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    Bulle bleue ou bulle verte ? Google accuse Apple d’intimider ses utilisateurs / Numerama · Tuesday, 11 January - 14:29

Sur Twitter, le vice-président de Google en charge d'Android multiplie les attaques contre Apple. Selon lui, Apple empêche l'industrie de progresser pour favoriser ses iMessage. Qu'en est-il vraiment ? [Lire la suite]

Voitures, vélos, scooters... : la mobilité de demain se lit sur Vroom !

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    Google accepte de renoncer à iMessage d’Apple, mais pas au protocole RCS / JournalDuGeek · Tuesday, 11 January - 11:00

template-jdg-2021-12-28t172254-732-158x105.jpgblague google home

Le géant du web est prêt à faire des sacrifices dans le combat qui l'oppose actuellement à Apple au sujet d'iMessage. En revanche, il entend bien faire entendre son avis concernant le protocole RCS.

Google accepte de renoncer à iMessage d’Apple, mais pas au protocole RCS

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    How to use Jabber from SMS

    Stephen Paul Weber · Monday, 10 January - 08:30 · 1 minute

The project, and Cheogram in particular, is pretty big on bidirectional gateways.  The most popular Cheogram-hosted instance, so popular that it gets to own Jabber IDs on, is a bidirectional gateway to the telephone network.  How is it bidirectional?  Don’t you need a Jabber ID to use it?  Of course not!

Sending a Message

From any SMS-enabled device, add +12266669977, which is the gateway’s phone number.  Send the following SMS:

/msg someone@server.tld Hello!

The user with Jabber ID someone@server.tld should shortly receive your message.  If they reply, what you see will depend on their relationship to the gateway.  If they have a backend route set (such as JMP, Vonage, or Twilio) then you will get an SMS from their associated phone number.  If not, you will get a message from the gateway’s number like this:

<someone@server.tld says> Oh, fun!

Joining a Chatroom

An SMS user can also join exactly one chatroom at a time.  Send this to the gateway’s number:

/join someroom@conference.server.tld

You should receive a message with the current list of participants, after which you will start seeing messages sent to the room.  After this point, any SMS send to the gateway’s number that is not a valid command (such as /msg) will be sent to your joined room as a message.  You can send /help at any time to get a list of other commands for leaving, setting your nickname, etc.

Making a Voice Call

To call a Jabber ID, first enter it into this form then dial one of the access numbers and follow it up with the extension generated by the form.

The extensions are often very long, so the easiest way to dial them on Android is to create a contact with a phone number of the form:


If you have trouble with one access number, try another one.  If the Jabber ID you wish to call is very long some access numbers may time-out waiting for you to dial all the digits.

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    Google exec gives harshest rebuke yet of iMessage lock-in effect in push for RCS on iOS - We can't replace SMS texts without having one standard for messaging

    Danie van der Merwe · / gadgeteerza-tech-blog · Sunday, 9 January - 12:55

MS text messaging is an archaic, expensive, and limited messaging standard. Yet it remains in place as the de facto standard for notifications because everything else is a walled garden and cut off from other messenger services. WhatsApp does not send to Telegram which does not send to Signal, etc.

Apple has deliberately withheld iMessage from non-iOS platforms, so that has never been considered as an option. To replace SMS though, the messaging has to be baked into the phone OS (not to be voluntarily installed or uninstalled by a user), and this is where the RCS standard came in, which also needed mobile carrier support. As it stands, RCS has been adopted by most major carriers and Android devices... but it has zero penetration on iOS because Apple won't adopt it.

It's time Apple faced up to this and sat around the table with the other players to discuss a solution that benefits all users. We can't move on from SMS unless there is a proper alternative that is fully adopted.


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    Google Messages update bridges one gap between blue and green bubble people / ArsTechnica · Monday, 22 November - 18:29 · 1 minute

Google Messages update bridges one gap between blue and green bubble people

Enlarge (credit: Andrew Cunningham)

Putting aside the lack of end-to-end encryption support, one of the most annoying things for Apple iPhone users about communicating with Android users via SMS are all the iOS features that get lost in translation. Having a visual effect translated to a deadpan "(sent with Balloons)" ruins whatever impact you intended the effect to have, and it clutters up your message history with extraneous text.

On that second front, Apple’s Tapback feature is especially annoying. When using iMessage, this short list of half a dozen reactions is a handy way to signal acknowledgement or enjoyment, or just to bump a message thread to the top of someone’s list. On Android phones, each individual Tapback generates an entirely new block of text with a text description of the reaction, and the entire original text. As a fallback option for non-smartphones or an accessibility feature, this isn’t necessarily a bad thing. But it can quickly make SMS group text threads chaotic and unreadable for Android users.

A new update to the Google Messages app , which was spotted over the weekend by 9to5Google and appears to be rolling out to some Android users now, fixes that issue by translating Tapback responses into emoji responses. Android devices using the Messages app have been able to send each other emoji responses for over a year now , but this is Google’s first attempt at mapping Apple’s response mechanism to its own.

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    Google Messages va prendre en compte les réactions iMessage / JournalDuGeek · Monday, 22 November - 13:00

imessage-iphone-158x105.jpgiPhone iMessage

Un pas de plus vers la réconciliation entre les deux géants du web ?

Google Messages va prendre en compte les réactions iMessage