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    Survival game Vintage Story gets another huge upgrade with improved combat / GamingOnLinux · Tuesday, 11 January, 2022 - 11:00 · 1 minute

Vintage Story continues to impress with not just the rate they can churn out updates, but also how much they manage to stuff into each of them. The "Homesteading part 2 & Combat update" is out now, bringing some pretty fancy new features and so if you've been on the fence about it, perhaps it's time to try it out if you're after a different open-world survival experience. The price will also slightly increase soon.

For this update you can expect to see a server-wide auction house (multiplayer only), new storage options, fruit trees, 34 new types of mushrooms, rifts that appear in the world, an update to the combat to include shields, a rework of the wind shader, a rework of the liquid system, a new optional permadeath mode and the list just keeps going. Check out the new update trailer below:

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Not just big additions though, there's plenty of smaller bits to make playing it easier like WASD scrolling on the world map, lots of gameplay balancing, bug fixes and more.

The release announcement has all the specifics.

You can buy it from Humble Store , and the official site .

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    Project Zomboid has big plans for 2022 and beyond, with NPCs on the way / GamingOnLinux · Tuesday, 11 January, 2022 - 10:49 · 1 minute

After a great many years in Early Access, Project Zomboid has finally hit the big time with it regularly seeing multiple tens of thousands of players and they have some big plans . The latest release (Build 41) took a long time, as it reworked so much of the game but it's done and they're moving onto the next big chunk of features and it all sounds rather exciting.

One big addition that has been talked about for years is the addition of NPCs, and they're finally coming - for reals this time. They've split into different teams to work on different things, one team being focused on getting NPCs all hooked up and working.


NPCs being the most requested feature of the game, they decided to do them before pets and hunting because "a big reason for not being comfortable with hunting and pets being first, is they are still NPCs and would necessarily leverage all the technology we’ve being working on for years at this point". To get there, another team will be working alongside them on normal content patches for Build 42 but they're trying to get NPCs actually release as soon as they can.

Until NPCs arrive, Build 42 sounds like it's going to be pretty impressive too, greatly expanding the "tech tree" for crafting as they say: "our ultimate goal is to provide significantly extra crafting potential to allow players to effectively create a post-apocalypse nu medieval community, to provide plausable alternatives to any of the lootable items in the game that would logically be plausable with the correct skills and resources so players don’t feel pressured to restart the early game repeatedly to get long term fun out of the game".

Sounds fancy. We're going to need to take a properly look at the modern Project Zomboid soon.

Project Zomboid is available on GOG and Steam .

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    Book of Travels did not have a good launch, Might and Delight let devs go / GamingOnLinux · Wednesday, 22 December, 2021 - 11:56 · 1 minute

Times are tough for some developers with the latest victim of a poor release being Book of Travels from Might and Delight.

Following on from a successful crowdfunding campaign for their small online RPG, the developer managed to raise around £207,362. That was back towards the end of 2019 and it saw a few delays before entering Early Access in October 2021. Seems the release did not go as well as they had hoped.

Writing in a joint update on Steam and Kickstarter, the developer said:

In light of the launch not going quite as well as we had hoped, we have had to make some rather big, and difficult, cutbacks to our beloved team. In order to stay alive, we have been forced to cut down our team from around 35 people to 10 people. Saying goodbye to so many skilled, trusted and loved Might and Delighters has been, without a shadow of a doubt, our most difficult test in our 11 year history.

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The remaining team make it clear they're still going with it and the game will continue to see updates, but naturally upcoming planned content will be affected by letting go so many people for an already small team. One thing they've done is put up the soundtrack and a 'Cup of Kindness' DLC on Steam for people to buy to support them some extra.

Book of Travels is definitely a unique experience, and the bugs at release certainly didn't help (many of which they've solved) and the glacial pace the game progresses at is easily a turn off for a lot of people. Hopefully though, they can continue to realise their full plan for Book of Travels eventually.

You can find Book of Travels on Steam .

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    Death Carnival shows off the absolutely insane PvP mode / GamingOnLinux · Thursday, 16 December, 2021 - 20:07 · 1 minute

Death Carnival (previously known as BulletRage) is still in progress and a new trailer has just been shown off giving a little look into the PvP mode it will have. This is a game that has stuck with me for some time, after playing through their older demo when it was BulletRage it was pretty immense.

What is it? A fast-paced arcade shooter with extreme weapons, wall-dashing and intense mid-air combat in online multiplayer action format like never before. Use the environment to discover new ways to destroy your enemies, and customize load-outs with the weapon socket system. Choose from over a dozen characters each with unique attacks and story campaigns. Enjoy the adrenaline-fuelled combat in single player, online co-op, or competitive PvP.

In a future world, broken by war, humanity survives in a few overcrowded cities. To escape their bleak reality, many turn to televised blood sports, the most popular being Death Carnival. In this deadly game show, contestants must battle against hordes of enemies and machines for fame and fortune on live TV.

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Speaking about the new video above, Herbert Yung the Director at Furyion Games said "We wanted to create something that had the depth of first-person shooters, ramped up freedom of movement, and translated to a style of gameplay that was extremely easy to pick up and play. Whether you're a casual player, or a top competitive gamer, the easy controls and game mechanics will feel intuitive.

In the trailer you will see some players who are new testers, but were able to quickly jump in and get the hang of the game quickly. They were able to perform incredible feats of destruction like dashing up a ramp, flying through the air, and shooting at unsuspecting enemies below. I hope you will enjoy this trailer, as much as we have loved pouring our heart and soul into the project."

Game Features:

  • Multiple exciting PvP game modes
  • Easy arcade-style controls with fast-paced combat
  • 10+ characters and classes to choose from
  • Weapon Socket System to customize weapons with collected loot
  • Story campaign solo or 4 players couch/online co-op
  • Spanning multiple worlds and arenas
  • Giant boss fights and plenty of endgame replay
  • Cross-platform, cross-progression, will be available on most platforms

You can follow / wishlist on Steam .

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    Battlefield 2042 review: The future of warfare is meaningless / ArsTechnica · Tuesday, 23 November, 2021 - 20:22 · 1 minute

There's a compelling game buried in the weather-ravaged wastes of Battlefield 2042 's grim, apocalyptic premise that has almost nothing to do with hectic firefights and chaotic vehicular blowouts the series is known for.

Instead, the setup—which is practically nowhere to be found within the game proper—reads like something out of Metal Gear Solid : in the near-future, extreme weather events and environmental disasters from climate change destabilize countries across the planet, causing more than a billion fleeing refugees to coalesce into a new class of nationless exiles called "No-Pats." Without homes to return to, they form private mercenary groups to protect themselves amid rising tensions over resources.

Already on the brink, civilization is struck another blow when an unknown event knocks out most satellites. That leaves America and Russia (the only two superpowers left standing) pointing fingers at each other over the ensuing blackout and global economic collapse. Each side responds via a proxy war, covertly deploying No-Pat task forces to safeguard its interests in climate conflict zones. You come in, boots on the ground, as one of several special-ops personnel, fighting meaningless battles ad nauseam in a ruined world for whichever side pays you.

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    Take down the enemy capital ship in Deep Space Battle Sim out now / GamingOnLinux · Wednesday, 17 November, 2021 - 12:25 · 2 minutes

Deep Space Battle Simulator, a game where two opposing sides battle it out in space with their capital ships has now left Early Access on Steam.

It's a round-based multiplayer first-person online game, one that allows a fair amount of freedom in how each team goes about conquering the other side. Each team is made up of actual players (8-16 on each side), who will fly around in fighters and board the enemy ship to try and take it down. A fun idea if you're a space sci-fi fan.

"At the start of each round, you can customize your cruisers turrets, fill your hangars with lots of different smaller fighters and choose between numerous upgrades to give you the edge in battle. Once the round starts, move your capital ship freely in all three dimensions, shoot the turrets manually or use the ships integrated targeting systems to just focus which points of the enemy ship to focus. Control the energy distribution of your ship, raise the shields of each section of the ship individually, or direct energy to the engines, life support or weapon systems. You can also explore the giant interior of your capital ship while running to a hangar to join the battle with a smaller fighter and board the enemy ship and sabotage their generators, shields or engine."

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Game Features:

  • Multiplayer mode for giant space battles with multiple capital ships, frigates and a space station to fight for, all with complete interiors
  • Three optional singleplayer missions serving as an introduction to the game
  • Navigate your ship, manage its energy distribution and make use of a variety of different weapons options
  • Enter one of the smaller fighters located in your ships hangars and tip the scales in your favor
  • Board the enemy ship, sabotage important parts like the generator or engine and fight its crew
  • Lots of different turret and fighter classes to customize your ship
  • A huge amount of selectable upgrades like droids or gun lockers
  • Different ship classes like capital ships, frigates and multiple smaller fighters
  • Five different player classes, with different weapons and abilities
  • Complete options menu, with game, graphics and keybinding settings including controller support
  • Either play on dedicated servers or host your own games in-game

Sadly, it doesn't exactly have a lot of players. Like a lot of indie releases that rely on multiplayer, they end up getting completely dwarfed by the big lot. Even so, the people who've played it seem to rate it quite positively with it seeing a Very Positive user rating on Steam.

Available to buy on Steam .

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    Squid Game knock-off Crab Game now has a Linux version / GamingOnLinux · Wednesday, 17 November, 2021 - 11:08 · 1 minute

Squid Game, the huge Netflix hit, was always going to inspire others and it clearly did with the free multiplayer title Crab Game and the developer has now put up a Linux build on Steam.

It looks completely ridiculous of course but it's surprisingly fun to play and watch. Crab Game has been quite a big hit on Twitch too, with tens of thousands watching people spectacularly fail at it.

The developer doesn't explicitly mention Squid Game of course but it does hilariously say this about it: "Crab Game is a First-Person Multiplayer game where you fight for the ultimate cash price in different minigames based on children's games, until only one player is left to claim it all. Definitely not based on any online streaming pop culture korean tv shows, as that would get me in legal trouble, so we're certainly not doing that."

You can see the truly terrible trailer below:

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Not everything from Squid Game is in, as some wouldn't work too well so the developer has put in a number of different modes you can play. Steam players seem to love it with today seeing a peak player count of over 40,000 online.

Testing out the Linux version, it seems to run without issues.

Available free on Steam .

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    Base-building bronze-age RTS TFC: The Fertile Crescent has a new demo on Steam / GamingOnLinux · Tuesday, 16 November, 2021 - 15:13

TFC: The Fertile Crescent continued to be upgraded for the upcoming Steam release and now there's a new demo available with online multiplayer.

"Inspired by the real history of the Near East Bronze Age era, TFC utilizes classic RTS elements while offering a unique perspective for the genre. Taking technological limitations and advancements into account, players will need to carefully consider how to spend their precious Knowledge Points, as they explore the Village Improvements that are designed to enable players to quickly counter an opponent’s strategy."


Compared with the (now old) free version available on , this new and improved build offers up the latest version of it with "new, polished artwork, a fresh Spectator Mode, and a whole bunch of improvements and bug fixes.".

To go along with it they're also running a competition called the Crescent Cup. Starting on November 27, the 4 best players will be getting free keys for the Steam release! More info on that here .

Try it out on Steam .

Recently they also put up a video to showcase what the game looks like now:

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