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      What Is Transfer Printing

      tradeglobal · Tuesday, 15 November, 2022 - 05:42 edit · 1 minute

    Transfer printing paper refers to the transfer of a kind of paper with a pattern that can be transferred to other surfaces. Generally, the paper must be wetted first and transferred face down. Attach the transfer printing paper to the second layer of the surface, and then remove the backing paper. This kind of transfer printing paper is often used for the decoration of industrial or mass-produced ceramics. Transfer printing paper can also be divided into metal transfer printing paper and pigment transfer printing paper. Broadly speaking, it also includes coated paper produced with heat-sensitive coating or pressure-sensitive coating, and paper coated with wet transfer film, such as lettering transfer film engraving.


    Light Color Transfer Printing Paper

    Light color transfer printing paper is suitable for printing patterns on light-colored clothes. The patterns transferred by the transfer paper have high color reversibility, no wrinkle, elasticity, no cracking when torn, excellent hand feel, and no sense of thickness. It is the best choice for transferring T-shirts and printing personalized T-shirts! It is best to transfer to light color 100% cotton cloth, including t-shirts, hats, etc. Light color transfer paper is best printed with waterproof pigment ink.

    Special Thermal Transfer Printing Paper

    Special thermal transfer printing paper for personalized T-shirts made of chemical fiber or blended fabric: It is suitable for printing patterns on light-colored chemical fiber clothes, and can also be used to make hot stamping cups, porcelain plates, etc. At the same time, thermal sublimation transfer paper can be used to print products such as cups, plates, pearlescent plates, etc. The ink transfer volume is more than 90%, twice that of ink-jet paper. Thermal sublimation transfer paper must be printed with thermal transfer ink.

    Folding Ink-jet Printing Paper

    A4 format, fine surface, special for transfer printing of ceramic, metal, semi-cotton, and silk materials, and the transfer printing capacity of super grade ink is less than that of thermal sublimation paper.

    Dark Color Transfer Printing Paper

    Dark color transfer printing paper is a kind of thermal transfer paper. It mainly prints dark-colored clothes. Because dark color clothes are too dark and have a strong ability to cover other colors, it requires media to print pictures, which requires dark color transfer paper. Features include strong adhesion, no wrinkle, elasticity, and no sense of thickness. If conditions are limited, you can use ordinary ink to print.