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      pubsub.blastersklan.com / omgubuntu · 6 days ago - 14:48 edit

    The open-source IRC client HexChat has announced its final ever release. HexChat 2.16.2 arrives with a small selection of bug fixes and new features for its long-standing fans to enjoy, but also bad news: after almost 12 years of continued development the party is over. “This will be the last release I make of HexChat,” app maintainer TingPing says in a blog post announcement. “The project has largely been unmaintained for years now and nobody else stepped up to do that work.” Prior to this one, HexChat’s previous release was back in 2021. That release was accompanied by a call […]

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    Leading Open-Source IRC Client Announces Final Release
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      Load Balancing - The Cheap Way

      Simone · Wednesday, 27 September - 20:20 · 8 visibility

    So.. I rented another cheap #VPS, something like 1core/1GB/10GB to run my 7 bots (for #IRC, #XMPP, #Steam, #Mumble and #Mastodon) and an IRC client, which I'm using less and less, to free some resources from my main VPS.

    Now they're perfectly balanced :) I can accomodate a few friends, if need be, to some services I'm hosting, like XMPP and #Email: if we know each other you're always welcome and if we don't know yet, feel free to drop me a message!

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      movim.woodpeckersnest.space /blog/roughnecks%40woodpeckersnest.space/b10a9ba9-b2ef-4cfc-96cd-77554cced09e


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      29 September Unknown contact

      Su un serverino così modesto?! Allora oltre a Snikket ci devo buttar su qualcos'altro pure io, una email magari... Cos'hai usato?

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      29 September Unknown contact

      Su IONOS non ho la posta, ho solo i bots. Comunque per la posta uso il classicone Postfix, ma ho letto che ci sono soluzioni più semplici da gestire.. Adesso però mi sfugge il nome di quella che aveva suggerito adb.

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      29 September Unknown contact

      Forse mailcow, quelli di δ in teoria collaborano.

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      29 September Unknown contact

      Sì Sì, lui!

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      How I made a £12 donation to International Rescue Committee

      preptorrent · Saturday, 31 December, 2022 - 23:52 edit · 11 minutes

    In time for New Year 2023, I made a £12 donation to International Rescue committee via Paypal, so Happy New Year! I show how I did it and it may help others learn how I did it, if they are already considering donating too. I understand IRC also send money to other places (Afghanistan, Yemen and so on). Happy New Year to those it helped! Another charity (predominantly suited for USA donations including charity via Afghanistan, Yemen) is linked below but $10 is the minimum (£8.41 at time of writing):

    IRC help rescue.org https://help.rescue.org/donate

    IRC help rescue-uk.org https://help.rescue-uk.org

    Gov UK registered Charity webpage IRC


    Screenshot of IRC donation 28 December 2022 Paypal Order 707338 transaction 1XE05902AR2686148


    Public Post version of IRC Donation


    Public Post version of 5 GBP Pakistan Flood Donation


    Quick Notice: For the other money donation to Gnome Foundation, see this other link.

    Money donation to Gnome Foundation


    A guide to radio communications technologies for Linux computing for Urdu


    You might want to donate also, having been inspired to read my article (A guide to radio communications technologies for Linux computing for Urdu) on how HAM Radio can help the floods and also Afghanistan with a RaspberryPi for SDR (Software Defined Radio, such as by using Linux LimeSuite software) using a RTL2832U dongle and various open-source software like Soapy-Remote-Server, and when plugging in (the USB ports of a Raspberry Pi3b+ using GuvcView software and "cheese") a webcam (costing btween £1 and $5 USD), with a built-in microphone like a Playstation2-Eyetoy but a better (usb-converted) microphone can help too. You can get to the Ukraine donation webpage I used by this link, although, first of all, I should say I logged into Paypal.

    Paypal IRC International Rescue Committee Ukraine Fundraiser Registered Charity 1110538


    The Paypal screenshot arrows show what I clicked in chronological order.

    1: (Once logged into paypal) Clicked the One-Time Donaation option

    2: Entered £12 as "other" amount (minimum usually being $10 or similar in UK), like 12 months in a year, 12 hours or a zodiac or unit circle of 10 degrees when tripled.

    3: Clicked payment information, checking paypal was still logged-in.

    4: Selected "Paypal" radio button.

    5: I left the "Covering process costs" unticked to keep the donation simple for people to follow so the £12 was an overtly known quantity.

    6: I enabled the radio button for email contact but left SMS and phone unchecked to keep all communications medium a single known quantity and easy to follow when reading.

    7: I left SMS communications unchecked, as in disallowed.

    8: left phone communications unchecked as in disallowed.

    9: I left the tick-box for Gift Aid unchecked not only for simplicity but also so that no pressure is put on people reading my words to use Gift Aid which has taxation and thereby political viewpoints. If people want to add tax Gift-Aid, then that is there call. Just for the record, this stance on indicators of political matters is an indicator that my donation to this (largely) Ukraine IRC appeal is not anti-Russia either (not that you'd assume that). And anyway, Russians and Ukrainians marry and have children.

    10: I clicked the "Make a One-time donation", option.

    11: I clicked "agree and continue" to confirm the £12 would be donated via Paypal.

    12: It processed for about a minute or maybe less and then asked if I wanted to change this one-time donation to a monthly regular donation. I clicked "no thanks". This keeps the pressure low on people reading who might wish to donate. Also it could seem confusing as to how the winter Ukraine donation (which ends by 2023) could still be tripled or not. It would seem this one time donation of £12 becomes £36 if tripled at their end.

    13: I made note of 707338 being my order number.

    14: Visiting the Paypal account, I checked the £12 donation had succeeded and saw was the 1XE05902AR2686148 transaction ID sitting next to my 707338 order number and observed that the page could be printed (e.g. on paper or PDF). Checking the pertaining email account spam folder (junk bin) for a receipt is worthwhile also.

    Arabic English Translation of How To Learn linux SDR for rtl2832u


    Arabic English Translation of How To Learn multilingual linux and HAM Radio SDR for RTL2832U like with SoapyRemote-Server Software and LimeSuite

    To be knowledgeable about how your study of HAM Radio or Linux can help the people communicating around the Pakistan Floods (and other regions like Afghanistan), you may seek self-improvement as you learn about how to get linux via a torrent file and how to use a CD-Writer (and other knowledge) in this (German and English language) article linked below (German and English... Deutschland macht gute Technologien wie Knoppix Linux). Also, learn about how to use linux (and prepare your amd64 PC) using Version 5.3.8 ultimatebootcd such as to backup data and recover lost data and to partitition drives or clone an HDD (all of which can be discovered by reading and talking on the UBCD forums), and so all that information can be seen on the article linked below as "Wifi Bandwidth Management Hong Kong".

    Wifi Bandwidth Management Hong Kong


    Wifi Bandwidth Management Hong Kong

    Amharic Ethiopia Linux Computer ሊኑክስ ኮምፕዩተር


    Amharic Ethiopia Linux Computer ሊኑክስ ኮምፕዩተር

    A guide to radio communications technologies for Linux computing for Urdu.


    A guide to radio communications technologies for Linux computing for Urdu

    Slackware Donation methods like paypal


    Slackware Donation methods like Paypal

    WikiBooks First Aid web pages including PDF download version


    WikiBooks First Aid web pages including PDF download version

    British Heart Foundation PDF Guide to Defibrillators


    Here is an example of Russian prepping documentation, and although it has a radioactive theme, the inclusion of it here has nothing to do with nuclear weapons threats but rather just the fact that Russian people care about people too and as such the information can be useful for various scenarios (e.g. nuclear power-station precautions) and it is a lead for other documens on Russian prepping like First Aid or Health and so scanning the letters in tesseract OCR Optical Character Recognition software with translation software added under BSD license can allow for Mozilla Firefox web-browser to translate into english via Firefox Translations and so you can then search for more Russian language prepping material documents. Likewise, Lithuanian and Estonian prepping documents can be translated and searched in a simiar way and all are included here so as to kindly help all people affected in the Russia or Ukraine or countries nearby to Europe. Or people might want to read it all simply to see the compared style of diagrams or images purely for creative reasons. Graphic images of healthcare surgery or wound treatment (a topic which is for caring for poorly people) is a precaution advised for some viewing. The inclusion of it is not about war (although of course the authors show it has been useful in such circumstances) but instead simply for learning human anatomy in medicine and knowledge and helping people.

    Russian prepping documentation scanned


    Prepping documentation such as for Lithuania or Estonia or Russia or Ukraine 2016-aktyviu-veiksmu-gaires.pdf


    English Language Lithuanian Prepping documenation


    Lithuanian Armoured Vehicle documentation which is also useful for places like Africa


    Graphic Content Warning Adult supervision for The Management of Combat Wounds The British Military Experience


    Graphic Content Warning Adult supervision for TheManagementofCombatWoundsthebritishexperience.pdf


    USA Navy prepping PDF example for West Nile Virus


    USA Navy Prepping documenation portals found via here


    I have included a link for NUAR UK Emergency Alerts (Cabinet Office) but really I would say it could do with a low cost tweak to also allow UK government square-wave data (sounding somewhat like a dial-up modem handshake sound to the human ear) to be received via RADIO (such as a FM car radio) onto a RaspberryPi (which would be expected to have installed a LoRaWAN dongle for public responding) for software updates such as torrent magnet links and bearing co-ordinates and cronjob date-time-stamps and longditude-latitude-altitude and MIDI (which cane be used for music or PC joystick or vehicle control like a drone since it even was used in guided missles in the past) to be processed in linux accepted via microphone-in 3.5mm jack plug (via USB soundcard on the raspberryPi3b or piZero2W) or via rtl2832u or buetooth (such as sent from a car-stereo bluetooth link, with or without a bluetooth headset earphone-and-microphone). Having a UK Gov AppImage (both RaspberryPi and amd64 compatible) on the receiving Linux device (PC or Pi3b) linked via the aforementioned technologies (3.5mm jack or bluetooth or rtl2832u) to the car-radio would allow for password authentication of installing a shellscript for every NUAR squarewave update which need only be up to 100KB but probably only needs about 3KB data sent like a DamnSmallLinux torrent file needs, notifying the need to connect to internet to download 50MB of data later that day as a bootable ISO that can be written to CDROM. About a minute of analogue FM Radio squarewave sound should transmit (from UK gov to a public radio connected to a RaspberryPi zero2w or Pi3b at home or in a car) 150KB to 300KB of data and so the signal being sent twice for parity of that 1 minute data signal should last 2 minutes and you probably do not even need that much data. The magnet-links sent could also include private firm sponsorship adverts in some scenarios.

    NUAR UK Emergency Alterts which includes software


    UK Cabinet Office NUAR and UK emergency Alerts video YT channel


    See all YT UK Emergency Alerts Videos Cabinet Office and NUAR


    Firefox Translations


    Github tesseract-ocr


    Tesseract OCR a9t9 Frontend for Microsoft Windows 8 and 10


    German and English... Deutschland macht gute Technologien wie Knoppix Linux


    German and English... Deutschland macht gute Technologien wie Knoppix Linux

    Good reads in paper books are:

    Penguin Books, Chemistry, David William Arthur Sharp... ISBN 978-0-140-51445-2

    Thames and Hudson, A History Of Western Art, The World Of art Library Michael Levey

    CGP Physics Workbook (formula sheet quoted below, but the book is also useful for repairs, radioactive safety and nuclear fission and fusion revision)... ISBN 978 1 84146 644 6

    Good listens on Audio CD include:

    Tchaikovsky Seenade for strings in C, op.48 and Dvořák Serenade for strings in E, op.22

    In addition to learning (GCSE Maths O-Level) Graphical Linear Inequalities (for business allocation like logistics especially programming RaspberryPi BASH scripts and GPIO usage like as a multimeter), Science formula notes worth writing on the back of a periodic table photocopied for learning (not necessarily BODMAS conforming) include:

    Frequency: f = 1/T

    Wavelength: v = f * λ

    Velocity: s = d/t

    Time: t = d/s

    Acceleration: a = Δv/t "or" a=F/m

    Weight (a force): W = m * g

    Force (and Mass): F = m * a

    Work done: E = F * d

    Kinetic Energy: KE = 1/2 * m * v²

    Momentum: p = m * v

    Force: F = (mv - mu)/t

    Potential Difference: V = I * R

    Current: I = V/R

    Resistance: R = V/I

    Electrical Power: P = I * V "or" P = I² * R

    Charge: Q = I * t

    Electrical Energy: E = Q * V "or" E = P * t

    Moment: M = F * d

    Efficiency = Useful Energy out / Total Energy in

    Transformer Equation: "(Potential Difference across Primary Coil) / (Potential Difference across Secondary Coil)" = "(No. of turns on Primary Coil) / (No. of turns on Secondary coil)"

    KDE Kalzium Periodic Table of Elements


    Learn Music and Coding for Open Sound control in Chuck-Audio Free Software such a MIDI and Gaussian function in Synthesis or FFT


    Learn UML with Umbrello for Object Oriented Programming


    Learn music Theory With LenMus Phonascus software GPLv3


    Prety much everything in this comment is so that you can get something out of the experience too such as via learning or self-improvement if considering the IRC donation and this information can help people such as those from Ukraine. That is a form of mutually beneficial interaction potentially. Spread the hashtag #DonateAndGetSkills

    My comment has no hate in it and I do no harm. I am not appalled or afraid, boasting or envying or complaining... Just saying. Psalms23: Giving thanks and praise to the Lord and peace and love. Also, I'd say Matthew6.

    #linux #slackware #opencl #skolelinux #debian #kde #foss #paypal #gnu #gnome #christmas #donate #charity #pakistan #afghanistan #urdu #ukraine #irc #Internationalrescuecommittee #russia #education #radiation #learning #nuar #prepping #electricity #electricial #electrician #health #safety #healthandsafety #science #mathematics #translation #coding #music

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      GRU - A logo I made for g1n

      𝔠𝔪𝔡𝔯⁂𝔠𝔬𝔠𝔬𝔫𝔲𝔱 · public.toofast.vip / graphic-art · Tuesday, 18 October, 2022 - 09:26 edit

    g1n is my XMPP / IRC friend. He's been working on a project called GRU where he's built numerous C libraries and tools under the idea that GloRius Unix. He's a rather young and very talented guy so I thought to try and encourage him with my support. I helped spice up his website a bit with some actual CSS styles and I was happy to help. I also made two logos which I came about creating and found to be neat.

    This one I drew first, and is on gruos.org bashblog pages:

    This is the main one. They may look the same but they are different:

    #unix #opensource #irc #community

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      Icinga 2 IRC notifications. The complete guide

      pubsub.slavino.sk / icinga · Wednesday, 16 March, 2022 - 11:08 edit

    A few months ago I wrote about sending notifications to Rocket.Chat. While that messaging tool is quite powerful, one may also prefer to keep it simple. So let’s also address the good old IRC. No test system? No problem! Setting up an IRC daemon is pretty easy: Clone this Git repository Change into the freshly cloned directory […]

    The post Icinga 2 IRC notifications. The complete guide appeared first on Icinga .

    Značky: #icinga2, #How-tos, #irc, #Network

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      PSA: Ubuntu’s IRC Channels Have Moved from Freenode to Libera Chat

      pubsub.do.nohost.me / OMG Ubuntu · Wednesday, 26 May, 2021 - 15:26

    Ubuntu has moved its IRC infrastructure from Freenode to the new Libera Chat platform, following changes to the management of the Freenode company.

    This post, PSA: Ubuntu’s IRC Channels Have Moved from Freenode to Libera Chat is from OMG! Ubuntu! . Do not reproduce elsewhere without permission.

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      Open Source World’s Favorite IRC Network Freenode is in Turmoil

      pubsub.do.nohost.me / ItsFoss News · Friday, 21 May, 2021 - 11:17


    In the last couple of days, there's been quite a bit of drama and turmoil taking place around Freenode.

    The post Open Source World’s Favorite IRC Network Freenode is in Turmoil appeared first on It's FOSS News .

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      How to choose you Jabber service?

      debacle · Sunday, 24 January, 2021 - 01:38 edit · 1 minute

    Aren't we all envious of users of #Whatsapp, #Signal, #Telegram or #Threema? The choice of service is easy for them. There is none! Happy users!

    Instead we use #Jabber or #XMPP, because we love self-hosting, don't we? Well, it is important to have the option to self-host, but in most cases it is not the best option to actually do it. So we need to select a server, based on our priorities.

    I suggest to look out for:

    1. More than one admin? A single admin might be in holidays, when you need them most. Or they outburns and closes the service on short notice. Beware of the lorry factor. Choose a service run by a club, cooperative or company!
    2. Sound financial base? If you pay for the service, you have a higher chance, that the service is here to stay. A service based on donations might work as good as a commercial one.
    3. Good uptime history?Here is some limited informtion about it. Also, the longer a service exists, the longer it will survive, because of the Lindy effect.
    4. Good #LTS grade? Use only A grade servers from the IM Observatory.
    5. Acceptable data privacy statement? IANAL, but you know, #GDPR and so on...
    6. High XMPP compliance? This XMPP Compliance Tester lists many servers.
    7. Cool domain name? and other details like how much server space you have for sharing cat content, how long messages are archived, whether an .onion domain is available, or transports (gateways) to #IRC or other networks are provided.

    Useful lists of servers can also be found on Freie Messenger and JabberEs.