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    Hola VPN Review: Why You Should Ignore The Free Version & Go For Hola VPN Premium / FossBytes · 3 days ago - 06:09 · 5 minutes

Hola VPN review

The internet is rife with VPNs and therefore it becomes important to choose one wisely. If you are in the market for a VPN service provider, chances are you might get befuddled by the sheer number of options available out there. While you can choose from the best VPNs that are rated highly amongst frequent users, there are other lesser-known options as well that could help you hide your digital footprint.

One such VPN is Hola VPN, which has received notorious reviews for its free version, and rightly so. If you are considering Hola VPN, we have all covered all the points that you must consider before investing your money in it. We used the VPN thoroughly, conducted speed tests, read through privacy policies and also tried unblocking geo-restricted websites.

Here is our comprehensive review of Hola VPN.

Let’s start with the basics.

Hola VPN: How Does It Work?

Before we jump into details, you must know that Hola VPN offers two different versions – a free one and a paid one (Hola Premium). Hola VPN is an Israel-based VPN service that offers its free services based on peer-to-peer technology (which is not a VPN per se) and a paid version which is VPN in the truest sense.

Unlike other best free VPNs that limit the bandwidth or number of servers, the Hola VPN free works on peer-to-peer technology and can be considered a proxy service at max. It means you share your bandwidth with others while using the Hola VPN free version. There are chances that other free users are using your IP address to browse the internet “anonymously”.

Hola advertises its browser extensions as “Hola Free VPN Proxy Unblocker – Best VPN” that uses split tunneling technology to unblock geo-restricted websites such as Netflix, Amazon Prime, HBO, and more.

Hola VPN Premium, on the other hand, is a proper VPN service albeit their website does not mention the encryption protocols used by the VPN service. There are around 1,000 VPN servers around the world (1,500 for Hola Ultra Advanced VPN users).

Hola VPN Speed & Performance

As is the case with all the VPNs, speed throttling is an unavoidable issue. Surprisingly, Hola VPN premium impressed me in this regard. In the speed tests I conducted over a couple of US and Europe based servers, the speed throttling was almost negligible and the ping rate was between the range of 40 and 100.

Therefore, I have no complaint regarding speed from Hola VPN Premium. Also, the user interface of the Hola VPN macOS app is friendly and you can connect to the VPN with just one click.

Hola VPN: Unlock Netflix, Amazon, Prime & More

If your primary aim behind buying a VPN (Psst! here’s a nifty VPN buying guide ) is to unblock Netflix, Amazon Prime catalogs of different countries and access websites that are blocked in your region, Hola VPN’s browser extensions are what you should go for.

Notably, Hola VPN browser extensions operate on standard VPN protocols and not peer-to-peer technology.

I successfully unblocked the US catalog of Netflix and Amazon Prime Video US. For free users, it is free to stream Netflix and other video streaming sites for 1 hour. However, you should understand that Hola VPN’s free version is more of a proxy owing to its peer-to-peer architecture therefore unblocking blocked websites is naturally the task it is good at.

Torrenting: A Strict No Go

However, if you’re buying Hola VPN for Torrenting, you’re simply wasting your money as Hola’s official website clearly mentions that they do not support torrenting. It says, “ The use of Bittorrent on our network is not allowed, and we are blocking Bittorrent traffic “.

Security & Logging Policy

This is where things start getting murkier. Hola VPN free can be called a cybersecurity’s antagonist. Besides routing your internet traffic through other peers instead of safe servers, Hola VPN also logs plenty of details from you, thus defeating the entire purpose of using a VPN.

If you’re using the free version of Hola VPN, it’s keeping a log of the following information from you:

  • Log data may include the following information – browser type, web pages you visit, time spent on those pages, access times, and dates.
  • Your personal information including your name, email address, and IP address. If you opt to sign up using a third-party account for instance your Google account, Hola will also keep a log of the information stored by Google.
  • If you’re signing up with a social media account, Hola is accessing your basic information including full name, home address, email address, birth date, profile picture, friends list, personal description, as well as any other information you made publicly available on such account.

Hola says the reason why it logs the personal information of users is that it can report any malicious activity to authorities. The website says, “Th ese measures are probably what make Hola the least attractive VPN for people with malicious or illegal intent to use. They much prefer the various other VPNs that promise not to keep logs “.

Hola Premium, however, has a strict no-log policy. If you are a premium customer, Hola will not store logs of your activity, including no logging of browsing history, traffic destination, data content, or DNS queries.

Interestingly, I had to manually turn on the “No logs” option in my Premium account as it was disabled by default.

To sum up, Hola VPN is intrusive and lacks a proper security mechanism to keep the privacy of its users intact. In fact, the free version mooches the IP address and bandwidth of users without informing them properly. Therefore, if you’re buying a VPN for cybersecurity, my best advice would be to steer clear of Hola VPN free. The paid version has all the features, you’d want in a good VPN therefore, your first choice should be Hola VPN Premium.

Hola VPN Pricing

Hola VPN offers a free service that works on peer-to-peer technology; it’s a proxy service and not a VPN. if you’re opting for the more-secure premium version, here are the prices of Hola VPN:

  • $2.99/mo for 3-year plan
  • $7.69/mo for the yearly plan
  • $14.99/mo for the monthly plan

Importantly, Hola does not support Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies as a payment method.

Hola VPN Conclusion

Everything about Hola except its privacy policies and data logging mechanism is great and I understand how silly it sounds especially when we are talking about a VPN service. If you want a website unblocker, Hola VPN is a great option to go.

For privacy enthusiasts, it could be a nightmare owing to the fact that you’re sharing your bandwidth and IP address with another free user who might be a hacker.

Hola Premium does sound reliable and could be a strong contender for one of the best VPNs out there once Hola fixes the impending issues.

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    Charging the Librem 5 / Purism · Monday, 1 March - 21:53 · 1 minute

When you find yourself low on power, it’s helpful to know how long it takes to charge your device. This video will go over the expected charge time of the Librem 5.

As shown in the video, you can get to 80% in about 2 hours and 12 minutes and 100% in just over 4 hours.

A full charge takes about 4 hours and gives you a run time of about 13 hours with the screen and wifi off but data-enabled over 4G. This mobile configuration is the perfect mode to put your phone in a while you’re out and about. You’ll still get phone calls, texts, and your general-purpose computer is available at a moment’s notice.

If you’re in a hurry, just over 2 hours of charging can get you to 80% yielding around 10.5 hours runtime while configured for mobile.

For now, charging is capped at 1.6 amps. Enabling faster and higher amperage charging is being worked on now that mass-production batteries can handle more current; once completed, you can expect your Librem 5 to charge even faster.

Discover the Librem 5

Purism believes building the Librem 5 is just one step on the road to launching a digital rights movement, where we—the-people stand up for our digital rights, where we place the control of your data and your family’s data back where it belongs: in your own hands.

Order now


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    [Offre de printemps] Prix imbattables sur Windows 10 Pro à 7,25€, Office 2019 Pro à 25,20€ / JournalDuGeek · Monday, 1 March - 08:45 · 3 minutes

Jusqu’à 44,6% de réduction avec ce code spécial

Retrouvez tout les deals bénéficiant du code SAV

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Nous rappelons qu’il faut d’abord télécharger la version désirée du système puis l’activer avec la clé d’activation que vous recevrez à la commande.

8% de réduction sur une sélection de le logiciels

En tant que logiciel de sauvegarde, de clonage et de restauration, AOMEI Backupper Pro fournit des solutions de protection des données efficaces et fiables pour Windows 10/8.1/8/7/Vista/XP. La sauvegarde automatique, la sauvegarde incrémentale et la sauvegarde différentale sont très pratiques pour une protection régulière de vos données importantes. Une fois que la catastrophe se produit, vous pouvez restaurer tout ce que vous avez perdu immédiatement.

8% de réduction supplémentaire avec le code SAVE2

Kaspersky Internet Security est une suite de sécurité Internet développée par Kaspersky Lab compatible avec Microsoft Windows et Mac OS X. Elle offre une protection contre les logiciels malveillants, ainsi que le spam par e-mail, les tentatives de phishing et de piratage et les fuites de données.

8% de réduction supplémentaire avec le code SAVE2

Qui est ?

u2key est une plate-forme en ligne vendant des licences de logiciel, des clés de jeux vidéo et des cartes de jeu, le tout à des prix imbattables ! Vous pouvez y trouver les logiciels les plus populaires à des prix très compétitifs et tous les produits en vente peuvent être achetés directement sur mobile et ordinateur.

Facile à acheter, facile à payer !

Le shopping chez u2key est aussi simple que possible ! Peu de temps après votre commande, vous recevez un e-mail contenant vos clés d’activation, sans avoir à attendre plusieurs jours. De plus, si vous avez la moindre question, leur service clientèle est à votre disposition pour vous fournir une assistance rapide et détaillée.

Qu’attendez-vous ? Jetez un coup d’œil sur leur site web ! Vous trouverez sûrement quelque chose qui vous intéresse à un prix exceptionnel !

Pour en savoir plus, visitez le site :

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Note : Il s’agit de versions légales. Leur prix bas résulte du fait qu’il s’agit souvent de clés vendues habituellement avec un PC. Cette pratique de revente a été légalisée par la Cour de Justice Européenne.

[Offre de printemps] Prix imbattables sur Windows 10 Pro à 7,25€, Office 2019 Pro à 25,20€

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    Purism and Linux 5.11 / Purism · Tuesday, 23 February - 12:03 · 2 minutes

Following up on our report for Linux 5.9 and 5.10 , this summarizes the progress on mainline support for the Librem 5 phone and its development kit during the 5.11 development cycle.

Librem 5 and Devkit updates

In order to maintain support for the devkit and the phone, we continuously update the mainline default configuration:

Power management

The mainline solution to dynamically scale internal bus frequencies relies on the interconnect (and devfreq) framework. We found a small piece that has been missing for imx8mq:

Librem 5 LCD panel

The display panel driver saw some minor updates:

Librem 5 fuel gauge

With the experience with using the phone for the last couple of months, we could improve the battery fuel gauge driver a bit:

Librem 5 USB Type-C and PD controller

Our work to make sure we can properly charge the phone and use its Type-C feature like Displayport resulted in the following additions during this development period:

Other additions and fixes

Equally important are the changes to a regulator device that allow one to turn off the GPU regulator, to the mxsfb display driver and to the etnaviv GPU driver. Read the commit messages for more details.

Code review

During these rounds, we contributed 6 Reviewed-by: or Tested-by: tags to patches by other authors. We would also like to thank everybody who reviewed our patches and helped us support the hardware in mainline Linux.


Have a look at our Linux tree to see what is currently being worked on and tested (or help if you feel like joining the fun).

Discover the Librem 5

Purism believes building the Librem 5 is just one step on the road to launching a digital rights movement, where we—the-people stand up for our digital rights, where we place the control of your data and your family’s data back where it belongs: in your own hands.

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    How to Enable Microsoft Edge’s New ‘Kids Mode’ / LifehackerAustralia · Friday, 19 February - 18:00 · 2 minutes

Microsoft is testing a new “Kids Mode” for Edge that makes the browser safer for younger users with just a few clicks.

How to Try Out the Upcoming Firefox Redesign Now

Later this year, Mozilla will update Firefox’s desktop design with the new Proton interface. The visual overhaul is expected to include:

Read more

Edge already has several family features, but those settings must be manually set up and apply to all users in a family group. Kids Mode, however, can be turned on or off by the parents and comes with heightened security and content filters built-in, including blocked sites, Bing Safe Search, and family-friendly browser themes.

Kids Mode is still in development, but you can try it out early in the latest Edge Canary build. It will come to the developer build next, then should be available in the stable build sometime in the future. If you download Edge Canary for Kids mode, keep in mind it will install as a separate version of Edge — so if you’re trying to keep your kids away from certain content, you’ll need to make sure they’re using Edge Canary instead of the normal version. It’s also important to note that Edge Canary is full of other unfinished features and settings, which could cause occasional crashes and other errors.

How to enable Kids Mode

Whether you test Edge’s Kids Mode out early or wait for it to come to a more stable version, turning it on is easy: Open the browser, then click the Profile image in the upper-right, and select “Kids Mode.”

With Kids Mode on, Edge will prevent access to a list of pre-determined websites, which can be modified by going to Settings > Family S afety . This menu also includes activity reports and lets you manage all the other profiles and devices used by your family. Bing will also be permanently set to ‘Safe Search’ when the browser is in Kids Mode.

Finally, Kids Mode can be customised with its own kid-friendly browser themes — just click the settings icon from a new tab and click “Custom, and then “Manage” under “Background Image.”

[ The Verge ]

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    How Do I Fix a Glitched Photo Library in macOS? / LifehackerAustralia · Friday, 19 February - 14:00 · 7 minutes

You do everything right, yet disaster still strikes. Such is the world of troubleshooting a fussy PC, like when a prompt suggests that it’s fixing your computer but somehow makes a situation worse.

At least, that’s where Lifehacker reader Joanne finds herself today. She recently wrote to Tech 911 with the following question:

This is a long shot but last resort after 19 days of everything I can think of.

I had 31700 photos and 1100 videos on my iMac photo library. Releasing there were some duplicates I downloaded photosweeper, just started the process when photo library crashed. When I reopened library it asked me to rebuild library which I did and now there are only 3409 photos!!!!

I can’t seem to find a masters but do have an originals file which only seems to have photos up until 2016 when I last changed my Mac.

I have tried using finder spotlight which comes back with more than 80000 images and when I try to copy my Mac continues to restart due to error.

I thought I had last backed up my photos to a usb drive in February 2020 but when I try open the file Photos 2020 it come back saying error.

I am a mother of 4 and the majority of the images are of my children and I am pretty desperate to restore my library. Can you offer any help or advice?

Is It Worth Switching From a Mouse to a Pen?

I’ve been a mouse guy for as long as I can remember — never wavering. However, what if you want to ditch your mouse entirely? That’s the question put forth by Lifehacker reader James. He writes:

Read more

When a recovery doesn’t recover

I’m sorry you’re dealing with this, Joanne. This must have been quite the three-week bout of anxiety for you; at least, that’s how I would have felt if I suddenly lost some 27,000+ photographs. To that point, I’ve never experienced this on my Mac, but also all my photos go straight to the cloud to live on someone else’s servers because I don’t trust one hard drive or operating system to preserve my data.

I don’t say that to scold you, but to remind everyone that regularly backing up your critical data (especially photographs you can’t bear to lose) should be a regular part of your digital life. When in doubt, simply remember this: store your files in as many places as you can, because it never hurts to have multiple backups.

Generally, I’d recommend sticking to three locations: Your computer, a cloud service, and some kind of external storage that you control such as a USB hard drive. You don’t have to back up your files to all these places at once every time — perhaps you sync your PC’s photo folder to the cloud, or simply drop every photo you take into cloud storage from your device or PC. Maybe copying your photo archive from your PC to external storage is something you do more sparingly, in case you ever need to restore an older file, but aren’t concerned that you’ll lose everything in your cloud storage.

How Do I Transfer Data When I Switch Out My Laptop’s Hard Drive for an SSD?

Replacing an ancient mechanical drive with a super-speedy solid-state drive is one of the best upgrades you can make to a desktop or laptop computer. Though it won’t turn your 8-year-old HP into a new M1 Mac, you’ll definitely feel and appreciate the difference (especially if you pair it with...

Read more

And speaking of backups, if you find yourself in this predicament with your Mac again, the first thing you should do is make a full, direct copy of your photo library to somewhere else (whether that’s to another folder on your PC or some kind of external storage). That gives you the ability to go back to the way things were right when the issue occurred, in case your troubleshooting happens to make things worse.

While it appears that your troubleshooting has made things worse, I think you still have a few options you can try to restore your photos. First off, have you checked iCloud ? That sounds basic, but if you’ve been backing up your photos from your Mac to Apple’s online storage (ideally automatically), everything in your photo library might still be there.

Before we do anything else, though, let’s back up your existing Photo Library. On the macOS desktop, click on Go in your menu bar and select Home . Pull up your Pictures folder and copy your Photos Library somewhere else — ideally external storage, but even copying it to your desktop should suffice (if you have room).

From there, it’s time to investigate those iCloud photos. Assuming your library is safely stored in the cloud, you can download them all manually (ugh) or you can try having them re-sync to your Mac. Launch your Photos app, and click on Photos > Preferences . Click on iCloud , and make sure “Download Originals to this Mac” is selected.


Though, actually, it might be better to create a brand new photo library instead, just in case. Instead of just launching Photos , hold down the Option key while clicking on the Photos icon. You’ll be given a prompt that looks like this, which you’ll use to create a brand-new library:


Once you’ve done that, go to Photos > Preferences , click on “Use as System Photo Library” under the General tab, and you should then be able to use the iCloud link to download said originals.

If your images aren’t in iCloud, let’s try something else. Assuming you’ve backed up your Photos library, go to the original library’s location in your Pictures folder and Control-click on it. Click on Show Package Contents , and click on the Resources folder. Delete the Recovery folder that should be present , close the Finder window, and relaunch the Photos app. Hopefully, you’ll get either a brand-new recovery process that works, your photos will magically appear, or something useful will be in that folder.

If not, I’d go back to the “create a new photo library” idea I suggested earlier. Once you’ve got that set up, and are sitting in the Photos app, go back to your original Photos library and do the same “Show Package Contents” step as before. This time, try dragging your entire “originals” folder into the Photos app, which should recopy all of your old photos back into your new library.

Do I Need to Replace My Windows 7 Computer Yet?

I never thought I’d hear the phrase “Windows 7″ ever again, but a Lifehacker reader recently reminded me that, yes, some people are still using Microsoft’s end-of-life operating system. It’s not that they wouldn’t want to upgrade, I assume, but some people just can’t; they probably tried, were met with...

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Similarly, I’m not sure what you tried with your backup, but you might want to consider doing the “Show Package Contents” route on that to see if you have any more files in your Originals folder. Or, barring that, try copying that file to your Photos folder, launching Photos while holding down the Option key, and using the “Other Library” command to select that photo library.

Regardless, all of your photos have to be in one of these three locations — buried in your existing library, buried in your backup, or sitting safely on iCloud (or within iCloud’s “Recently Deleted” folder). That, or they’re possibly within Photos’ “ Trash (Photosweeper) “ album, if that exists . You might want to consider relaunching the app (after you’ve done all your backups of your Photo library) and poking around to see if it’ll help you recover anything. I doubt that one, but it’s worth a shot.

Do you have a tech question keeping you up at night? Tired of troubleshooting your Windows or Mac? Looking for advice on apps, browser extensions, or utilities to accomplish a particular task? Let us know! Tell us in the comments below or email .

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    How to Ditch WhatsApp for Good / LifehackerAustralia · Sunday, 14 February - 21:29 · 1 minute

If you use WhatsApp, the incredibly popular messaging app owned by Facebook, chances are you’ve encountered the news surrounding their ever-changing privacy policy. While the service seems to continually shift from more to secure to less secure and back again, you may feel like it’s time to pack up your data and find a new platform to chat with friends.

If you choose to remove yourself from WhatsApp, here’s what you’ll want to do:

To export your messages, tap on the chat you want to save. Tap on the name of the chat at the top and scroll down to “Export Chat,” and then choose whether or not you want to include the media from the chat with it.

Then request your account data by going to “Settings” in the bottom right corner. Then choose “Account” and “Request Account Info”. It will take about three days to receive your data report from WhatsApp, but they’ll notify you when it’s ready.

For Better Privacy, Use These Apps Instead of WhatsApp’s Disappearing Messages

WhatsApp’s long-awaited disappearing messages feature has finally rolled out for all users, but you should make sure you’re comfortable with how the feature works before using it.

Read more

Finally, to delete your account, go to “Settings,” then “Account,” and “Delete My Account”. Doing so will erase your message history, remove you from all groups, and delete your backup. Now you’re free and clear of WhatsApp, and just need to convince your friends and family to migrate to a different app.

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    Open source video player VLC will get a new UI this year with 4.0 launch / ArsTechnica · Friday, 12 February - 18:44

An orange traffic cone has long been the logo and symbol for VLC media player.

Enlarge / An orange traffic cone has long been the logo and symbol for VLC media player.

News website Protocol ran an extensive piece on the history and status of the popular open source video player VLC, and the story includes new details about the next major version of the software. Among other things, VLC 4.0 will bring a complete user interface overhaul.

"We modified the interface to be a bit more modern," VideoLAN foundation President Jean-Baptiste Kempf told the publication. Kempf had previously shown some version of a new interface about two years ago, but it's unclear at this point how much that one resembles the one the team plans to introduce with VLC 4.0.

While the article doesn't list every change coming, it does outline a couple other possible directions and priorities for VLC.

Read 5 remaining paragraphs | Comments