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      Outlook for Windows app replaces Mail and Calendar in new Windows 11 preview / ArsTechnica · Thursday, 20 July - 17:34 · 1 minute

    The Outlook for Windows web app is included by default in the latest Dev channel Windows Insider build.

    Enlarge / The Outlook for Windows web app is included by default in the latest Dev channel Windows Insider build. (credit: Microsoft)

    Windows 11's next major release continues to take shape in the company's Dev channel Insider Preview builds, and last month, Microsoft added the first preview of the AI-powered Windows Copilot feature. This week's build makes a few other noteworthy changes , replacing Windows' built-in Mail and Calendar apps with the work-in-progress Outlook for Windows app, changing how the operating system displays emoji, improving Windows' local file-sharing capabilities, and more.

    Microsoft has been working on the Outlook for Windows progressive web app for a couple of years now. The version in the Windows 11 build is labeled as a preview, and it's still missing fairly significant features, including IMAP support for third-party mail services, iCloud Mail support, and an offline mode (though it does support multiple accounts now). It also left the Mail and Calendar apps installed on my test PC, though this may change by the time it's released to the public—Microsoft has said that it will continue offering Mail and Calendar in the Windows Store through the end of 2024 before discontinuing both of them.

    For third-party services that Outlook for Windows does support, like Gmail, the Outlook app will sync a copy of your email, calendar, and contacts with Microsoft's servers rather than communicating directly with Google's servers and storing files locally as a traditional mail client would. This makes it so third-party mail accounts get all the same features and benefits as Microsoft accounts when used in Outlook for Windows, but it also means there's a second copy of all of your data out there, subject to both companies' privacy policies and security breaches.

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      Les notifications xmpp fonctionnent maintenant sur Movim et la nouvelle béta d'iOS

      eyome · Tuesday, 7 March, 2023 - 22:18

    Première nouvelle : la nouvelle béta d'iOS permet l'installation de web apps (ou PWA)

    Oui bè... Ca fait un choc quand on s'y attendait pas.

    Effet de bord testé par un poto : Les notifications, mentions etc, fonctionnent mieux sur la web apps de Movim sur iOS que Snikket sur cet OS.

    Donc en fait, avec cette beta d'iOS, Movim devient le client xmpp fonctionnant le mieux sur cette plateforme...

    #xmpp, #Movim, #Snikket, #IM, #MessagerieInstantanée, #InstantMessager, #PWA

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      Ajouter le support d’une “Progressive Web App” à OlauncherCF sur android

      eyome · Sunday, 6 November, 2022 - 19:31

    Si quelqu’un peut lui donner un coup de main, ce serait cool.

    Super lanceur #OlauncherCF cela dit en passant.

    #Fr, #android, #Web, #Dev, #Logiciel, #LogicielLibre, #PWA

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      A little update from the Movim project

      Timothée Jaussoin · / Movim · Tuesday, 16 November, 2021 - 21:29 edit · 1 minute

    It's been a while since I have told you about Movim. I was quite busy the past few months with many other things in my personal life, but this doesn't mean that I haven't worked on Movim!

    So in short, here is a few things that have been changed recently: has been upgraded and refreshed with a new Laravel backend, Google ReCAPTCHA has been replaced with hCaptcha

    The Legals page will be soon upgraded. A specific ticket has been opened to allow you to report and bring ideas on how to improve it.

    End of the Android application

    Following our previous blog post about the state of the Android application I decided to officially archive the Android app and remove it from F-Droid.

    Some work has been done to integrate Movim better as a #PWA (Progressive Web App) to still allow you to enjoy it from your mobile phone.

    Security Audit

    We had an extensive #SecurityAudit by Radically Open Security that did an amazing job.

    The audit covered Movim itself but also and all the related projects, including movim/movim_docker. The result of the audit is currently restricted but we are actively using the finding to improve the general project security:

    An finally on Movim itself

    • I added a basic support of OMEMO for MUC Groups, you can already try it out on the official pod
    • And as always, bugs fixes!

    That's all folks!