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    Data2vec : Meta dévoile son IA généraliste autosupervisée révolutionnaire / JournalDuGeek · 2 days ago - 15:00


Meta vient de dévoiler les bases de son système data2vec, un système qui veut révolutionner l'IA avec une approche à la fois généraliste et plus autonome que jamais.

Data2vec : Meta dévoile son IA généraliste autosupervisée révolutionnaire

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    FTC has a “plausible claim” that Facebook is an illegal monopoly, judge says / ArsTechnica · Wednesday, 12 January - 17:50

A worker picks up trash in front of the new logo in front of Meta

Enlarge / A worker picks up trash in front of the new logo in front of Meta's headquarters on October 28, 2021, in Menlo Park, Calif. (credit: Justin Sullivan/Getty Images)

The Federal Trade Commission’s antitrust suit against Facebook may proceed, a federal judge has ruled. The company had filed a motion to dismiss the case, which the judge denied.

US District Judge James Boasberg had invited the FTC to refile the case after throwing out its initial attempt when he found it lacking. “Second time lucky?” Boasberg wrote in yesterday’s opinion. Apparently.

“The core theory of the lawsuit remains essentially unchanged,” he said of the FTC's refiling. “The facts alleged this time around to fortify those theories, however, are far more robust and detailed than before, particularly in regard to the contours of Defendant’s alleged monopoly.”

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    The latest Humble Bundle brings a few scary looking treats, plus an indie hits sale / GamingOnLinux · Monday, 10 January - 15:37

Need a few new games to add to your collection? Perhaps readying up for the Steam Deck that should be launching next month? The Humble Dead of Winter Bundle is live - as is a nice sale on indie games.

For the game bundle, none of them are native Linux games but most work really well with Steam Play Proton . These include:

  • Daymare: 1998
  • Dead Estate
  • Golden Light
  • The Painscreek Killings
  • White Day: A Labyrinth Named School

Sadly it seems these two are not really playable with Proton yet:

  • White Day VR: The Courage Test
  • Friday the 13th: The Game

The Indie Hits Sale is also live and as the name suggests, there's some really great indie games to pick from inside. Here's a few quick choice picks on sale:

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    Linux Mint 20.3 is out with theme adjustments, Document Manager, Dark Mode / GamingOnLinux · Monday, 10 January - 11:06 · 1 minute

Another brand new distribution release with Linux Mint 20.3 now officially available following the Beta release in December 2021. Not much has changed since the Beta, other than ensuring any nasty bugs didn't slip through to provide a pretty good desktop experience for both new and experienced users who want the simple life.

5406709051641812559gol1.png Linux Mint 20.3 Cinnamon Screenshot

The look and feel of Linux Mint has been tweaked with this release to have larger titlebar buttons, rounded corners and an overall "cleaner" theme with better dark mode support - plus a bunch of new rather lush looking backgrounds to pick from. Accent colouring to grab your attention in places was also adjusted, and removed from some places. There's also the ability for some applications to have a dark theme while the desktop keeps its lighter theme. Only a few applications currently support this mixed theming.

Other changes include:

  • Searching in the Sticky Notes app.
  • A new Document Manager called Thingy.
  • Hypnotix IPTV player gained a search feature.
  • Multi-calendar events support in the Cinnamon Calendar.
  • Workspace switcher applet: Option to disable scrolling.
  • Notification applet: Option to hide the counter.
  • Window list applet: Option to remove labels.
  • Xreader PDF reader received better support for manga.
  • Cinnamon has support for 3x fractional scaling when the hardware allows it.

Some of the internals includes: Kernel 5.4, a packaging base of Ubuntu 20.04, Flatpak 1.12, linux-firmware 1.187 and depending on what edition you go for there's Cinnamon 5.2, MATE 1.26 and Xfce 4.16.

Linux Mint 20.3 will receive security updates until 2025, with the distribution moving over to a newer Ubuntu package base later this year.

The announcements can be seen on the Mint Blog .

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    Linux Kernel 5.16 is out now bringing the futex2 work to help Linux Gaming / GamingOnLinux · Monday, 10 January - 10:46 · 1 minute

Linus Torvalds has announced the release of Linux Kernel 5.16, bringing with it the usual assortment of new hardware support and improvements everywhere. Plus, there's something big for Linux gaming fans.

The one many have no doubt been waiting for is the inclusion of Collabora's work on FUTEX2 with futex_waitv(). This is supposed to help Linux gaming with Proton / Wine and also Native Linux gaming too. As Collabora developer André Almeida previously described it: "The use case of this syscall is to allow low level locking libraries to wait for multiple locks at the same time. This is specially useful for emulating Windows' WaitForMultipleObjects. A futex_waitv()-based solution has been used for some time at Proton's Wine (a compatibility layer to run Windows games on Linux). Compared to a solution that uses eventfd(), futex was able to reduce CPU utilization for games, and even increase frames per second for some games. This happens because eventfd doesn't scale very well for a huge number of read, write and poll calls compared to futex. Native game engines will benefit of this as well, given that this wait pattern is common for games.".

So with this Kernel version, plus a version of Proton / Wine and any Native games / game engines that support it, you might be able to see better performance.

Masses of other changes as well of course, although plenty of it most normal consumers won't be too excited about just yet. However a few noteworthy interesting bits for desktop / laptop users and gamers (more on KernelNewbies ) like:

  • The addition of DisplayPort 2.0 for AMD GPU
  • Initial USB4 DP tunnelling support for AMD GPU
  • More work towards supporting Intel Xe discrete GPUs
  • Improvements for the PlayStation 5 DualSense controller
  • Better support of HP Omen laptops
  • A small fix for the Steam Deck screen
  • Nintendo Joy-Con and Pro Controller support
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    There it is - Steam breaks 28 million users online / GamingOnLinux · Sunday, 9 January - 14:13

Well, that didn't take long now did it? After hitting a new high on January 2 that was very close to the big milestone, just today Steam officially passed 28 million users online.

The fun thing is while preparing this article, the record got smashed repeatedly again. It went from 28,091,667 to 28,122,386 and then 28,155,279 in the blink of an eye. This new all-time peak is with 7,908,863 people actually playing a game, which you can see confirmed on SteamDB .

Here's what was in the top most played at the time:

  • Counter-Strike: Global Offensive
  • Dota 2
  • Apex Legends
  • Grand Theft Auto V
  • Rust
  • ARK: Survival Evolved
  • Football Manager 2022
  • Team Fortress 2

Just how many of those millions will buy a Steam Deck though? It's going to be fun to find out.

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    Quel système d’exploitation pour le métavers de Meta ? / JournalDuGeek · Sunday, 9 January - 13:00


Le chemin qui mène au métavers est parsemé d'embûches. Meta, qui a de très grosses ambitions dans ce domaine, aurait ainsi arrêté le développement du système d'exploitation qui devait faire fonctionner ses futurs appareils de réalité augmentée.

Quel système d’exploitation pour le métavers de Meta ?

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    Facebook’s data center plans rile residents in the Netherlands / ArsTechnica · Sunday, 9 January - 12:09

Facebook’s data center plans rile residents in the Netherlands

Enlarge (credit: Robin Utrecht | Abaca Press | Alamy)

When Susan Schaap, 61, travels from her Dutch hometown of Zeewolde to the nearest city of Leylystad, the 30-minute drive takes her through vast tulip fields, interrupted only by wind turbines and sometimes sheep. But if Facebook parent company Meta’s plans are approved, her view would be replaced by the Netherlands’ largest ever data center.

Meta’s data center is “too big for a small town like Zeewolde,” says Schaap, who has become one of the project’s most vocal opponents. “There are 200 data centers in the Netherlands already,” she argues, and the move would give huge swathes of farmland to just one company, “which is not fair.”

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