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    Nationwide office staff can work anywhere in UK when lockdown ends / TheGuardian · Thursday, 25 March, 2021 - 00:01

Option unavailable to branch-based staff, though building society looking at how to factor in home lives at work

Nationwide is to tell 13,000 of its staff to work where they want when the coronavirus pandemic restrictions are lifted.

The UK’s biggest building society, which has called the initiative Work Anywhere, is to introduce the plan after more than half of employees (57%) said they wanted to work from home full time. More than third (36%) said they wanted a blend of home and office work, while just 6% opted for a return to a five-day week in the office.

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    Will I ever work in an office again? | Eva Wiseman / TheGuardian · Sunday, 14 March, 2021 - 08:00 · 1 minute

A year ago I left the office, and not going back has left me strangely bereft. Meet me at the coffee machine and I’ll tell you why…

When I last left the office, I didn’t know I might never go back. Out I breezed a year ago, like nothing, bye, half-finished tube of hand cream on the desk, aspirational water bottle tucked behind the computer screen, locker of assorted Eva Wiseman ephemera (tampon, hate mail, eye liner, Daily Mail spread about how women’s knees reveal their age) abandoned, so sure was I that I’d return to claim these treasures. The following week, lockdown happened, followed by 12 months of assorted traumas, biscuits, births and bollocks, and quietly, while we were all working from bed, offices withered like the hopeful succulents huddled on their desks.

The Financial Times reports that 20 major British office employers are planning to move towards hybrid working. HSBC plans to cut its office space by 40%. British Telecom, which currently has 300 offices, is cutting them down to 30. This news, it chills me. For I, a person who loves a bit of a pre-lunch chat about telly or death, a macabre in-joke about the coffee machine, a supermarket cake cut with ceremony at 4pm, am a great admirer of the British office. It might even be my longest love affair – . Since graduating from shop tills I have worked in a series of offices, each with its own internal politics regarding temperature and birthdays, each one a place of fragrant joy, an air-conditioned holiday from the necrotic wound that is real life.

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    The Ars Technica ultimate buying guide for your home office setup / ArsTechnica · Friday, 11 September, 2020 - 11:30

Vari Standing Desk with a monitor and laptop setup

Enlarge / We spent months researching and testing all sorts of gear to help you upgrade your suddenly essential home office. (credit: Corey Gaskin)

Working and schooling from home are part of the new normal. Putting together a home office setup that's pleasant, comfortable, and productive can be tough and time consuming, but lucky for you, we’ve been working from home for years here at Ars.

We're here to tell you remote work doesn't have to feel so remote .

Naturally, as discerning tech connoisseurs, we have some well-curated picks for all the gadgets and furniture you need to make your home office setup cozy and productive. We also threw in a few nice-to-have upgrades for your workspace if you've already got the basics down.

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