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    Le premier véhicule électrique de Lexus a une autonomie moyenne / JournalDuGeek · Saturday, 23 April - 14:00


Lexus, la marque haut de gamme de Toyota, a dévoilé son tout premier véhicule électrique. Le RZ est un SUV qui doit conduire le constructeur sur la route du tout-électrique.

Le premier véhicule électrique de Lexus a une autonomie moyenne

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    The chaos of war and COVID continues to close car factories / ArsTechnica · Wednesday, 16 March - 18:12

A gloved man works on a brightly lit, high-tech assembly line.

Enlarge / A VW employee assembles an ID.3 electric vehicle at the VW factory in Dresden in 2021. (credit: Volkswagen )

Any hope that the auto industry's supply chain shortages were easing up appear to have been comprehensively dashed this week. In Europe, Russia's invasion of Ukraine has caused BMW and Volkswagen to halt production at a number of their factories. And an outbreak of COVID-19 in China has shuttered plants belonging to Toyota, VW, and now Tesla.

VW was one of the first to be affected. In late February , the company announced that it was stopping production for four days at its factory in Zwickau, Germany, where the electric ID.4 crossover is built. VW announced a three-day halt at a factory in Dresden as well.

By early March, a leaked internal memo from Porsche revealed that the carmaker had also been affected and that production of all Porsche models would be delayed as a consequence.

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    Toyota shuts down all Japanese production after supplier is hacked / ArsTechnica · Monday, 28 February - 17:12

Mostly finished automobiles on a moving track.

Enlarge / A worker walks near a Toyota Motor Corp. Crown vehicle manufactured on the production line of the company's Motomachi factory on July 30, 2018, in Toyota, Japan. (credit: Tomohiro Ohsumi/Getty Images )

The world's largest automaker is suspending production at a third of its factories, according to Reuters . Toyota says it will temporarily stop making cars at its Japanese factories after one of its suppliers was hacked.

The supplier in question is called Kojima Industries, which makes composite and plastic parts for Toyota, both for car interiors and also parts for Toyota's hybrid and fuel cell electric vehicles. Reuters quotes a Toyota spokesperson who described the event as a "supplier system failure."

Consequently, on March 1, Toyota will halt 28 production lines at 14 factories across Japan.

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    Première place inattendue au palmarès des voitures les plus volées en France l’an dernier / JournalDuGeek · Sunday, 6 February - 16:00


Il y a une surprise au palmarès malheureux des voitures les plus volées en France en 2021. Le classement réalisé par Auto Plus fait toujours la part belle aux modèles des constructeurs français, mais le haut du podium a changé par rapport à l'année précédente.

Première place inattendue au palmarès des voitures les plus volées en France l’an dernier

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    Le PDG d’Honda ne croit pas aux voitures à hydrogène de Toyota / JournalDuGeek · Tuesday, 25 January - 08:00


Toyota mise de plus en plus sur les voitures à hydrogène, une position opposée à celle de son voisin Honda.

Le PDG d’Honda ne croit pas aux voitures à hydrogène de Toyota

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    Les voitures électriques les plus attendues de 2022 / Numerama · Saturday, 15 January - 01:50

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    Toyota opens up about its battery EV strategy, shows off new SUVs / ArsTechnica · Tuesday, 14 December - 15:00

An array of Toyota and Lexus EV concepts shown on stage in Tokyo in 2021

Enlarge / Toyota is playing EV catchup, but it's evidently been busy behind closed doors working on some ideas, as seen above. (credit: Noriaki Mtsuhashi/N-RAK PHOTO AGENCY)

Despite being a pioneer in hybrid cars, Toyota failed to translate that knowledge and experience into a strong battery electric vehicle portfolio. Although the company collaborated with Tesla early in the last decade, it has recently taken to lobbying governments to water down decarbonization strategies rather than churning out BEVs. But that situation looks like it's set to change—at least in terms of the company presenting a stronger lineup of fully electrified products.

On Tuesday in Tokyo, the automaker held a briefing to discuss more details about its BEV plan. "Specifically, we plan to roll out 30 battery EV models by 2030, globally offering a full lineup of battery EVs in the passenger and commercial segments," said Toyota President Akio Toyoda.

Toyota wants to sell 3.5 million BEVs per year by that date, and it showed off a diverse array of EV concepts, many of which it says should appear as road versions in the next few years.

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