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    Lenovo updates ThinkPad lineup with 16:10 screens and more / ArsTechnica · Tuesday, 23 February, 2021 - 19:38

Today, Lenovo announced a broad overhaul of its ThinkPad laptop lineup, led by the popular X13 and X13 Yoga.

Lenovo has added many features previously seen in its X1 Nano model to various other laptops across the ThinkPad line. Among those is a continuing shift to 16:10 displays, which most productivity users will greatly appreciate compared to the more media-focused 16:9 aspect ratio found in recent prior models.

There's also human presence detection; the laptops use a radar sensor to detect when you're sitting down in front of them, and wake up from sleep accordingly. And of course, like so many similar laptops in this day and age, you can get these machines with fingerprint readers built into the power buttons now.

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