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    The latest Humble Bundle brings a few scary looking treats, plus an indie hits sale / GamingOnLinux · Monday, 10 January - 15:37

Need a few new games to add to your collection? Perhaps readying up for the Steam Deck that should be launching next month? The Humble Dead of Winter Bundle is live - as is a nice sale on indie games.

For the game bundle, none of them are native Linux games but most work really well with Steam Play Proton . These include:

  • Daymare: 1998
  • Dead Estate
  • Golden Light
  • The Painscreek Killings
  • White Day: A Labyrinth Named School

Sadly it seems these two are not really playable with Proton yet:

  • White Day VR: The Courage Test
  • Friday the 13th: The Game

The Indie Hits Sale is also live and as the name suggests, there's some really great indie games to pick from inside. Here's a few quick choice picks on sale:

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    Dead Cells: The Queen and the Sea DLC is out now / GamingOnLinux · Monday, 10 January - 11:20

Ready for another run? Dead Cells: The Queen and the Sea DLC is out now and brings with it plenty of new enemies to hack and slash your way through.

The release came with a fancy animated trailer to feast your eyes on:

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All the DLC purchases help to support the ongoing development of Dead Cells, with more free updates planned and it also goes towards Motion Twin's next project that's currently under development. We're expecting at least another year of free updates, which they announced previously. It may be longer, if sales keep up.

You can pick up Dead Cells from Humble Store , GOG and Steam .

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    Wilderness survival roguelike Wayward "Horizons" upgrade brings Volcanic islands / GamingOnLinux · Thursday, 6 January - 14:55 · 3 minutes

Another major update has landed for the sweet top-down wilderness survival roguelike Wayward, bringing with it a whole new Volcanic island type and much more.

The game will also now load up several islands at a time, which helps with quicker travel and means players in multiplayer can actually be on different islands now - so it opens the game up a whole lot more. Have a look at the Horizons upgrade release trailer below:

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New features highlight:

  • Added a new "islands" dialog, acting as a world map. It's unlocked when obtaining a sea-worthy vessel, which allows you to travel to inspect and travel to nearby islands.
  • You can now sail to any island within a certain distance, the travel time and cost dependant on the distance traveled.
  • Several islands can now be loaded at a time, allowing for quicker travel and allowing players in multiplayer games to be on different islands from each other.
  • Added a new "Seafaring" skill which increases travel distances, reduces hunger and thirst costs when traveling, and more.
  • Added a new "Volcanic" island type and biome with new resources, tiles, interactions, and creatures.
  • Added the ability to assign quickslots with tool-based actions (similar to "Carve with Tool" previously from the action menu). Alternatively, you can perform actions here by opening a new menu as well with "Shift + Q or Shift + Right Click". These actions will automatically pick the best tool for the given action.
  • Added ability to assign action menu actions to the quickslot bar.
  • A new item quality, "Relic", has been added. Relics have a high amount of magical properties, but have low starting durability and are dropped exclusively from aberrant creatures and treasure chests.
  • Added a "Rejoin as a new player" button to the death screen when dying in multiplayer games that have "clear ghost data on leave" option enabled.
  • Added a "Respawn in Casual Mode" button to the death screen when you die while in a permadeath mode so you can continue playing your save.
  • Merchant NPCs will now spawn and restock based on the number of buildings (walls/floors) constructed on an island, and will decrease in odds the further out you are from your starting island.
  • Added a couple of new craftable "scarecrows" that you can place down to prevent or reduce the likelihood of creatures spawning and/or movement around them (depending on the creature).
  • Added a new armor set of "armored scale" with unique properties/usefulness.
  • Added needles for all types of metal.
  • Added a pangolin creature to the new "Volcanic" island type.
  • Added mysterious and coveted "Dryad", a plant-like creature with unique properties and loot.
  • Added "Master of All" milestone and milestone modifier for getting all skills to 100%.
  • Added the "Traitor" milestone and milestone modifier.
  • Added a new form of grass called "Tanglehead", spread throughout the arid and volcanic islands types. Dirt will no longer be native to arid islands as a result.
  • Added a new magical property "Regeneration", which repairs/restores durability on items over time.
  • Added a new magical property, "Aptitude", which multiplies its effectiveness in crafts.
  • Added a new interaction with wisps.
  • The main menu buttons and tabs across all menus now have associated icons to improve UX.
  • Sailing to new islands now raises your cartography skill.
  • Starting at 40% cartography skill, the islands map and item tooltips now show which map items are associated with each island.
  • Introduced the concept of spores to mushrooms and ferns.
  • There are now non-tattered versions of shirts and pants that are available to craft.
  • Added an "Open Backups Folder" button to the save data section in the options menu.
  • You can now drag and drop save files onto the game to import them.
  • Added +dev command line switch to dedicated servers to enable developer mode.

You can grab Wayward on Humble Store and Steam .

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    Humble Choice gets Iron Harvest and Mafia: Definitive Edition / GamingOnLinux · Wednesday, 5 January - 12:10

Another month is here and so is the next Humble Choice with a fresh selection of games to pick from. Here you pay for whatever tier you feel is the best value to get access to the Humble Trove (a ton of DRM-free games), a discount at the Humble Store and the ability to claim Steam keys (sometimes GOG keys) for multiple titles - the amount of which depends on what tier you buy into.

Here's a roundup of how they all work on Linux either natively or with Steam Play Proton . Proton GE refers to the community-built custom version of Proton.

  • Rebel Cops - Linux native
  • Midnight Protocol - Linux native
  • Mafia: Definitive Edition - works well with Proton GE
  • Iron Harvest - works well with Proton GE
  • Project Winter - works with Proton
  • Rustler - works with Proton
  • The Henry Stickmin Collection - works with Proton
  • Farmer's Dynasty - works with Proton
  • Between the Stars - Works with Proton
  • Retrowave - Works with Proton

If any interest you, head over to Humble Choice .

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    Death Stranding absolutely sold me and you should play it / GamingOnLinux · Wednesday, 22 December - 12:56 · 6 minutes

I don't actually often play the big AAA games but for Death Stranding, I finally took the plunge and thanks to Steam Play Proton running it on Linux was a fantastic experience overall. Note : spoilers, personal purchase.

With my ancient PlayStation 4 on its last legs, I'm glad I sat on this and waited a little while for any patches and then eventually the Windows release on Steam so it worked out all quite nicely. I'm certainly no stranger to Hideo Kojima, having played through various Metal Gear games and always liked the production value Kojima puts in and Death Stranding delivers constantly. It certainly helps that it has an all-star cast with the likes of Norman Reedus, Mads Mikkelsen, Léa Seydoux, and Lindsay Wagner.


"Sam Bridges must brave a world utterly transformed by the Death Stranding. Carrying the disconnected remnants of our future in his hands, he embarks on a journey to reconnect the shattered world one step at a time."

The official description of it does it absolutely no justice. Then again, going into any sort of detail on the store page would probably give away too much - that's what reviews are for (sometimes - I try never to overly spoil). Not that you would understand a lot of it even with a longer and slightly more detailed look into what the game actually is. Here's the thing, even in the first 10 hours, you're probably still going to be thoroughly confused, but that's okay — it's all about the journey and looking completely ridiculous while carrying an insane amount of cargo on your back.

You run around with a strange baby in a container strapped to your chest called BB, this little one helps alert you to dangers appearing in the form of what they call BTs. Does BB start whining and your little spinning light starts going wild? BTs are near. BB also tends to get a bit annoyed if you keep falling over, so you need to detach them and rock them to sleep too. It's so thoroughly weird but kinda sweet at the same time.

At its core, Death Stranding is an open-world delivery sim set in the post-apocalyptic USA. You travel around between buildings, taking on delivery jobs and completing them gives you Likes. As you explore, you will also find missing packages you can pick up and deliver to gain some extra Likes. These missing packages you find do form quite a big part of the gameplay. You can choose to deliver them in full to their original destination for maximum Likes, or deposit them somewhere else for safety and get a few less.

These Likes form as part of the character statistics system, allowing you to level up your porter grade eventually boosting your abilities to help you push forwards. There's a lot more to the Likes system, as you can also give out Likes to various things in the world that other players put down. While it's a single-player game, there are online elements with you seeing objects from other players like a helpful ladder, a sign and more. There's some lore around the Likes system too, as it serves another purpose. With everything going on, people started getting depressed and some went mad due to all the stress. Scientists discovered what they called "Likecin", a hormone that basically restores your mental state but the body only makes it in response to external stimuli - hence why Likes are everywhere.

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Enjoy slow games? Good. Death Stranding is certainly that. I even spoke to friends about the game, finding myself uncontrollably smiling when talking about just how unique an experience it is. A walking simulator? In many ways yes, but unlike anything else. Even just the basic walking mechanics are darn clever and keep you on your toes, or face-first in the mud if you're not paying enough attention. You can choose to hold the straps on your backpack to keep your balance but reduce your speed, or YOLO it and constantly tap between the straps to keep it centred so you don't trip and fall. It's a simple idea that doesn't sound like much but Death Stranding does it so exceptionally well.

Death Stranding also becomes quite a different game a good few hours in once you get vehicles and weapons, it's not so frightening once you get to that stage. You even get the opportunity to eventually fast-travel too. The thing is, even though you can go faster, you don't always want to and that goes back to why it's a slow game.


If you want to understand more, and you should, you get a constant trickle of mail sent to you by various NPCs you meet. You also get sent various interview texts to read over too. This helps form the lore of the world, with you getting various scientific reports on the history preceding the start of the game. This plays into the whole slowness of the game. It wants you to take a break and look around a bit, and so taking a break in a private room you get in each major building gives you ample time to read through it all. You might also find you need to give Sam a little rest out in the wilds, which also saves the game and restores stamina.

There's a frankly ridiculous amount of info you're supposed to absorb in such a short time in the first 10 or so hours. BB, BTs, people who suffer with DOOMS giving them abilities, rain that accelerates time for anything it touches and a brain-overloading amount more of things to remember.

A lot of things about the game mechanics are quite surprising, especially when it comes to your cargo. Getting the right weight distribution can mean the difference between running a lot and constantly holding your straps. I remember one specific point really made me stop in my tracks, because it was such a surprise where I was running to deliver cargo, with a hilariously high stack of boxes and I ran underneath some sort of little array tower. While running under it, the dishes sticking out of the tower just clipped a single box on my back and knocked it off. It's these little details that really make you appreciate how thought-out it is.

Death Stranding is equal parts depressive, as it is optimistic in many ways. Practically everything is in ruins, humanity is on the edge and yet, through your gameplay, you're helping to reconnect the world. Perhaps it's as a result of all the issues COVID caused as playing Death Stranding now felt very close to home. I felt like I needed this experience.

Honestly, I thought I wouldn't like it but I was sold pretty quickly on it. Not without faults though. The UI feels like a hot mess and is often confusing, vehicle movement is nowhere near as good as walking and feels a little cheap and other more minor things but overall it's worth it. Do check it out.

Played with Proton Experimental, the Linux experience was practically flawless. It's such a wonderfully weird experience that it has really gotten me to firmly enjoy hours of gaming in my own free time again.

You can buy Death Stranding on Humble Store and Steam .

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    Get a look at the Total War: WARHAMMER III campaign map and more battles / GamingOnLinux · Friday, 17 December - 13:42

Creative Assembly continue rolling out more teaser videos of the upcoming Total War: WARHAMMER III, which will be ported to Linux by Feral Interactive.

Just recently CA put up a video finally giving us a proper look at the campaign map. Going over many different biomes you can expect to move armies through and perhaps conquer. It sure does look pretty and might have one of the best looking campaign maps of any similar strategy game. Check it out below:

youtube video thumbnail
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It's releasing in February 2022, with Linux support continuing from porter Feral Interactive. We still don't know if their native build will offer cross-platform multiplayer, as Feral still did not reply to our email on it. There's still a few months to go yet, so perhaps they will surprise us.

As a reminder: if you do pre-order (or buy in the first week after release) you will get access to an additional free Race Pack for Total War: WARHAMMER III with the Ogre Kingdoms.

Available to pre-order on Humble Store and Steam .

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    Project Zomboid reintroduces multiplayer with the newest Beta build / GamingOnLinux · Friday, 17 December - 12:17 · 1 minute

After multiple years working on Build 41 of Project Zomboid, The Indie Stone have now finally hooked up multiplayer for it and you can test it yourself now.

Project Zomboid did already have multiplayer but Build 41 that's available in an opt-in Beta is a massive overhaul of the entire game. It is the single biggest update the game has ever seen and it's still not done, which is why it's left in an opt-in Beta but most people generally play on that version now. Build 41 has all sorts like revamped animations and combat, a whole new sound design by some who did the incredible Alien: Isolation, a huge map expansion and the list of what's new and improved at this point is practically endless.

Now it's multiplayer's time to shine! A new and separate Beta version is now available to finally hooks up multiplayer for this version. To access this version on Steam, simply look for the "b41multiplayer" Beta. Have a look at some of the chaos:

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The Indie Stone mentioned that multiplayer has been what's holding back a proper full release of Build 41, which they hope to do "early" in 2022. So at some point in early 2022, no one will need to opt into any Beta and just get this multi-year effort right out of the box.

Exciting times ahead for Project Zomboid!

Don't own it yet? You can purchase a copy from Humble Store , GOG and Steam .

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    Valheim gets christmassy, armour stands and silences tamed wolves / GamingOnLinux · Thursday, 16 December - 13:43 · 1 minute

Iron Gate have given Valheim players an early Christmas present with a fresh update adding in a couple of seasonal bits and some free content.

Do you have lots of wolves tamed? Good noise, they will no longer annoy the heck out of you by howling constantly. Troll animations were overhauled, tamed animals have decided they like fire now, there's a profanity filter for the server list, a new armour stand to show off what you've got and a Yule tree! You can even craft little present boxes that act like tiny storage chests - how sweet.


To actually get new items to show up in your list, you need to go do some gathering as it will make the game wake up and give you it all. It confused me today when trying it, as I couldn't find any of the new stuff until I picked up a few bits of fresh materials.

Plenty of other improvements came along like some locational music tweaks, drop and spawn tweaks for the Abomination, localization updates and enabled clipping check when placing thrones.

Valheim is available to buy on Humble Store or Steam .

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