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    Social media sites work to limit spread of Buffalo shooting footage / ArsTechnica · 5 days ago - 15:21

An icon for the Twitch app displayed on a smartphone screen.

Enlarge (credit: Getty Images | Thomas Trutschel )

Twitch, the Amazon-owned livestreaming site that caters primarily to gamers , said it removed streamed footage of a shooting in Buffalo, New York, this weekend "less than two minutes after the violence started."

An 18-year-old white man used an assault rifle to fire on crowds of shoppers in a Buffalo supermarket Saturday, authorities said . The attack—which killed 10 and injured three, including 11 Black victims—is being investigated as a hate crime after the shooter allegedly posted a lengthy manifesto citing 4chan posts regarding the racist "great replacement theory" as his motivation.

Buffalo Police Commissioner Joseph Gramaglia said Saturday that the shooter "had a camera and was livestreaming what he was doing" during the attack. The Twitch channel that had hosted that video has now been taken down, with its content marked as "currently unavailable due to a violation of Twitch’s community guidelines or terms of service."

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    RIAA Uses DMCA Subpoena to Go After Discord Pirates / TorrentFreak · Tuesday, 10 May - 08:15 · 2 minutes

discord Tackling online piracy is a complicated endeavor that often starts by identifying the operators of infringing sites and services. This is also where the first hurdles come into play.

Most people who pirate still keep their identities concealed. This applies to the operators of sites and services as well as their users.

This relative anonymity is a nuisance to anti-piracy groups, including the RIAA. While most online services refuse to voluntarily hand over user details, there are some legal tools that can help rightsholders move forward.

In recent years, DMCA subpoenas have proven to be particularly useful. These requests don’t require any oversight from a judge and are typically signed off by a court clerk, in order to swiftly identify online pirates.

The Alliance for Creativity and Entertainment regularly uses these subpoenas to get more details on domain name owners and Cloudflare users, for example, but they can be used against other online services as well.

RIAA Targets Discord Pirates

This week we spotted a subpoena request by the RIAA, filed at a federal court in the District of Columbia, requesting the personal details of alleged Discord pirates.

The legal paperwork reveals that the RIAA sent a takedown notice to Discord, asking it to remove several infringing files from its services. They included copies of tracks from Luther Vandross and The Stone Temple Pilots.

The RIAA also asked Discord to consider the “widespread and repeated infringing nature of the server operator” and to take appropriate action under its repeat infringer policy.

Update: The channel name is not mentioned but there are several references that suggest that this could be the popular “Megadrive” server, which is not longer active today.

At the time of writing, the channel seems to have disappeared entirely, but it’s not clear whether Discord stepped in or its operator took action. What we do know is that the RIAA isn’t letting the alleged pirate or pirates go this easily.

Potential Legal Trouble

Through the DMCA subpoena, which was swiftly signed off by a court clerk, the anti-piracy group hopes to identify the infringers. It’s not clear what the RIAA plans to do with the information, but the channel operator could in theory face legal trouble.

With the subpoena in hand, the RIAA reached out to Discord, asking it to share relevant personal information.

“We have determined that users of your system or network have infringed our member record companies’ copyrighted sound recordings. As is stated in the attached subpoena, you are required to disclose to the RIAA information sufficient to identify the infringers.

“This would include the individuals’ names, physical addresses, IP addresses, telephone numbers, e-mail addresses, payment information, account updates and account history, as available,” RIAA adds.

riaa discord

Whether Discord actually has all the requested information on file is unknown. That said, the RIAA’s efforts clearly show that Discord and similar services shouldn’t be regarded as safe havens for pirates.

A copy of RIAA’s request for a DMCA subpoena to compel Discord to hand over information is available here (pdf)

From: TF , for the latest news on copyright battles, piracy and more.

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    Comment exporter les commentaires sous vos posts ? (TikTok, Twitter, Youtube, Discord…etc) / Korben · Wednesday, 9 March - 08:00

Que ce soit pour faire un tirage au sort dans le cadre d’un concours, pour faire encadrer les meilleures réponses ou tout simplement aller porter plainte pour harcèlement, il est toujours intéressant de pouvoir exporter en CSV / XLS…etc. les commentaires présents sous l’un de vos posts de réseaux sociaux.

Mais ce n’est pas évident ! Heureusement, avec le site Export Comments, il vous suffit de coller le lien d’un post Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, TikTok, Twitch, Discord, Steam …etc. pour récupérer le fichier Excel ou CSV.

Il est également possible de filtrer les utilisateurs en double, de faire un export limité à certaines dates ou d’effectuer directement un tirage au sort.

Pour moins de 100 commentaires exportés par jour, c’est gratuit, sinon, il faudra passer à la caisse.

Bref, c’est pratique et c’est par ici.

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    Discord est en panne et ne charge plus les messages / Numerama · Tuesday, 8 March - 20:19

Discord était affecté par une panne notable ce 8 mars.. Du côté des internautes, les messages ne se chargeaient pas normalement et le streaming pouvait défaillir. La situation revient à la normale. [Lire la suite]

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    GeForce Now : Discord débarque sur la plateforme avec huit nouveaux jeux / JournalDuGeek · Friday, 18 February - 11:45

template-jdg-2022-01-13t092952-912-158x105.jpgNVIDIA Geforce Now

Le service GeForce Now s'offre une nouvelle mise à jour avec l'arrivée de huit nouveaux jeux, mais aussi de la célèbre plateforme de messagerie Discord.

GeForce Now : Discord débarque sur la plateforme avec huit nouveaux jeux

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    Harcèlement : Steam, Discord et Twitch sont une catastrophe pour les internautes / Numerama · Thursday, 10 February - 10:50

Une étude de l'institut de sondage Ipsos et de l'association des Féministes contre le cyberharcèlement montre toute l'ampleur de ce phénomène, qui touche une grande partie de la population française. [Lire la suite]

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