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    debacle · / berlin-xmpp-meetup · Monday, 12 July, 2021 - 11:11

We'll Meet Again, in real life!

This time, we will enjoy socialising and talking about this and that and XMPP. We meet outside of xHain using their chairs on the pavement. You may bring your own drinks and snacks,

If someone needs to enter xHain, they needs either a negative Corona test result or vaccination certificate. Tests can be performed anonymously, if needed. They needs to wear a cloth mask, too.

When? Wednesday, 2021-07-14 18:00 CEST (always 2ⁿᵈ Wednesday of every month)

Where? Pavement in front of xHain hack+makespace, Grünberger Str. 16, 10243 Berlin (as formerly)

See you then!

Or join our non-physical room (!

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    Talking point: what have you been playing recently? / GamingOnLinux · Sunday, 27 June, 2021 - 15:24 · 1 minute

It's coming to the end of another week so let's all catch up in the comments about what you've been playing recently.

For me, I recently got back into a game called Devader. It's not the most well-known title and the developer Falkenbrew isn't exactly a big name either. Devader is a twin-stick shooter and a thoroughly bizarre one too. It might, in fact, be one of the most insane top-down games I've ever had the pleasure of playing. The enemy designs are absolutely wild and you can see some of that on the developer's Imgur . If you want something crazy, definitely try it out.


You can actually pick up Devader on Steam with 70% off until July 7.

I also have to admit how thoroughly impressed I was with Death Trash, which had a demo put up on Steam for Steam Next Fest 2021. Quite easily my favourite game from it overall. The demo is still available and I highly recommend it, although only with mouse and keyboard for now as the gamepad has some issues currently. You can see some footage on Linux during a recently livestream:

youtube video thumbnail
Watch video on

Over to you in the comments: what have you been playing? Can you recommend others pick it up? Tell us all.

We'll be back to our regular news again tomorrow after a restful weekend!

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    Curated Server Lists

    eevvoor · / berlin-xmpp-meetup · Tuesday, 8 June, 2021 - 18:49 edit

Emus and melvo will present an approach to provide curated lists of XMPP servers based on specific hard and soft criteria. This project should improve the onboarding of newcomers to XMPP clients and XMPP network. Clients can implement the list and provide suggestions to the user, also based on the criteria or requirements provided. You are invited to take a look at the project repository.

Yes, the talk will be held in English!

When?Tomorrow – Wednesday, 2021-06-09 18:00 CEST (always 2ⁿᵈ Wednesday of every month)

Where? Online, Link provided in our Berlin-Meetup MUC .

See you then!

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    What have you tapping play on recently? Let us know / GamingOnLinux · Sunday, 6 June, 2021 - 07:45 · 1 minute

It has again been a while since we ask you, our wonderful community about your gaming picks recently, so let's have another chat in the comments. Sunday for a lot of people is a time for rest, relaxation and plenty of gaming!

Before you jump down to that comments box, here's what I've been playing plenty of recently.

It might come as no surprise but I've been diving into plenty of Half-Life: Alyx. Still not completed it yet, as it's been a regular slot in our Twitch livestreams ( come follow us !). Mind-blowing is pretty much an understatement on how excellent it really is. Given how SteamVR on Linux is still quite rough, it's been very stable too - with one single hard lock up during my current 16 hour time spent in it. There's so much to enjoy about it I don't know where to start and end talking about it.

youtube video thumbnail
Watch video on

With such an experience it's pretty overloading, there's so many things I've missed that's going to need another play-through to catch all the details put into it. I'm constantly discovering small details that really make it great.

Over to you in the comments: what have you been playing and is it any good?

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    GamingOnLinux moves on from Freenode to Libera.Chat for IRC / GamingOnLinux · Wednesday, 26 May, 2021 - 18:43 · 1 minute

IRC, that lovely simple chat network that's been around since forever is still going despite other much more popular solutions appearing (hi Discord) and recently the huge Freenode network had a hostile takeover.

The situation and history of what's going on isn't exactly easy to explain. To keep it somewhat simple: Andrew Lee (rasengan) who is an entrepreneur, a crown prince of Korea, the founder of Private Internet Access, Shells and more now owns and controls Freenode. You can see a pretty reasonable summary over on Ars Technica .

Sadly, the newer owners of Freenode have since decided to make many missteps and have become outright hostile to us and a great many other channels. We've seen over 700 projects (including us!) have their Freenode channels be taken over, removed and redirected elsewhere while the remaining Freenode staff attempt to take control. Why? Us and all the others had the sheer audacity to mention Libera.Chat and so Freenode swooped in to take control of any channel that does.

Imagine in Twitter, Facebook, Discord, Matrix, Mastodon and so on took over if you dared to mention another network? To be blunt, the way Freenode (Andrew Lee) has been acting has been more like a hostile dictatorship than anything we wish to be associated with and so we're cutting all ties.

Like multiple hundreds of other websites, FOSS projects and more, we've migrated over to Libera.Chat and we suggest you do the same.

If you wish to continue being part of our community on IRC, please point your clients to #gamingonlinux on Libera.Chat. We have updated our IRC webchat to this.

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    PSA: Ubuntu’s IRC Channels Have Moved from Freenode to Libera Chat / OMG Ubuntu · Wednesday, 26 May, 2021 - 15:26

Ubuntu has moved its IRC infrastructure from Freenode to the new Libera Chat platform, following changes to the management of the Freenode company.

This post, PSA: Ubuntu’s IRC Channels Have Moved from Freenode to Libera Chat is from OMG! Ubuntu! . Do not reproduce elsewhere without permission.

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    XMPP for IoT: Visualisation of Meteorological Live Data for Renewable Energy

    debacle · / berlin-xmpp-meetup · Tuesday, 11 May, 2021 - 15:29 edit

Dan and Tim will present a beautiful web application based on Strophe.js and Flot.js to visualise live measuremen data transmitted via XMPP PubSub/PEP. This is not about instant messaging at all, this is IoT, but security included.

When? Wednesday, 2021-05-12 18:00 CEST (always 2ⁿᵈ Wednesday of every month)

Where? Online, via our MUC ( A Jitsi video conference will be announced there.

See you then!

#jabber #berlin #meetup #community #xmpp #iot #webapplication #javascript #strophejs #flotjs #pubsub #pep #security #renewableenergy

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    What have you been playing? Have a Sunday chat with us / GamingOnLinux · Sunday, 18 April, 2021 - 14:14 · 1 minute

Another week comes to a close and there's been a number of fun releases lately - so come have another community chat in the comments about what you've been playing.

For me here, to I'm sure no surprise, there's been a rather lot of Metro Exodus since it's now released for Linux . Quite a beauty this one, another game where (like Valheim), I find myself taking screenshots constantly because some of the scenes are just awesome or completely surprising.

Here's a few fun shots of it in my travels so far (click to enlarge):


4A Games and Deep Silver managed to do a Linux port that does perform very well. However, it's not without issues. It eats ram for breakfast, lunch and dinner - there's what seems to be a memory leak somewhere which has been seen across both AMD and NVIDIA. We've been told they have confirmed the issue in support tickets - so they are aware it's a problem.

Voxel Tycoon is also sucking up some of my time, it's capturing me in a way that other building, management and logistical sims haven't before. The thought of building up through an endless work is quite enticing to get everything working together.

Over to you: what have you been playing recently and what are your thoughts on it? Give over your latest and greatest recommendations to fellow GOL readers.

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