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    Orange brade ses forfaits : son offre best-seller à 80 Go est à moitié prix / Numerama · Wednesday, 8 June - 08:59

[Deal du jour] Orange propose 50 % de réduction sur ses forfaits, dont son très populaire forfait 80 Go, pour seulement 14,99 euros par mois, sans engagement. [Lire la suite]

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    La version mobile d’Apex Legends est le Battle Royale qui va tout exploser / Numerama · Wednesday, 18 May - 14:36

Apex Legends Mobile est enfin disponible dans le monde entier sur iOS et Android. Après des rumeurs lancées en 2019, Electronic Arts avait confirmé qu'une version mobile d'Apex Legends verrait le jour, à la manière de Call of Duty Mobile. [Lire la suite]

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    14 of the best indie Android apps you may have never heard of

    Danie van der Merwe · / gadgeteerza-tech-blog · Tuesday, 10 May - 15:13

One of the best things about Android is that it's an open platform where anyone can publish an app on the Play Store or even on their own site; anyone and everyone can sideload an APK. Independent app developers can freely experiment with ideas that might not appear on competing platforms like iOS, which is why Android Police has rounded up a handful of quality apps that suit this category, something of a sister article to our best Android apps roundup.

Today's roundup covers an assortment of unheard-of apps. It includes stuff that isn't very popular but is infinitely valuable, a mix of niche releases, as well as bigger titles that might not get the attention they deserve (here's looking at you, Adobe). So if you're on the hunt for some interesting and unique apps to install on your Android device, you've come to the right place. Enjoy!


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    Sharp's Aquos R7 packs a bonkers 1-inch 47MP and f/1.9 aperture camera, but you can't buy one outside of Japan

    Danie van der Merwe · / gadgeteerza-tech-blog · Tuesday, 10 May - 12:09

Sharp is not a renowned smartphone maker, but in its home market Japan, it is known for launching phones equipped with massive camera sensors and crazy display technologies. As a follow-up to last year's Aquos R6 and its impressive 1-inch rear camera, Sharp has announced the Aquos R7 with some notable upgrades that set itself apart from the best Android phones like the Galaxy S22 Ultra and Google Pixel 6 Pro.

Sharp claims the new Leica-branded shooter can take in up to 1.8x times more light than the previous 1-inch sensor.


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    Comment Apex Legends compte renverser Fortnite / Numerama · Tuesday, 3 May - 10:30

Apex Legends, le Battle Royale de Respawn Entertainment, va bientôt vivre sa treizième saison, avec une nouvelle légende et un relooking de la carte Zone d'orage. Par ailleurs, la version mobile arrive. [Lire la suite]

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    Netgear’s Nighthawk M6 Pro: The most advanced mobile hotspot yet has C-band 5G, Wi-Fi 6E, and 2.5 Gbps Ethernet

    Danie van der Merwe · / gadgeteerza-tech-blog · Tuesday, 26 April - 11:37

Whether I'm travelling locally or abroad, I always travel with a mobile hotspot, to which all my (and usually my family) WiFi devices connect. This one certainly seems to tick all the available boxes...

It’s called the Netgear Nighthawk M6 Pro, and at $459.99, it ain’t cheap. But it’s a leap over its predecessors in practically every way. Not only is it one of the first hotspots with both actually useful C-band 5G frequencies and speedy-but-spotty mmWave but also AT&T says it’s the first with Wi-Fi 6E for 3.6 Gbps wireless transfer speeds. It’s also got a 2.5 Gbps Ethernet jack for wired gadgets where its predecessor maxed out at gigabit wired speeds.

Oh, and it’s got a USB 3.2 Type-C port for charging and tethering, a pair of external TS9 antenna connectors if you want to boost its reception, and a chunky 5,040 mAh removable battery beneath that 2.8-inch touchscreen.


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    5G is important to cloud computing (but not that important) / infoworldcom · Tuesday, 26 April - 10:00 edit

We’ve talked about 5G for so long that we’re overdue to finally see its benefits. Like many of you, I’ve owned a “5G-ready” phone for the last year. I even make sure to consistently check my phone for a true 5G connection. I often do 5G talks and even teach courses about what we can expect from 5G in the world of cloud computing. My pragmatic explanations of the use of 5G and cloud rarely match the hype that you’ll see and hear in many other places.

Does this make me a 5G naysayer? No, it just makes me more realistic. My goal is to never oversell or underdeliver, which seems to happen a lot in the technology space. But I digress. Today we’re here to talk about 5G and cloud.

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    13 of the best free open source apps for Android

    Danie van der Merwe · / gadgeteerza-tech-blog · Monday, 21 March - 11:16

Open source apps offer Android users excellent alternatives to their mainstream competitors. Notably, as their source code is accessible to anyone, savvy users can see exactly what's going on under the hood. And even though open source apps can track you, it is impossible to do this without the users' knowledge. There's also more community involvement with open source projects. The most popular open source apps are regularly vetted by users, to ensure a high quality is maintained.

Installing open source apps is a fantastic way of limiting your reliance on proprietary software while retaining the benefits of the services provided by your phone manufacturer. It's also worth noting that the default apps that come with your phone are not necessarily the best ones out there. You can get a lot of value from 3rd party camera apps, for example.


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