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    Hypnagonia is an upcoming open source "spire-like" deckbuilder / GamingOnLinux · Tuesday, 4 January, 2022 - 12:55

Do you love games like Slay the Spire? I sure do and so seeing a new free and open source game appear that's inspired by it has me a little excited. This is Hypnagonia. It's currently in development, although playable, it has plenty of work to be done to flesh it out into a full complete experience. Even so, you can easily see that the promise is there.

In Hypnagonia you are asleep, a dreamer and you've been somehow captured and pulled into a nightmare realm. It's a fun sounding idea and you lose if you wake up. The idea is that you're facing "Torments", which are a manifestation of things causing your nightmares. You attack by inspecting them, to try and understand them, while they cause you stress that builds up as anxiety until you wake up.


Built with Godot Engine, the developer is looking for other developers to join in to build it into something special.

You can try it in your browser on although I do recommend downloading for better performance. The source code is available on GitHub .

Hat tip to aD.

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    Not Actually A DOS Game looks like a retro delight / GamingOnLinux · Monday, 3 January, 2022 - 15:14 · 1 minute

Do you love retro games (or just retro-styled) and you're a fan of dungeon crawling? Check out the recent release of Not Actually A DOS Game for your latest fix.

Taking the visuals of classics like Rogue, it spices things up a bit to make the style a little more approachable with a slightly more modern interface and some small effects. The result is a game that should appeal to classic roguelike fans while giving some nice quality-of-life adjustments like tooltips, stat comparisons and more. Overall it certainly seems like a solid entry.

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Game Features:

  • A core of classic roguelike gameplay. Descend the dungeon, collect items and kill monsters and bosses.
  • Kill enemies or explore the dungeon to gain floor progress.  Filling up the progress meter spawns a portal to the next floor.
  • 37 pieces of equipment for 13 equipment slots with tooltips and stat comparisons.
  • 11 Spells with multiple combo chains, gained through leveling and new equipment.
  • Discover campfires in the dungeon to cook higher quality foods and upgrade stats.
  • 3 dungeon tile sets.  Forest, Desert and Tundra.
  • A graveyard which grows as the number of your deaths do.

Available to buy on .

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    Godot Engine received a fresh grant from Facebook / Meta for XR work / GamingOnLinux · Wednesday, 22 December, 2021 - 16:15 · 1 minute

Seems that Blender isn't the only free and open source project pulling in attention from backers, with the Godot Engine team announcing today that Facebook / Meta have given them additional funding for VR / AR (XR) work.

This follows on from the grant the Godot team received around the same time in 2020, that saw developer Bastiaan Olij overhaul many parts of XR support in Godot including a mobile version of the Vulkan renderer, stereoscopic rendering support through Multiview and a rewrite of the core XR system in the upcoming Godot 4. On top of that, work was done to bring full OpenGL-based OpenXR support to Godot 3 and more.

Sounds like the work for 2022 that this grant will fund is exciting. Half the funds going towards overall improvements, supporting more devices and a bunch of new features. The other half though? They're going to be working on "bringing the Godot editing experience into XR", which sounds like it will be rather beneficial for game developers to properly get a feel for their XR experiences with less switching between desktop and headsets.

Godot 4 sure is sounding more exciting every time we hear what's going to be in it. It's quickly turning into one of the most powerful free and open source game engines.

See the announcement for more.

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    ΔV: Rings of Saturn's demo appears to help sales, now lets you save your game / GamingOnLinux · Thursday, 16 December, 2021 - 13:08 · 1 minute

ΔV: Rings of Saturn is a hard sci-fi physics-based space mining game from Kodera Software. A unique point about the demo was that you could previously play through everything, you just couldn't save the game and now that's changing.

Writing in a post on Indie DB , the developer talks about the changes that have happened and continued talking about their feelings towards providing a demo. The main adjustments done recently mean you can save in the demo but you're now limited to 30 days in-game time, which is still very generous.

Kodera Software mention that "It’s a popular opinion in the game development circles that having a free demo hurts game sales". They didn't agree, so a demo was put up. After a while, a bug was noticed where code to make the demo stop wasn't actually working and it wasn't noticed for quite some time as it didn't affect sales and so it became a proper thing. The developer still needs to eat though, and ΔV: Rings of Saturn is a game that can be tough to initially get into so having a save to come back to sounds like a great idea.

How has the demo affected sales after all this time? See for yourself:


Speaking about the numbers, Kodera Software said "Here you see how many players downloaded the demo, and how many players bought the game. Did you notice that these numbers are almost equal? Sure, someone could have bought the game without playing the free demo, but the vast majority of people that played the demo bought the game.

That’s trust well placed."

You can also see their video on this below:

Be sure to also check out our previous interview with the developer.

You can test this full demo / buy it on Steam and .

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    Wrought Flesh is a delightfully grotesque new FPS out now / GamingOnLinux · Tuesday, 14 December, 2021 - 13:03 · 1 minute

Wrought Flesh is a game where you not only eat your enemies corpses to regain health, you also harvest their organs to place inside yourself to gain improved character stats. Totally grotesque and awesome.

"Rip out enemies organs and equip them in your own body. Fight biopunk monsters and drugged-up space bandits. You are a Gajeshian Cultist: A near-mythological being built from the bodies of long-dead saints. You have arrived on the partially terraformed planet of Chrisembourgh on a temple-ordained mission to find and kill someone. Explore the planet and trace your victims steps to the end."

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Another retro inspired shooter with low-poly graphics but it leans into it nicely. It's hard not to love a game that gives you a literal finger-gun, lets you eat enemies and has a power-up named "KillFuck" that speeds up your reactions to give the feeling of time slowing. Even grosser though is swapping around organs from downed enemies, which you will need to do as they decay inside you over time. Each organ gives a boost to something like health regeneration, max health, speed and more.

With the unique character building system, along with the wild setting it's one not to be missed. Especially so if you love fast-paced experiences because wow - it's ridiculously fast. You're going to need those KF injections to slow things down constantly because everything moves like Sonic.

Sadly short though at only around 2 hours, depending on how long it takes you to stop dying. I need more! Seems it's done reasonably well too, with a Very Positive rating on Steam from close to 200 reviews.

Nice to see more games made with Godot Engine which has fantastic Linux support.

Available to buy on and Steam .

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    Scientific evolution sim Thrive is now available on and Steam / GamingOnLinux · Friday, 26 November, 2021 - 13:32 · 1 minute

Thrive is a free and open source evolution sim, that is now available from the and Steam stores where you can pay to support the development. It's in Early Access and they have a very long road ahead until it's complete, and they're estimating multiple years to go yet until it's finished.

"In Thrive, you take control of an organism on an alien planet, beginning with the Last Universal Common Ancestor (LUCA). Your goal is to survive in the environment, adapt your species by adding mutations, and thrive. Other species will emerge to compete with yours. They will evolve via a population dynamics driven simulation with random mutations - you must improve and spread your species to surpass them. The success of your species depends both on your skill in surviving as an individual cell and the changes you make in the editor."

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Game Features:

  • Control an individual member of your species and survive the environment
  • Predate on other species, use photosynsthesis or scavenge for resources
  • Edit your species to make it more successful
  • Compete with other species emerging on your planet via an evolution simulation
  • Explore different biomes
  • Fight other cells with multiple cellular level weapons
  • Try different gameplay styles by specializing in different energy sources in subsequent playthroughs
  • Learn about biology by using real compounds, organelles or parts inspired by real science
  • Spread your species via the biome map
  • Review and plan future actions by looking at population simulation results and graphs
  • Learn the basics of the game with a light interactive tutorial

With Thrive, their main goal is to create gameplay that respects your intelligence with it grounded in real science but also still keep it actually fun and engaging to play through. Developed with Godot Engine , it's going to hopefully turn into another great example of what's possible with it.

Available on , Steam and direct from the developer. The source code is up on GitHub plus you can support them on their Patreon too.

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    Godot Engine gets AMD FidelityFX Super Resolution / GamingOnLinux · Thursday, 25 November, 2021 - 10:51 · 1 minute

The free and open source Godot Engine recently had support for AMD FidelityFX Super Resolution merged into the code, ready for the next big release. A wonderful case of open source tech meeting together.

What is FidelityFX Super Resolution (FSR)? Put simply: a fancy upscaler. FSR allows you to bring down the rendering resolution and have FSR boost it up to a higher resolution, giving you a clear picture. The result is that you should see better performance than simply using the native resolution - something 4K users seem quite happy about.

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It's not fully finished yet for Godot, with a couple of tweaks planned to come in another merge request but it's pretty-much all there. So hopefully this means we will see plenty of Godot games release with support for it. This major feature is likely to come with Godot 4.0, which is the big one pulling in Vulkan support and an overhauled rendering system.

In other game dev news: AMD FSR plugin for Unreal Engine is live now too. So we're eventually going to see a nice bump in the amount of games with it supported.

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    The Go Godot Jam 2 starts November 19 / GamingOnLinux · Thursday, 18 November, 2021 - 10:27

Ready to try out the free and open source Godot Engine ? Here's a fun chance. As part of the month-long Go Godot Jam 2 Festival , their Game Jam will start soon!

The main target for the whole thing is of course the Godot audience, however the Festival as a whole is hoping to bring in new people into gave development and showcase Godot as a solid alternative for people looking to switch engines. Officially, the actual Game Jam starts on November 19 but at 10PM UTC the timer ticking down on the page is up where the actual theme will be revealed.

As part of the event, the organisers have been producing regular content on YouTube for Godot like an interview with game developer John Watson, who created Gravity Ace .

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They're also doing a fundraiser to help the Godot team, future events and to put money into the Game Jam Prize Pool. The GOTM.IO website is also donating $5 to the Prize Pool for every game uploaded to it from the Go Godot Jam 2.

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