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    65 000€ pour le Volkswagen ID. Buzz : mais pourquoi est-il hors de prix ? / Numerama · 2 days ago - 05:23

Dès vendredi 20 mai 2022, nos voisins allemands pourront déjà pré-réserver leur ID. Buzz ou sa version cargo pour les professionnels. Volkswagen en a profité pour annoncer les tarifs pour le marché allemand. Et l’ID. Buzz n’est vraiment pas donné ! [Lire la suite]

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    Les délais de livraison dépassent les 6 mois chez Volkswagen, et ce ne sont pas les seuls / Numerama · Friday, 6 May - 11:05

Si vous comptez commander une voiture électrique en espérant une livraison avant fin 2022, votre projet semble assez compromis. Enfin, tout dépend de la marque, du modèle et de la finition que vous avez choisie. [Lire la suite]

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    VW sells out of electric cars in US and Europe / ArsTechnica · Wednesday, 4 May - 14:31

A blue VW ID.4 in a studio

Enlarge / A 2021 VW ID.4, the brand's battery-electric crossover. (credit: Jonathan Gitlin)

Volkswagen, the world’s second-largest electric vehicle manufacturer by volume, has “sold out” of battery-powered models in the US and Europe for this year as persistent supply chain bottlenecks hit global production.

The Wolfsburg-based group, which includes brands such as Porsche, Audi and Škoda, sold more than 99,000 electric models worldwide in the first three months of 2022 as it was hit by a shortage of semiconductors and wiring harnesses made in Ukraine.

Market leader Tesla delivered more than three times that number in the same quarter.

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    Et si Volkswagen sortait vraiment un ID. Buzz en pick-up ? / Numerama · Thursday, 28 April - 10:28

À l’occasion du design day, Volkswagen sort du secret une esquisse d’une version pick-up de l’ID. Buzz, pour la publier sur les réseaux sociaux. Et si la démarche était plus sérieuse qu’on ne l’imaginait ? [Lire la suite]

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    Ars takes a closer look at Volkswagen’s ID Buzz electric van / ArsTechnica · Friday, 11 March - 17:40

Produced and directed by Sean Dacanay. Click here for transcript . (video link)

On Wednesday, Volkswagen used the South by Southwest festival to formally unveil the ID Buzz, the company's forthcoming electric van. In the lead-up to that debut in Texas, VW gave Ars an hour with the gold-and-white show car to have a poke around.

You may have read our write-up on the car already, but we thought a video might be a better way to show off some of the quirky details of this new electric vehicle that's causing a lot of buzz. (Not sorry.)

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    The 2022 Volkswagen Golf R looks staid, drives like a hooligan / ArsTechnica · Monday, 28 February - 12:30

A blue VW Golf R on ice

Enlarge / Volkswagen's latest Golf R is the most extreme version yet. (credit: Volkswagen)

In the past, the arrival of a new generation of Volkswagen Golfs would be big news. But VW's post-dieselgate pivot to electrification and the advent of its new purpose-built EVs, together with a global pandemic and ongoing supply chain problems, have all conspired to take a little wind out of those sails. And sales.

Here in the US, the Golf never really achieved the levels of egalitarian chic that it did in Europe, to the point that VW of America has dropped all the lesser models in the line . Instead, we're just getting the Golf GTI and its more powerful all-wheel drive (AWD) sibling (the car you see here today), the $43,645 Golf R.

Volkswagen first bolstered the Golf range with a Golf R in 2002—the R32—which shoehorned VW's VR6 engine and an on-demand AWD powertrain into an Mk4 Golf. The R32 reappeared with the Mk5 Golf; for subsequent generations, it dropped the numbers and just became the Golf R.

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    Les voitures électriques les plus attendues de 2022 / Numerama · Saturday, 15 January - 01:50

[Lire la suite]

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    Volkswagen sets a date for its retro ID Buzz electric van launch / ArsTechnica · Friday, 7 January - 17:11 · 1 minute

A VW ID Buzz prototype equipped with Argo AI

Enlarge / A VW ID Buzz prototype equipped with Argo AI's autonomous driving hardware and software, on the streets of Munich, Germany. (credit: Argo AI)

This week, Volkswagen Group CEO Herbert Diess set a date for the launch of what might be the most eagerly anticipated of VW's new battery electric vehicles. The retro-styled ID Buzz concept car blew so many socks off when we first saw it in 2017 , and we'll get our first proper look at the production version on March 9, according to Diess' Twitter feed .

Intentionally or not, Volkswagen's ID Buzz concept might be the most successful aspect of the company's post-Dieselgate charm offensive. VW has had to pivot hard into electrification, applying its proven strategy of building many different styles of vehicles from the same family of parts and designs.

Most of those vehicles have been pretty conventional, like the ID.3 hatchbacks that are starting to get thick on the ground in Europe or the designed-with-the-US-in-mind ID.4 crossover . Then there are the less conventional concepts—try as they might, the engineers couldn't make a business case for the ID Buggy .

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