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    Death Carnival shows off the absolutely insane PvP mode / GamingOnLinux · Thursday, 16 December, 2021 - 20:07 · 1 minute

Death Carnival (previously known as BulletRage) is still in progress and a new trailer has just been shown off giving a little look into the PvP mode it will have. This is a game that has stuck with me for some time, after playing through their older demo when it was BulletRage it was pretty immense.

What is it? A fast-paced arcade shooter with extreme weapons, wall-dashing and intense mid-air combat in online multiplayer action format like never before. Use the environment to discover new ways to destroy your enemies, and customize load-outs with the weapon socket system. Choose from over a dozen characters each with unique attacks and story campaigns. Enjoy the adrenaline-fuelled combat in single player, online co-op, or competitive PvP.

In a future world, broken by war, humanity survives in a few overcrowded cities. To escape their bleak reality, many turn to televised blood sports, the most popular being Death Carnival. In this deadly game show, contestants must battle against hordes of enemies and machines for fame and fortune on live TV.

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Speaking about the new video above, Herbert Yung the Director at Furyion Games said "We wanted to create something that had the depth of first-person shooters, ramped up freedom of movement, and translated to a style of gameplay that was extremely easy to pick up and play. Whether you're a casual player, or a top competitive gamer, the easy controls and game mechanics will feel intuitive.

In the trailer you will see some players who are new testers, but were able to quickly jump in and get the hang of the game quickly. They were able to perform incredible feats of destruction like dashing up a ramp, flying through the air, and shooting at unsuspecting enemies below. I hope you will enjoy this trailer, as much as we have loved pouring our heart and soul into the project."

Game Features:

  • Multiple exciting PvP game modes
  • Easy arcade-style controls with fast-paced combat
  • 10+ characters and classes to choose from
  • Weapon Socket System to customize weapons with collected loot
  • Story campaign solo or 4 players couch/online co-op
  • Spanning multiple worlds and arenas
  • Giant boss fights and plenty of endgame replay
  • Cross-platform, cross-progression, will be available on most platforms

You can follow / wishlist on Steam .

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    Incredible top-down-shooter Brigador gets a huge free enhancement / GamingOnLinux · Tuesday, 8 June, 2021 - 18:58 · 1 minute

Brigador: Up-Armored Edition, a beautiful cyberpunk top-down shooter with awesome city-wide destruction has a big free upgrade out now for all players. Stellar Jockeys / Gausswerks have clearly been busy while building the next game with Brigador Killers.

Soaked in glorious neon with big tanks and stomping mechs, Brigador is a serious treat for the eyes. Probably is one of my favourite top-down shooters. The Blood Anniversary Update is certainly something too coming with the addition of blood for fleshy enemies, some big weapons now leave nice craters, special pilots from two other indie games (Cruelty Squad and Starsector) have been added, four new optional missions in the campaign, "wildcard" enemies might spawn during Freelance skirmishes, 11 new vehicles, new lore and the list goes on.

Never seen it? Check their fancy trailer below:

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More? Yup. 64bit is up and stable, you can flick on the older lighting for Freelance levels, retiring of macOS support due to their poor support of OpenGL which Brigador uses, performance improvements, better UI scaling, audio level tweaking and then plenty of smaller adjustments.

It's currently 66% off until June 14 - don't miss it!

Buy it on GOG, Humble Store , and Steam .

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    Star Drifters talk their Linux sales for titles like Danger Scavenger, plus a key giveaway / GamingOnLinux · Wednesday, 2 June, 2021 - 17:11 · 1 minute

Star Drifters recently did their first native Linux release with Danger Scavenger, so their Community & PR Manager got in touch to mention how it all went.

If you missed it: Danger Scavenger is fast-paced action, cyberpunk-themed, roguelite skyline crawler. Blow up, cut, shoot enemy robots on the roofs of skyscrapers. Choose your way to higher levels, loot, buy stuff, upgrade yourself, fight against greedy corporations, be a rebel! We covered the release the release in a previous article .

Across their titles which include Driftland: The Magic Revival + DLC (not supported on Linux), Danger Scavenger + Soundtrack and including the likes of Steam and third-party stores like Humble the split was:

Linux: 3.4%, macOS: 5.4%, Windows: 89.7%, Unknown: 1.5%

The data provided was over the last 6 months. Considering the Linux user share is hovering below 1% , and the game only came to Linux in March, it's another surprise to see a sales percentage well above that.

On the subject of why they ended up releasing the Linux desktop build of Danger Scavenger, the lead developer Piotr Wołk mentioned: "We already knew that the Linux community is particularly good in terms of giving development feedback. Since we already supported AtariVCS we did not have to go far from there to support Linux on Steam as well. We hoped for additional visibility and since making the port was not particularly time-consuming, we went for it.".

When asked if it was difficult to port, Wołk additionally said "Not at all, the Unity engine made the process really straightforward. After the initial release we have received a bunch of bug reports from the users. There were issues with things like shaders or post-processing. However due to the community involvement I managed to fix them pretty fast.".

Want to win a copy of Danger Scavenger? They kindly gave us three Steam keys! If you wish to win a copy, head over to this forum post to enter .

Meanwhile you can buy your own copy from GOG , Humble Store and Steam .

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    Top-down tactical shooter RUNNING WITH RIFLES had a massive surge in players recently / GamingOnLinux · Monday, 17 May, 2021 - 09:49 · 1 minute

After being available in some form since 2012, RUNNING WITH RIFLES (RWR) seems to be finally hitting it big with a sudden surge of thousands flocking to the top-down tactical shooter.

For Osumia Games, this has been a long-deserved moment in the spotlight. They've supported Linux with RWR since 2012 during the early Beta builds and it's a huge amount of fun to run around in. It's currently 80% off on Steam, which has probably helped the surge of players, however it's done the same discount multiple times in the past which did not cause much of a surge until now.

How big a change are we talking? Well, RWR usually only saw around 100-300 players. Now? It's been seeing multiple thousands with a new record set of 14,149 online on Sunday, May 16 2021.

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What caused it then? Well, it wasn't Twitch livestreams like Among Us saw, instead it looks like it might have been YouTube and specifically the Asian market with multiple videos hitting 10s of thousands of views and some in the 100s of thousands ( like this one ). It shows once again, how powerful a market it is and translations can really help sell a game with RWR seeing text translations to Simplified Chinese, Korean and plenty more.

You can buy RUNNING WITH RIFLES on Steam with 80% off until May 21. Also on Humble Store but no discount.

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    Death Carnival to have full cross-platform online play, developer very positive on Linux / GamingOnLinux · Tuesday, 20 April, 2021 - 10:31

Death Carnival, originally called BulletRage, is an upcoming fast-paced top-down shooter with extreme weapons & online multiplayer mayhem.

While we've known for some time that it would come to Linux back when it was called BulletRage, and even then the builds ran quite well, it's been a while since hearing much on it. The name was changed, they had a failed Kickstarter campaign too but they've continued building up the game into something big.

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Features Planned:

  • Up to 4 players with local couch or online multiplayer Coop
  • Easy arcade-style controls with fast-paced combat
  • Story campaign solo or 4 players couch/online co-op
  • 30+ hand-crafted levels in campaign mode
  • Giant boss fights and plenty of endgame infinite replay
  • Weapon Socket System to Customize weapons with collected loot
  • Twitch mode: Audience can unleash deadly enemies and unlock unique gameplay
  • After story mode, enjoy endless replay value with procedurally generated levels
  • Multi-platform gameplay, with initial release on Windows, OS X, and Linux

You can follow Death Carnival on Steam .

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    Sky Fleet will bring together base-building, tower defense and a shooter in the skies / GamingOnLinux · Friday, 16 April, 2021 - 18:48 · 1 minute

Building a city in the skies and defending it with towers, while you also ride an airship - Sky Fleet definitely blends a number of things together and it sounds great.

In Sky Fleet, you and your fleet of blimps try to defend your homeland against invading drones by teaming up with other players to gather resources and build the ultimate, impenetrable Cloud City:

  • Ammo Factories will keep everyone's ammo supply full.
  • Farms help you gather resources more quickly.
  • Shield Generators will protect your buildings.
  • Power Generators are essential – since they’ll power the whole city!
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After you’ve gathered resources and built your city, drones will begin attacking in waves. Early on, your ship will simply not be enough. You can’t fend the drones off in combat – but turrets are beautiful things … and they sure love to shoot down drones!


  • Create your very own floating city and defend it from attackers by building turrets!
  • Harvest Duraphyte to upgrade your ships and Uridium to build most buildings.
  • Attack enemy bases with your team – targeting the enemy’s drones for maximum damage.
  • Play online any way you like – co-op or PvP!
  • Enjoy a perfect mix of in-depth base building and tower defense mechanics.
  • Upgrade your ship by buying ever-more-powerful weapons!

With a release planned later this year, you can try a Steam Playtest until Monday, April 19. Currently though, for me it doesn't find any servers which the developer is actively looking into. Hopefully they will find the issue but finding bugs is part of why a Playtest is a thing. Simply head to the Steam page and click the button to request access (which is usually instant).

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    Top-down tactical shooter RUNNING WITH RIFLES to get a German DLC / GamingOnLinux · Friday, 3 July, 2020 - 13:25 · 1 minute

RUNNING WITH RIFLES, a popular tactical shooter from Osumia Games is set to get a second expansion this August focused on the Germans.

The expansion, RUNNING WITH RIFLES: EDELWEISS heads to the European theatre of World War II, first parachuting into Sicily before moving on to the invasion of Normandy, Belgium, and more. Focussing mostly on an 'Allied Paratrooper' narrative, Edelweiss charts the progress of the Allies attacks across Europe. They're saying it should release on August 27 unless there's major issues. See the teaser below:

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What's planned for the DLC:

  • 2 full campaigns (one Axis, one Allied) spanning several major battles of the Western Front
  • 7 unique maps based on historical locations and battles
  • unique set of historical vehicles, from assault guns to halftracks to heavy tanks
  • historical arsenal of weapons that evolves as the war progresses
  • new factions and variations - the United States Airborne forces, the British Army and Airborne, the regular German Wehrmacht, the elite "Panzergrenadiere", and more
  • 40+ multiplayer support, dedicated servers, coop, PvP, PvPvE

RUNNING WITH RIFLES is a huge amount of fun if you're willing to get over an initial short learning curve. Thankfully though, it's been updated a lot over the years and the help system is pretty good at showing you some initial tips to get you going.

10015714641593782505gol1.jpg Pictured: the helpful tips system.

I have some pretty fond memories of the hilarious action that you can have, thanks to it being truly quite tactical. With various weapon types, vehicles and the game mechanics that all give it great feel as a whole. It's possibly the most tactical top-down shooter I've ever played.

You can buy RWR from Humble Store and Steam . The EDELWEISS expansion is tentatively dated for August 27.

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    You can grab the top-down shooter Geneshift FREE for a few days / GamingOnLinux · Monday, 8 June, 2020 - 20:54 · 1 minute

Geneshift, an intense top-down shooter action game with a certain classic GTA2 flair thanks to the vehicle system is currently 100% off for a few days.

Previously known as Subvein and also Mutant Factions, it's been through a few different faces over the years. It was also known as Geneshift: Battle Royale Turbo until recently where the developer has settled back on just calling it Geneshift. The current focus has been on the Battle Royale mode, which is looking good but it did just recently introduce a daily survival run which is also quite a test of skill.


I've had masses of fun with it, and recently it's had a huge amount of tweaks to make the experience quite a lot more streamlined and so a lot more fun too. If you already own it and haven't played it in some time, this is going to be a great time to jump back in.

From now until June 10, you can claim your free copy from Steam. Nothing temporary about this, once you claim it you get to keep it as it's a giveaway! During this time, the "Supporter's Edition" DLC which gives a single-player/co-op campaign and a few other bits is also 40% off until June 15.

Grab a copy of Geneshift free on Steam , don't pass up a great 100% off deal on a fun game.

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