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    The Linux App Summit (LAS) returns in May, applications open for talks until March 15 / GamingOnLinux · 2 days ago - 11:33 · 1 minute

Planned to happen online again during May 13-15, the Linux App Summit (LAS) is set to return giving you a chance to listen to talks about the future of application design, development and more for Linux. Last year had some pretty interesting talks, like Linux game porter and FNA developer Ethan Lee giving a presentation on how games get built and packages plus Collabora gave an overview of their work with Valve.

At LAS you can attend talks, panels, and Q&As on a wide range of topics covering everything. From creating, packaging, and distributing apps, to monetization within the Linux ecosystem, designing beautiful applications, and more - all delivered by the top experts in each field. You will acquire insights into how to reach users, build a community around your app, what toolkits and technologies make development easier, which platforms to aim for, and much more.

They're looking for more people to submit their talks which will be pre-recorded. They're after both regular 40 minute talks and "lightning" talks lasting 10 minutes. You have until March 15 to send them your proposal.

As for us end-users, attending is done online again and it's free but you do need to register if you want to get involved in some way (like asking questions and so on) but it will also be live on their YouTube Channel . Currently there's no talks noted on the schedule but we will let you know if anything fun pops up.

For more info on the Linux App Summit (LAS) see the official site .

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    Steam Game Festival: Summer Edition returns on June 16 / GamingOnLinux · Monday, 22 February - 10:50 · 1 minute

Ready for a bunch more demos, livestreams and more? The Steam Game Festival: Summer Edition is set to return on June 16 and Valve are looking for developers to get involved.

Just like the previous events it's a multi-day thing running from June 16 until June 22. For us players, it's a chance to try out a slice of upcoming games that might interest us, for developers it's that all important exposure that's hard to come by these days and a good way to gather feedback too.

Going by the dates of the Steam Summer Sale, it might even lead directly into the next big Steam sale too with the sale last year beginning on June 25.

For developers who want to get their demo into the Steam Game Festival they have until April 14 to register and to be eligible here's the criteria ( source ):

  • Have a Steamworks developer account in good standing
  • Have a game you plan to release on Steam after the event and before January, 2022. If your game is releasing after that date, you may register for a future event.
  • Set up and release a playable demo for the duration of the Steam Game Festival. You may choose to retire the demo after the festival concludes or leave the demo available
  • Have not participated with the same game in either the Winter 2021 or Autumn 2020 Steam Game Festivals.

What are you hoping to see and play during the 2021 Steam Game Festival: Summer Edition? I'm still sucked in by the Loop Hero demo which appeared during the Steam Game Festival back in February. Looking forward to seeing that release on March 4!

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    Steam Game Festival February 2021 edition is live now with lots of demos / GamingOnLinux · Wednesday, 3 February - 20:14 · 3 minutes

Ready to try the next set of upcoming games on Steam? Wait no more, as the Steam Game Festival February 2021 edition is now live with plenty to take a look at.

The event features over 500 demos across multiple genres, plus developer-hosted livestreams and chats. Additionally this time around the event itself will have its own livestream show on the event page and Twitch for the first day featuring a select group of demos.

We'll be gradually going over the list and pointing out / capturing footage of a few that stand out. For now, here's a few that look delightful that offer up a Linux demo for the event:

  • Alisa
    • "Alisa is a Horror-themed Action Adventure game and a genuine throwback to the golden age of 90s 3D games."
  • Don't Forget Me
    • "A jazz-punk adventure game with a twist, Don’t Forget Me is a new breed of puzzle game. Dive into the memories of your patients, use your own observations to unwrap their minds and uncover a dark conspiracy set to claim dominion over humanity."
  • Dwerve
    • "Dwerve is a tower defense dungeon crawler RPG. It tells the story of a young dwarven tinkerer that adventures into dwarven ruins armed with turrets and traps, the only weapons that can protect the dwarves from Witch Queen Vandra the Wicked and her army of bloodthirsty trolls and monstrous creatures."
  • Kathy Rain: Director's Cut
    • "Award-winning adventure Kathy Rain returns in the Director’s Cut, featuring an extended story with more puzzles to solve and new areas to explore. Witness the rise of an iconic detective as you uncover a dark and sinister truth hiding behind the calm exterior of a small rural town."
  • Loop Hero (no icon but Linux demo is there)
    • "The Lich has thrown the world into a timeless loop and plunged its inhabitants into never ending chaos. Wield an expanding deck of mystical cards to place enemies, buildings, and terrain along each unique expedition loop for the brave hero."
  • Loveland
    • "Take on the role of The Detective, a member of an agency tasked with hunting down supernatural and cryptid creatures. Will you be able to uncover the mysteries of Loveland?"
  • Luna's Fishing Garden
    • "Luna's Fishing Garden is a cozy fishing and building game. Catch fish, trade it in and create the garden of your dreams by planting new trees, placing water objects and bringing animals to the archipelago."
  • One Dreamer
    • "Manipulate the world around you by editing source code in an adventure game about a burnt out indie game developer's quest to fulfill a lifelong dream."
  • Viscerafest
    • "Viscerafest is a Sci-Fi Fantasy Singleplayer Arena FPS with minor Collectathon elements. Fight through hordes of aliens and eldritch monstrosities wielding a slew of powerful weapons, juggling your resources, and exploring over 26 intricately designed hand crafted levels."

There's absolutely loads more coming to Linux, a fair amount just don't have a demo (either for Linux or at all). Those are just a bunch that immediately stand out to me and as always it's quite subjective whenever we do a list to tastes. Be sure to give your recommendations in the comments.

It's still a shame that having a demo is no longer a sure thing but it's nice to see them used like this too, as it's a fun bit of marketing for developers and gives us a chance to test and find out about new games we weren't aware of before.  The whole event runs until Tuesday, February 9 at 10AM PST / 6PM UTC.

See the event page here and you can find the entire list of demos available on Steam any time here .

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    Steam Festival returns February 3, plus new Steam Beta fixes up shader processing / GamingOnLinux · Saturday, 30 January - 13:44 · 1 minute

Ready for another huge Steam Festival? It shall be returning with the Steam Game Festival, February 2021 edition. Plus there's a fresh Steam Beta that Linux users will want to try out.

For the Steam Game Festival it goes live on February 3 at 10AM PT / 6PM UTC. Much like the previous festivals, it's all about giving developers a chance to showcase their upcoming games. There's going to be tons of demos across various genres for you to try, plus there will also be livestreams where developers will talk about various topics surrounding their games from development to live gameplay.

youtube video thumbnail
Watch video on

As usual, we shall be going over to find all the Linux demos worth taking a look at so be sure to come back to GamingOnLinux on February 3 to see what we liked.

You can follow the event page here .

Now onto something related: there's a fresh Steam Client Beta available as of January 30 which polishes up the shader cache and processing system on Steam. This is the feature that is supposed to make games smoother, so it's worth giving it another go. Here's the changelog :

  • Fixed a bug where processing Vulkan shaders would run out of memory on NVIDIA Pascal cards and older
  • Re-enabled Vulkan shader processing on NVIDIA
  • Fixed a bug where NVIDIA shader cache files above 2GB couldn't be loaded
  • Greatly improved memory usage and disk I/O when processing NVIDIA cache files (requires driver 460.x or newer)
  • Updated to latest Fossilize, picking up some general memory usage improvements
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    Interested in Godot Engine and games made with it? GodotCon is up on January 23 / GamingOnLinux · Friday, 22 January - 18:26

Tomorrow, January 23 there's going to be an online GodotCon that's going live on YouTube. This is a chance for anyone interested to learn more about the free and open source game engine Godot Engine.

Interestingly, it won't be live. The talks are pre-recorded according to the announcement. However, to help with that and so you can chat with the Godot team and other users and developers using Godot, the team has now set up their own dedicated social chat area using

Schedules available as a PDF and Google Sheet . Looking over it, some of the talks are quite exciting! Lead developer Juan Linietsky for example, will be giving a talk on the new rendering coming with Vulkan in Godot 4.

It's happening between 8:45 UTC to 16:00 UTC. You can watch it right here! The livestream is embed below:

youtube video thumbnail
Watch video on

See the full announcement here .

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    The Big Adventure Event is live on Steam with plenty of demos to try until Jan 25 / GamingOnLinux · Thursday, 21 January - 21:50 · 2 minutes

Got a slow weekend ahead? Well now it might be a little busier as there's a good few developers participating in The Big Adventure Event which is now live on Steam.

What's this all about then? Organised with help from indie developer and publisher Hitcents, it's a celebration of the classic adventure game genre. They've packed the event with demos, new games, livestreams and more. The event takes place from now January 21 until January 25.

It's a genuinely good event too, looking over there's a fair few titles I had totally forgotten about or had just never seen before. Plenty have a Linux demo too, which is wonderful to see.

Here's a few random upcoming picks of what to take a look at that I'm excited for:

Born Punk - "A former combat hacker, a corporate CEO and a malfunctioning android get possessed by mysterious, otherworldly entities and must band together to save themselves and uncover the entities' origins. Talk, puzzle and explore your way through this (often humorous) cyberpunk thriller."

Growbot - "A point-and-click adventure about a robot saving her home from a dark crystalline force. Set upon a biopunk space station bursting with fantastic plants and aliens."

Kathy Rain: Director's Cut (only just announced today!) - "Award-winning adventure Kathy Rain returns in the Director’s Cut, featuring an extended story with more puzzles to solve and new areas to explore. Witness the rise of an iconic detective as you uncover a dark and sinister truth hiding behind the calm exterior of a small rural town."

One Dreamer - "Help Frank, a burnt out indie game developer, rediscover his love for video games while struggling to release his debut title. Reprogram objects, fix bugs and solve coding puzzles as you journey through the English voiced story of One Dreamer."

Rosewater - "Rosewater is a thrilling Western adventure set in an alternate 19th century. Harley Leger and her ragtag posse embark on a harrowing journey across Western Vespuccia, encountering bandits, rebels, visionaries, eccentrics, and many more friends and foes on their quest for fame and riches."

Slender Threads - "Slender Threads is a point-and-click thriller adventure where unseen forces bind the fate of an unremarkable traveling salesman to the peculiar town he one day arrives in."

The Darkside Detective: A Fumble in the Dark - "Delouse your room with sage and pack up your travel-sized ouija board, it’s time to enter Twin Lakes - America’s 34th most haunted city. Join Detective McQueen as he puzzles his way through six chilling cases, risking life and pixelated limb to solve the macabre mysteries that plague this poor town."

The Drifter - "A Pulp Adventure Thriller - A drifter, murdered, finds himself alive again seconds before his death. Struggling to maintain his sanity, can he unravel the conspiracy surrounding his condition and those hunting him?"

See the full event page here .

Be sure to comment on anything you play that's worth a look to let your fellow GOL readers know.

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    Fortnite Nexus War commence ce soir : comment se préparer ? / JournalDuGeek · Tuesday, 1 December - 14:42 · 2 minutes

Crédits : Epic Games

Habitué aux rendez-vous épiques avec ses joueurs, le « battle royale » Fornite inaugurera ce soir à partir de 22 heures (heure française) , le lancement de son nouvel évènement du Nexus War : Fight Galacticus , qui promet d’apporter une conclusion explosive à cette quatrième saison compétitive initiée en 2018. Évidemment, les super-héros issus de l’écurie Marvel seront encore à l’honneur durant cet événement, puisque les joueurs devront cette fois affronter Galacticus, le terrible Dévoreur de mondes . Ce combat ultime sera ouvert à tous, mais nécessitera une certaine dose de préparation en amont.

Tout le succès d’un combat réside dans sa préparation

Ainsi, Epic Games recommande à ses joueurs dans un récent post publié sur le blog officiel du studio de développement de s’assurer au préalable d’avoir bien téléchargé la dernière mise à jour du jeu (14.60). Il est également conseillé de se connecter aux serveurs du jeu au moins une heure avant le début des hostilités, afin de s’assurer une place au sein de l’ event . Pour les joueurs qui souhaiteraient profiter d’une expérience multijoueur améliorée, il sera désormais possible de lancer un chat vidéo in-game directement via l’application Houseparty , compatible depuis peu avec Fortnite .

On s’en doute, cet ultime affrontement devrait être l’occasion pour les joueurs de récupérer de nombreux prix, skins et items en jeu. Certains dataminers comme Ximton sur les réseaux sociaux ont d’ailleurs mis la main sur ce qui s’apparente à un skin du Dévoreur de monde , qui sera potentiellement offert aux joueurs à l’issue de l’ event . Une fois n’est pas coutume, la conclusion de ce combat devrait laisser place à la toute nouvelle saison 5. Cette dernière n’a pour le moment dévoilé aucun détail concernant son contenu, mais sera la toute première à proposer dès son lancement, un abonnement mensuel pour profiter d’une expérience de jeu upgradée sur Fortnite .

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Fortnite Nexus War commence ce soir : comment se préparer ?

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    Check out Linux porter Ethan Lee show off how Linux games are built and packaged / GamingOnLinux · Saturday, 14 November - 13:29 · 1 minute

You've heard a lot about various packaging systems on Linux from deb to rpm and the next generation with Snap and Flatpak, but what about how games get built and packaged up?

Well, that's what Linux game porter Ethan Lee wanted to talk about and show off during the Linux App Summit 2020. Interestingly, it sounds like Ethan Lee put in their talk plan after seeing us announce the event. For those who aren't familiar with Ethan Lee you can check out their port portfolio here which shows just how many games they've shipped including the likes of: Streets of Rage 4 which just recently released, VVVVVV, Owlboy, FEZ, TowerFall Ascension, Dust: An Elysian Tail and a vast many more. Ethan Lee also created and maintains FNA , which is a reimplementation of the Microsoft XNA Game Studio 4.0 Refresh libraries.

The full video can be seen below at timestamp 2:20:20

youtube video thumbnail
Watch video on

Much like on Windows, there's different ways of building games and what's shown here is just one way but it's a nice peek behind the development curtain that you don't often get to see when it comes to games.

If you wish to support the work that Ethan Lee does for Linux ports and FNA head over to the GitHub Sponsors page .

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