPN for Android to run the app.

Check your internet connection

Although this is probably the first thing that you may have checked. But if you haven’t, make sure your internet connection is stable and working properly.

Sometimes, frequent dips in the internet connection can cause problems while using a messaging app. If that’s the case, try restarting the router or calling a technician if nothing else works.

Signal app not working?

If the Signal server is working fine, chances are the Signal app is problematic. Depending on the platform, you can generally fix that by clearing the cache, resetting the app or with a fresh install.

If you are using Signal on Android, go to Settings > Apps and Notifications > Select Signal > Storage and cache.

Clear cache and see if the app is working fine. If not, go back to the app settings and clear the storage which will reset the app. If both options don’t help, try reinstalling the app.

If you are using Windows, go to Settings > Apps > Apps & Features > Select Signal > Select Advanced options > Reset the app or uninstall it.

How do I fix the Out of sync messages on Signal?

If you’re having trouble receiving messages, and particularly getting the “Out of Sync” error on the Signal app, here’s what you need to do —

  • Go to the chat where you are getting the “Out of Sync” error
  • Tap on the menu icon in the top right corner
  • Select ‘Reset Secure session’ and this will fix the issue.

Not able to send or receive messages on Signal?

If your message is stuck with the sending status and is not being delivered or you are not receiving messages, the first thing you need to do is check if the app has the necessary permissions to run the app.

You will find permissions allowed to Signal in Android Settings > Apps and Notifications > Signal > App Permissions.

If that doesn’t solve the problem, see if a firewall or VPN is causing the issue. Try disabling or modifying VPN or firewall, whatever is limiting Signal’s connection to the internet.

Why does it say “Unsecured SMS” while sending a message on Signal?

If you are seeing “Unsecured SMS” in the text box while sending a message on Signal then that means you are sending a normal text/SMS. You will also see the send icon as grey which is another indication of an unsecure SMS.

This can happen if the other person is not a Signal user or if your internet has stopped working.

So these were some of the things that you can check if Signal is not working on your Android or iOS device. Was this article helpful? Let us know in the comments down below.

The post Signal Not Working? Here’s What You Need To Do Fix Issues appeared first on Fossbytes .

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    Phishing : sur la messagerie Signal, un faux Amazon fait « gagner » des iPhone 12 / Numerama · Wednesday, 17 February - 15:49

Les phishings débarquent sur l'app Signal. Au menu ce 17 février : un faux jeu concours avec un iPhone 12 Pro à la clé. [Lire la suite]

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L'article Phishing : sur la messagerie Signal, un faux Amazon fait « gagner » des iPhone 12 est apparu en premier sur Numerama .

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    Pourquoi dit-on que Telegram est moins sécurisé que Signal ? / Numerama · Friday, 12 February - 08:30

Dans les discussions sur les messageries instantanées, il est souvent dit que Signal protège mieux que Telegram. C'est parce que les deux applications mobiles n'ont pas fait les mêmes choix. [Lire la suite]

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L'article Pourquoi dit-on que Telegram est moins sécurisé que Signal ? est apparu en premier sur Numerama .

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    20 Best And Hidden Signal App Features That You Should Use In 2021 / FossBytes · Sunday, 7 February - 18:02 · 14 minutes


In the aftermath of the privacy havoc created by WhatsApp’s updated privacy policy , a massive surge in users has been witnessed by privacy-focused messaging apps like Signal. But since many of us are new to the platform, I thought amassing the best and hidden Signal app features will be helpful.

In this list, I have jotted down all sorts of features, both popular and lesser-known to form a complete guide on how to use Signal app by making the best use of its features. So let’s get started!

20 Best And Hidden Signal App Features In 2021

Note: The features mentioned below have been tested on Android for this article. Hence some of the options may appear differently on iOS.

1. Built-in Screen Lock

I know that the Screen Lock feature on Signal isn’t exactly a hidden one, but it’s definitely one of the best Signal features. Enabling Screen Lock protects your messages from unauthorized access. It also removes the need to use third-party app lockers thereby protecting your privacy even further. The best part is that this app supports Android and iOS bio-metric authentication for easy unlock.

How to activate Screen Lock on Signal?

  • Tap on your Profile Icon on the top-left corner
  • Select Privacy and toggle Screen Lock option

2. Set PIN

Upon joining Signal, you must have added a 4-digit PIN but do not confuse it for the Screen Lock feature mentioned above. Signal PIN is an extra layer of security for implementing 2-factor authentication. It is mandatory to set up a Signal PIN, which will be required when reinstalling the messaging app, backup & restore, and identity verification.

How to change Signal PIN or customize 2FA options?

  • Tap on the Profile Icon on the top-left corner and open Privacy
  • Scroll down to the bottom and enable Registration Lock . Now, whenever you will reinstall Signal, you will be asked the PIN before you can set up your account. Also, you can change your PIN or create an alphanumeric code from the option below. Not to mention, Signal will occasionally remind you to enter the PIN so you don’t forget it.

3. Use a private number to hide your phone number

The Signal app really goes out of the way to protect your privacy. However, it baffles me that Signal does not offer a way to hide your phone number, unlike Session messenger or others. Still, there is a workaround, which is probably one of the best-hidden Signal app tricks.

How to hide your phone number on Signal app?

Signal app needs a phone number to work so instead of offering your actual number, you can get a private number from a service such as Google Voice or Skype and use it to activate a Signal account. Now, this part is easy for Android users because you can easily set up a second account on your phone.

However, iPhone users will have to either use another iOS or Android device to use this workaround because the secondary device in this case will be tied to the private number you bought. But this secondary device does not need an active cellular connection or SIM card — just a Wi-Fi connection will do.

Next, on the secondary device or account, install Signal > launch the app > type in the new phone number you wish to use. At this point, you will get a message prompt stating “authentication failed”. Don’t worry, just choose voice verification by tapping Call Me. Make sure that you are connected to a Wi-Fi network and the number you just entered will ring. Receive the call to get the six-digit verification number. Now, type that number into the verification box in the Signal app and then select Verify. And that’s it! Your private Signal account is ready to use.

4. Relay Calls

You can make voice and video calls on Signal, but these are traceable via IP address. But you can avoid being traced by making Relay Calls, which is one of the best and hidden Signal app features for establishing private communication.

What is a Relay Call on Signal?

A Relay Call on Signal sends all your calls through the Signal server so that your IP address is not revealed to your contacts. The recipient will only be able to see Signal’s IP address, which hides your actual identity.

Please note that during Relay Calls, the call quality may drop a bit due to network tunneling. But if you don’t mind trading off performance over privacy, you should opt for this feature.

How To Make Relay Calls On Signal?

To make a Relay Call on Signal, tap on your profile icon > Privacy > Communication section > enable Always relay calls, and this will make sure that the next calls you make are more private.

5. Enable Incognito Keyboard

In case you are worried that your virtual keyboard app is learning from your typing behavior and using the data to personalize its service, then you can ask Signal to use Incognito Keyboard to prevent it from doing so.

Now one thing to note here is that this Signal trick may not work with every keyboard app as some of these apps are hell-bent on tracking everything you input through it. But I tested it on Gboard on Android, and it worked!

Note: This Signal feature isn’t available for iOS yet.

How to use Incognito Keyboard on Signal?

You can enable Incognito Keyboard on Signal app by tapping on your profile icon > Privacy > toggle Incognito keyboard . This will make your keyboard work in Incognito mode by default whenever you chat on Signal and ensure that none of your typing or clipboard data is recorded by the keyboard.

6. Blur faces on photos

We often share our pictures on chat messengers but if you are unsure about how those pictures could be used or shared further, you can choose to blur faces in photos before sending them on Signal. This is a built-in feature that further boosts your privacy.

How to blur faces on photos in Signal app?

To blur photos, just select your image and tap on the ‘Blur’ icon on top. Using this, you can draw anywhere to blur out faces in the picture manually.

In case you want to automatically blur all the faces in a picture, toggle the “Blur faces” option and it will automatically detect and hide the faces.

7. Block Screenshots on Signal

Among the best Signal features, there is one hidden Signal feature too that I like the most. It is the option to prevent others from taking screenshots of your chat or anything within it. The best part is that it even restricts taking a screenshot from the recent menu, or displaying the contents in the small app window in the recent menu that we get to see while switching apps.

Note: This Signal feature doesn’t block screenshot on iOS but it can block screen previews in the app switcher.

How to block screenshots on Signal messenger?

To block screenshots on Signal, tap on your profile icon and open Settings . Now move to the Privacy section and enable Screen Security, and that’s it. Now nobody can take screenshots of your chat without your consent.

8. Use Signal as a Note app

Don’t you love when an app can double as a productivity app too? Signal allows you to send notes to yourself or save important text or media files in a separate channel that can be viewed by you only. Personally, I find it to be one of the best and hidden Signal features that comes in handy quite often.

How to send ‘Note To Self’ on Signal?

You have to set up this feature one time. For that, tap on the pen icon on the bottom-right corner and type “Note” in the search contacts bar. A channel called “Note to Self” will appear. Just select it and it will open up a conversation where you can write anything for yourself. And the next time you have to use it, you can simply find it on the main screen.


9. Send a disappearing message

‘Disappearing Messages,’ also known as Self-destructing messages, is one of the best Signal features. Here you can set a timer for when the messages will self delete after they have been read by the recipient.

For instance, you can set a timer for 5 seconds. In that case, the delivered messages will disappear from the recipient’s inbox 5 seconds after they see them. Now that’s a cool Signal trick, right?

How to send Disappearing Messages on Signal app?

To send Disappearing Messages on Signal, open a conversation, then tap on the 3-dot menu and select “Disappearing Messages”. Now, set the timer, which is available from 5 seconds to 1 week — and that’s it!

10. Set how many times an attachment can be seen

In the disappearing chat feature, you can set a time limit to a message. However, sometimes the chat box is open but the other person is inactive in the chat. This causes the disappearing message to arrive and disappear even before the recipient can notice it.

One can overcome this limitation by setting an Attachment limit on Signal. What it does is allow you to set a limit on the number of times you can view the image or video. This prevents the media file from disappearing from the chatbox if the conversation is open and also ensures that the file is unavailable after it has been viewed once (even after days or weeks of sending it).

How to set Attachment Limit on Signal?

To set the attachment limit on the media files on the Signal app, tap the + sign > select a picture to send > tap on the Infinity icon (∞) in the bottom left corner (it will turn into 1x). And that’s it, press Send button now.

11. Delete older messages automatically

With time each conversation tends to generate a lot of data that keeps on getting piled up and consumes memory. If you feel your older conversations are something you are never going to need and you are lazy enough to never get up and delete those texts, then here is one hidden Signal trick for you.

You can set a conversation length limit to, let’s say, 100, 500, 1000, or any other custom number. This will make sure that the messages exceeding this limit will get deleted automatically. Please note that this feature will put a conversation limit on all your conversations.

How to delete old messages automatically on Signal?

To set up a conversation limit on Signal, tap on your profile icon > Data and Storage > Conversation Length Limit . Here you can select a pre-defined number or choose a custom one.

12. Pin Chats

Just in case you’d be missing something after moving to Signal from WhatsApp or Telegram, don’t worry. You can pin chats in your inbox on top for easy access. What makes it one of the best Signal feature is that you can pin up to four chats, including groups, which is more than what WhatsApp allows.

To pin chats on the Signal app, just press and hold on a chat and tap on the pin icon at the top menu. Pretty easy right?

13. Turn off read receipts

Read receipts are helpful and annoying at the same time. So if you want to turn off read receipts on Signal, go to Settings > Privacy > Read Receipts and toggle it to off.

14. Turn off ‘Contact Joined Signal’ notifications

If you are new to the Signal app, you’d have noticed that the messenger notifies you whenever someone joins Signal. Even though it helps you know who else is present on the platform, it can annoy you by sending the constant “Contact joined Signal” notification.

How to disable ‘Contact Joined Signal’ notifications?

In order to turn off ‘Joined Signal’ notifications, just tap on your profile icon at the top-left corner. Next, open Notifications and scroll down to the section called Events . Here you can the toggle to disable Contact joined Signal . That’s it.

15. Customize message notification

One of the best Signal features is the freedom to customize message notifications as per your requirements. You can choose to omit a part of it or turn it off altogether.

How to hide message content in notifications on Signal?

Whenever you get a message notification, Signal shows the sender’s name and the message content in the notification bar. But if you simply want to get notified with the name of the sender without displaying the message, then here’s how to do it:

Tap on the profile icon at the top-left corner > Notifications > Show > and select Name only .

This will hide message content on the lock screen, and also when the device is unlocked.

How to turn off message notifications on Signal?

If you want to turn off all message notifications on Signal, tap on the profile icon at the top-left corner > Notifications > toggle Notifications under the message section.

In case you just want to turn off the text notification for a particular user only, visit their chat profile and toggle on the Mute Notification option. You can reverse these changes by retracing the steps.

16. Erase History

Even though Signal is secure, if you are worried about your private chats and you want to clear all the chat history at once, you can do so by the following method.

How to delete all chat history in Signal?

If you want to delete all your chats at once, tap on your profile icon > Data and Storage > Manage Storage > Clear message history > Delete .

17. Create your own chat backups

Due to security reasons, Signal does not create a local or cloud backup by default. However, if you still want to create a local backup of your Signal chats then you will have to activate a local chat backup option. But remember that in this case the safety of your data would lie in your hands so make sure you store it safely.

How to create local chat backups on Signal?

To create a chat backup, tap on your profile icon > Chats > Chat backups and press the Turn On option. Here you can choose the folder where you’d like to create a local backup of your conversations.

18. Enable Dark Mode

Dark Mode is the new normal with every platform and app providing this feature and so does Signal. The app offers a built-in dark mode and you can activate it by visiting your profile section > Appearance > Theme > select Dark and this will impart a beautiful dark mode throughout the app UI.

19. Use Signal App Without Sharing Contacts

According to Signal’s privacy labels , it only requests the user’s phone number and does not attempt to track users. But, it requests for a contact list while signing up. Unlike other messaging apps, giving up your contact list is not mandatory on Signal. You can simply decline by tapping on “Deny” when Signal asks you to give access to your Contacts.

20. Use Signal Proxy to avoid censorship

In case Signal is blocked in your country, you can use the Signal proxy feature to bypass the network block and continue using the messenger on Android phones (this feature isn’t available for iPhones currently). While using Signal Proxy, all traffic remains opaque to the proxy operator.

How to setup Signal Proxy?

To set up proxy on Signal app, ensure that you are running Signal Android v5.3.12 or later.

If you are installing Signal for the first time or reinstalling it: tap on the three vertical dots on the top right corner of the screen. Select proxy and enter the proxy address.

If you already have Signal installed: tap on your profile icon > Data and Storage > Use proxy .

How to get a Signal proxy address?

Suggestion: Share these addresses privately whenever possible.

  • Conduct a web search or Twitter search, etc. for proxy links using the #IRanASignalProxy hashtag
  • Get a link or scan a QR code from anyone for Signal proxy
  • Set up a Signal proxy using a server with ports 80 and 443 available and a domain name (or subdomain) that points to the server’s IP address.
  • You can read more about the steps involved here .

Use The Best Signal Features To Become A Power User

These were some of the cool Signal tips and tricks you can use to improve your experience on this privacy-focused messaging platform. So do try all of these best and hidden Signal features and let me know which one you liked the best. In case I missed something, feel free to reach out. Meanwhile, I will be updating this list for more awesome tricks, so bookmark this page and do visit later.

The post 20 Best And Hidden Signal App Features That You Should Use In 2021 appeared first on Fossbytes .

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    Signal veut séduire plus d’utilisateurs avec sa mise à jour 5.3 / JournalDuGeek · Saturday, 30 January - 07:00 · 2 minutes

Crédits Signal

Depuis l’annonce de son changement de CGU, WhatsApp est au cœur de la tempête . Une situation compliquée pour la filiale de Facebook, qui a largement profité à la concurrence, et notamment à Signal . Considérée comme beaucoup plus sécurisée, et surtout plus respectueuse de la vie privée de ses utilisateurs, la plateforme n’a cessé de grappiller des utilisateurs depuis quelques semaines. Cette fois, l’application a confirmé sur Twitter le déploiement de sa nouvelle mise à jour 5.3 pour Android et iOS. Au programme, une flopée de nouveautés, dont certaines directement inspirées de WhatsApp.

Parmi les nouveautés annoncées cette semaine par Signal, on compte donc l’arrivée du nouveau système de statut utilisateur , accessible depuis la rubrique à propos. Comme sur WhatsApp, cette fonctionnalité permettra de décrire rapidement votre humeur du moment grâce à une phrase ou un emoji. Autre nouveauté, la possibilité de changer le fond d’écran de vos conversations. Enfin, Signal vient aussi d’officialiser l’ arrivée des stickers animés — 24 au total précise le site de The Verge, destinés à enrichir vos prochaines conversations. Sur iOS, on note aussi plusieurs ajouts, à commencer par l’affichage des photos de profil en plein écran, comme c’est déjà le cas sur Android, ou encore l’arrivée de nouveaux réglages pour le téléchargement des contenus. L’application de messagerie a également profité de cette mise à jour pour désormais afficher l’encart exigé par Apple quant à l’utilisation des données utilisateurs.

Autant de nouveautés sans doute destinées à rapprocher Signal de WhatsApp en termes d’expérience, permettant ainsi l’arrivée de nouveaux utilisateurs, refroidis par les nouvelles exigences de la plateforme.

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Signal veut séduire plus d’utilisateurs avec sa mise à jour 5.3