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    Thomas The Dance Engine ft. Puss / RandoWis · Wednesday, 24 August - 05:00

The original title for this meme is 大入道トーマス (Onyudo Thomas), where an “Onyudo” happens to be a Japanese yokai, or demon, which is said to be a large floating head of a monk. The context of the Japanese title of this meme is probably a reference to how Thomas The Tank Engine’s face resembles this yokai creature, and how he’s generally seen as a potentially horrific entity in Japanese meme culture. I could be wrong.

Nonetheless, if I had not explained this and had titled this video “Onyudo Thomas” like it was in Japanese, I’m absolutely certain that no one would be able to get the joke, hence my re-titling of this into something we filthy gaijins can probably get behind. Enjoy!

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