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    Researcher refuses Telegram’s bounty award, discloses auto-delete bug / ArsTechnica · Monday, 4 October - 14:12

Researcher refuses Telegram’s bounty award, discloses auto-delete bug

Enlarge (credit: Joshua Sortino )

Telegram patched another image self-destruction bug in its app earlier this year. This flaw was a different issue from the one reported in 2019 . But the researcher who reported the bug isn't pleased with Telegram's months-long turnaround time—and an offered $1,159 (€1,000) bounty award in exchange for his silence.

Self-destructed images remained on the device

Like other messaging apps, Telegram allows senders to set communications to "self-destruct," such that messages and any media attachments are automatically deleted from the device after a set period of time. Such a feature offers extended privacy to both the senders and the recipients intending to communicate discreetly.

In February 2021, Telegram introduced a set of such auto-deletion features in its 2.6 release:

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    Telegram emerges as new dark web for cyber criminals / ArsTechnica · Friday, 17 September - 13:39

Telegram emerges as new dark web for cyber criminals

Enlarge (credit: Carl Court / Getty Images )

Telegram has exploded as a hub for cybercriminals looking to buy, sell, and share stolen data and hacking tools, new research shows, as the messaging app emerges as an alternative to the dark web.

An investigation by cyber intelligence group Cyberint, together with the Financial Times, found a ballooning network of hackers sharing data leaks on the popular messaging platform, sometimes in channels with tens of thousands of subscribers, lured by its ease of use and light-touch moderation.

In many cases, the content resembled that of the marketplaces found on the dark web, a group of hidden websites that are popular among hackers and accessed using specific anonymizing software.

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    last week on telegram / ILoveFrenchGirls · Monday, 23 August - 09:39

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    Telegram Beta 7.8 adds video and screen sharing in groups (that's with up to 200,000 people)

    Danie van der Merwe · / gadgeteerza-tech-blog · Tuesday, 15 June - 17:01

Telegram is getting better all the time thanks in part to a beta program that allows users to test new features and provide feedback. Version 7.8 of the app has just reached beta, bringing with it new options for video calls and customization.

Anyone engaging in a group voice chat can now start a video broadcast or share their screen. If you want to try this out, the name of the chat needs to have #vid in it.


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    Telegram vient chasser sur les terres de Zoom avec la visio de groupe / Numerama · Thursday, 29 April - 10:25


Telegram va développer ses services en matière d'appels et de vidéo avec l'arrivée de la visio de groupe, en mai. La plateforme précise que les liaisons seront sécurisées par le chiffrement. [Lire la suite]

Abonnez-vous à notre chaîne YouTube pour ne manquer aucune vidéo !

L'article Telegram vient chasser sur les terres de Zoom avec la visio de groupe est apparu en premier sur Numerama .