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    KDE vs GNOME: What’s the 'Ultimate' Linux Desktop Choice? Beauty is in the Eye of the Beholder...

    Danie van der Merwe · / gadgeteerza-tech-blog · Wednesday, 23 February - 09:39

When it comes to Linux, the desktop environment is a big deal. A desktop environment makes up the graphical user interface (GUI) along with a set of applications that you get on your Linux distribution.

Choosing a good desktop environment can help you improve productivity, workflow, ease of use, and the overall experience. And, among the best desktop environments, KDE and GNOME are particularly popular.

Most mainstream distros offer a choice of different desktop environments to pick from (whether officially or from communities).


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    Use Existing Desktop Compositor Effects For Screencast Recordings

    Danie van der Merwe · / gadgeteerza-tech-blog · Monday, 21 February - 14:56

I show how Linux's KDE Compositor, that is already included with the OS, can be used to show such effects as screen magnification, screen drawing, mouse cursor tracking and clicking, without the need for additional 3rd party software when creating screencast recordings. This is useful if your screencasting recorder does not include these features, but of course many of these desktop effects just look really cool anyway!


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    KDE finally gets root operations in Dolphin, big 2022 plans for Wayland / GamingOnLinux · Wednesday, 5 January - 11:01 · 1 minute

KDE developer Nate Graham continues blogging about how KDE and Plasma are evolving and there's been some great improvements recently, along with some huge plans for 2022.

Making things easier for users is important and the KDE team are clearly taking on a lot of feedback. A major new feature is that Dolphin, and anything that hooks into KIO, can now create, move, copy, trash, and delete files in non-user-owned locations. Instead of just giving you a warning and not letting you do anything, it should now ask for a password and let you do what you need to without resorting to a terminal window. Nice. This change should land in KDE Frameworks 5.91.

Wayland improvements also came in recently like supporting greater than 8-bit colour, the ability to open the current directory or any other folder you right-click on in any app, not just the file manager with Konsole.


As for their 2022 plans , which aren't set in stone, more of a guide - there's a lot!

One of the big things for 2022 is to have Wayland at a stage for KDE where it can completely replace the X11 session. Another I'm particularly interested in is improvements to multi-monitor support, modernizing Breeze icons and a big focus on what they're calling the "15 minute bug" initiative - to clean up issues that appear within the first 15 minutes of loading into Plasma.

Sounds like KDE and Plasma are going places in 2022. This is going to be good news for the Steam Deck too, since the desktop session uses Plasma.

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    Interesting KDE Facts and Trivia that You Should Know About

    Danie van der Merwe · / gadgeteerza-tech-blog · Monday, 27 December - 20:46

The KDE has a long history. How it was conceptualized, progressed and became a winner as a “go-to” desktop for all user base. In this post, we give you some interesting facts and trivia of KDE that you may be not aware of. And it’s good to know.


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    Top 10 Linux Distributions for KDE Plasma Compared

    Danie van der Merwe · / gadgeteerza-tech-blog · Saturday, 11 December - 15:01

KDE Plasma desktop is used by millions today. The KDE technology evolved over the years to reach a point where it is now running in desktops, laptops, tabs, mobile phones and hand-held gaming devices. It’s amazing, isn’t it, for a desktop environment? And with an active set of developers and community, it is improving every day with new features aligning with technology trends.

Since I discovered KDE many years ago (with Kubuntu), I was hooked. I progressed after that to Linux Mint's KDE version, until I found Manjaro KDE in mid-2017 (where I am still happy today).

The article below compares some of the best options, not on technical terms, but more based on use cases.


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    KDE developer suggests Plasma needs to be simpler by default / GamingOnLinux · Tuesday, 30 November - 15:47 · 1 minute

KDE developer Nate Graham, the same person who recently said they may become the "Windows or Android" of the FOSS world is back again with more thoughts - this time about keeping it simple .

The Plasma desktop is pretty darn powerful, that's for sure and it has a massive amount of customization options for practically every little thing. For many people this is great, however it can also have a detrimental affect on the experience by new users and users less comfortable with computing. So what's the answer? Graham thinks they need to keep things simpler out of the box.

KDE Plasma Screenshot
Pictured - KDE Plasma on my own desktop.

What this doesn't mean is Plasma is going to get "dumbed-down". Sounds like they're not going to be targetting people in the lowest category of computing skill with their thinking. Noting that they would likely never be happy with KDE and that "GNOME and ElementaryOS can have those users".

Instead, the plan sounds like it's more a case of ensuring every part of Plasma comes with sane defaults "Essentially we need to fully embrace Plasma's motto of 'Simple by default, powerful when needed' [for] all KDE software, not just Plasma".

As an ending note, Graham mentions how some of this is already happening like "our simple-by-default Kirigami apps gaining power and customization opportunities, and our powerful-by-default QtWidgets apps gaining better default settings and a streamlined appearance".

What are your thoughts?

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    10 Best KDE Plasma Widgets and Extensions (Yes from 2020, but it sparks some ideas)

    Danie van der Merwe · / gadgeteerza-tech-blog · Monday, 22 November - 17:11

The video may be a year old, but I had not noticed this Event Calendar widget before (I love overloads of info, but you can select what shows), and I quite like the Win7 Volume Mixer too. It makes you realise that you need to go browse those wonderful KDE Plasma widgets every now and again.


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    KDE Discover gets update to prevent you breaking your Linux system / GamingOnLinux · Saturday, 20 November - 11:33 · 1 minute

I must say, I appreciate the attention to make things not only simpler but less breakable lately. First we had APT being patched to stop users removing essential packages, now the KDE Discover software manager gets a similar upgrade.

Developer Nate Graham has written up another great "This week in KDE" blog post, going over changes and improvements coming to the next release of Plasma and the various applications. One small change really caught my eye though! Discover now has a new way to ensure you keep a working system, with an updated mechanism to detect important packages getting removed and give you a friendly warning on it free of too much technical jargon.

15858777971637406878gol1.jpg Picture Source - Nate Graham

Graham's comment underneath "Hopefully this is Linus-Sebastian-proof", heh. I hope many more application developers are looking at the way Discover and APT are evolving to ensure things are a bit more idiot-proof.

Another change to make things look a bit friendlier in Discover is if you have issues upgrading, it will instantly shove a load of technical details in your face. To normal consumers, that's clearly not going to do much to help and probably scare them away. Now, instead, it will provide a very clear and friendly message, with the option to get more details to report the issue.

2928604981637407666gol1.jpg Picture Source - Nate Graham

Plenty more upgrades to Plasma are in the works too, like the newer KWin Overview effect gaining the ability to display search results from KRunner, which brings it another step closer to the GNOME Activities Overview feature, which I did always find thoroughly useful.

There's plenty more fixes in the full post .

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