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    Spam Assassin Resending With Headers / warlord0blog · Saturday, 26 February - 13:14 edit

Following on from Spam Assassin and Bayesian Learning To give our users the ability to forward mail to the spam learning feature, we need to ensure the forwarded mail gets to sa-learn unmolested. That means with the original envelope and headers as it arrived. Normal email forwards remove all the header information that helps spamassassin figure &ellipsisRead the full post »

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    neomutt - IMAP Client

    Stefan · Tuesday, 24 March, 2020 - 19:48 edit · 1 minute

Neomutt auf einem Debian System installieren und als IMAP Client konfigurieren.

Als erstes die benötigeten Anwendungen installieren.gnupg, pass und neomutt.

apt-get install gnupg pass neomutt

Den Passwortmanager einrichten. Wer noch keinen GPG Key hat, kann dies mit gpg --gen-key nachholen. Die user@domain.tld ist in folgendem Befehl die zu verwendete gpg-id.

pass init user@domain.tld

Password in pass hinterlegen

pass insert -e EMail/domain.tld/user

Konfiguration in ~/.neomutt/neomuttrc

set mbox_type = "Maildir"
set realname   = "Firstname Lastname"
set from           = "user@domain.tld"

set edit_headers = yes
set editor       = "vim -c 'set spell spelllang=de,en' -c 'set colorcolumn=72' -c 'startinsert' -c 'set tw=72 et' -c 'set wrap' '+/^$'"

set reverse_alias = yes

set folder         = "imaps://imap.domain.tld/"
set postponed  = "+Drafts"
set record        = "+Sent"
set trash          = "+Trash"

set imap_check_subscribed

set crypt_use_gpgme
bind index,pager B sidebar-toggle-visible

set sort=threads 
set sort_aux=date-sent
set date_format="%a, %d. %b %H:%M"
set folder_format="%2C %8s %d %t %N %f"
set pager_index_lines=10
set index_format="%1H %4C %Z %D [%-22.22F] (%<l?%4l&%4c>) %M %s"

set sidebar_format = "%B%?F? [%F]?%* %?N?%N/?%S"
set sidebar_visible = yes

auto_view text/html

set imap_login = "user@domain.tld"
set imap_user = "user@domain.tld"
set imap_pass = `pass show EMail/domain.tld/user`
set spoolfile = "imaps://imap.domain.tld/INBOX"

set smtp_url    = "smtps://user@domain.tld@smtp.domain.tld:587"
set smtp_pass   = `pass show EMail/domain.tld/user`

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