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      Characteristics of Titanium Ore

      tradeglobal · Monday, 6 February, 2023 - 07:07 · 1 minute

    Titanium ore is an oxide mineral of iron and titanium and is the main ore of titanium. Titanium ore is very heavy, gray to black, with a little metal luster. The crystal is generally plate-shaped, and the crystals are combined into blocks or granular. The chemical composition of titanium iron is related to formation conditions.

    Physical Characteristics of Titanium Ore

    Titanium ore is iron-black or steel-gray. It is brown or brown-red when it contains a red iron mine. There is metal to semi-metallic luster, opaque, hardness of 5 ~ 5.5, and relative density of 4.0 ~ 5.0, with weak magnetism.

    Chemical Characteristics of Titanium Ore

    The titanium ore used in the experiment is a natural ore, and the reducing agent is charcoal powder. The particle size of the ore is less than 0.087mm, and the particle size of the charcoal powder is less than 0.076mm. The ore and charcoal powder was dried at 105 ° C for 24 hours and then mixed with a certain proportion to suppress it into blocks. The reaction of ore started from the microwave as soon as it was applied, indicating that the microwave carbon thermal reduction reaction of titanium ore has begun to progress even under extremely low-temperature conditions.

    This characteristic of titanium ore is mainly because some microwaves can cause local coupling resonance and produce hotspots. The temperature of these hotspots is much higher than the temperature in other areas, so they will have a chemical reaction. The center of the hotspot is the center of the reaction. In addition, atoms or molecules will also have fierce vibration in the reaction center, which can better meet the conditions for chemical reactions, which will also reduce the temperature that causes chemical reactions. It is precise because of the existence of these hot spots and the fierce vibration of molecules or atoms that the microwave carbon heat reduction reaction of titanium ore may be performed at a lower temperature, which greatly reduces the energy consumption of the carbon thermal reduction process of titanium ore.

    The microwave reduction rate of titanium ore is closely related to the carbon content of the sample. When the initial carbon content of the sample is less than 20%, the reduction rate is significantly accelerated as the carbon content increases; when the carbon content is greater than 20%, the carbon content is further increased on the reduction rate.