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    Android 12 Custom ROM List: Unofficially update your Android smartphone if it appears on this list!

    Danie van der Merwe · / gadgeteerza-tech-blog · Wednesday, 23 February - 17:54

With the large number of unofficial builds of Android 12-based custom ROMs popping up, XDA Developers felt it would be a good idea to create an index of devices that have Android 12 ports available for them. Do note that these are unofficial builds and will very likely contain bugs. Please read the first few posts of each linked thread, so you know the current status of the build before flashing it on your phone.


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    The Renegade Project aims to simplify booting ARM64 Windows 11/10 on Android devices

    Danie van der Merwe · / gadgeteerza-tech-blog · Wednesday, 19 January - 14:19

Despite Microsoft’s half-hearted stance towards the mobile ecosystem, modders have been working for years to port Windows to existing smartphones. As Windows was never supposed to run on such devices, they have to hack around the low-level firmware to get it booting. Naturally, the aftermarket development community needs to make many changes to the core installer and write device-specific drivers. It would be very difficult for someone to perform the required steps without having a strong background in this field, but when done right, we can get collaborative undertakings like the Renegade Project.


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    Android 11 Custom ROM List – Unofficially Update Your Android Phone Because Even The Old Samsung Galaxy S III Can Get The Latest Updates!

    Danie van der Merwe · / gadgeteerza-tech-blog · Tuesday, 4 May, 2021 - 12:49

It's just not true at all that most older phones cannot be updated regularly to the latest versions of Android. Manufacturers choose not to support those devices as they want to sell a new phone to you.

But 3rd party custom ROMs do exist for older phones and often give you the choice of whether to install the Google apps or not. Apart from getting the latest features (hardware permitting) and patches, these ROMs are often include extra features that you don't see in standard Android, and you also usually have a more privacy orientated OS.

The downside is you usually have to do a manual flashing the first time, but after that most ROMs will auto update just like standard Android does.

The site below lists the phones that can install these custom ROMs.


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