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      Golden Gaytime and Coco Pops Have Joined Forces for the Ultimate Snack Mash-Ups

      pubsub.dcentralisedmedia.com / LifehackerAustralia · Friday, 19 February, 2021 - 05:43 · 1 minute

    In news that will probably brighten up your day considerably, iconic FMCG brands Golden Gaytime and Coco Pops have decided to combine forces and produce a couple of blended treats.

    The ice-cream and cereal brands have given birth to a couple of particularly tasty-sounding snack options that I imagine Aussies are about to go wild for.

    Those would be: Coco Pops Golden Gaytime flavour cereal and Coco Pops flavoured Golden Gaytime .

    Give me a rundown on the Coco Pops x Golden Gaytime pairings

    GG-x-CP-Image-4.png?auto=format&fit=fill&q=65&w=1280 Image supplied

    Coco Pops and Golden Gaytime; a couple of flavours that likely hold a place in every Australians heart, have met in the middle and are reinventing their well-loved food products with a fresh new twist.

    The new take on the classic Coco Pops cereal recipe – Coco Pops Golden Gaytime flavour cereal – will combine those chocolaty bites we’re so familiar with with “golden toffee-vanilla deliciousness,” the team at Streets and Kellogg’s has shared.

    And the Coco Pops flavoured Golden Gaytime takes “Coco Pops chocolatey cereal flavoured reduced-fat ice cream” and has topped it with “Coco Pops flavoured biscuit crumbs”.

    Tell me that doesn’t sound like a party in your mouth? I’m salivating just thinking about it right now, especially the ice cream.

    When can you get your hands on these babies?

    While neither of these drool-worthy products is sitting on shelves just yet, you won’t have to wait all that long to enjoy the chocolatey-honeycombey creations.

    Coco Pops Golden Gaytime flavour cereal will be hitting supermarkets from 22 February 2021 and Coco Pops flavoured Golden Gaytime ice cream can be found in supermarket freezers from 01 March 2021 and in select convenience stores from 15 March 2021.

    If you’d like to read more about our thoughts on popular snacks, check out our write up on assorted KitKat flavours here , and on Domino’s new and very interesting sausage sizzle pizza flavour here .

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      The Best Running Headphones That’ll Suit Every Style and Budget

      pubsub.dcentralisedmedia.com / LifehackerAustralia · Friday, 19 February, 2021 - 05:26 · 3 minutes

    Talk to anyone who runs regularly and they’ll tell you how important music is. Finding the right songs and using them as motivation can take your run from painful to powerful. Finding the right music to motivate you is only one part of the puzzle. The other part is finding the best running headphones to support you.

    To save you the trouble of scouring the internet, we’ve tracked down the best running headphones of 2021 according to customer reviews. There’s something out there to suit every runners style and budget, it’s just about finding what’s right for you.

    Apple AirPods, $209

    AirPods are a highly popular option among runners. Given their shape, they can fit snugly inside the ear and rarely fall out when moving around during workouts. The sound quality is great, as is the battery life – the fact that they’re one of the best wireless running headphones is just an added bonus.  All round, they’re a great option for running enthusiasts.

    Sennheiser Sweat and Splash Resistant Sport Headphones, $105

    The best feature of these headphones is undoubtedly the sweat and splash resistance. If you’re known for going hard on a run, they’re a great option for you. They also have a 6-hour battery life if you’re more of a long-distance runner.

    AfterShokz Aeropex Open-Ear Wireless Waterproof Headphones, $249

    If you hate feeling like there’s something covering your ears while running, these are the perfect headphones for you. Weighing in at only 26g, it feels like you’re wearing nothing at all while still being able to enjoy your favourite music. Once fully charged, the AfterShokz will give you up to 8 hours of playing time.

    Adidas Wireless Bluetooth On-Ear Sports Headphones, $234.27

    If you’re someone who prefers to have the added comfort of a full-headphone, the Adidas model is great for you. With waterproof, splash-resistant and washable ear cushions, they really do provide everything you need during a workout.

    Beats Powerbeats Pro Totally Wireless Earphones, $323.55

    These are at the higher end of the price point but it’s entirely justifiable given the sound quality. These wireless running headphones come with a charging case similar to AirPods, which provide more than 24 hours of play time when utilised. Adjustable ear hooks allow the device to fit snugly over your ears while delivering a sophisticated sound quality.

    Jaybird Wireless Bluetooth Headphones for Sport, $186.98

    These sweat and waterproof headphones are perfect for runners. The ultra foam tips are entirely adaptable to individual ears, allowing them to mould to your exact shape for maximum comfort. If you’re always known to run come rain, hail or shine, these can adapt to any weather condition.

    Bose SoundSport Wireless Bluetooth Headphones, $189.95

    The Bose Soundsports have been a continued fan-favourite for quite some time now. Delivering a high-quality audio experience with wireless convenience, this model can deliver up to 6 hours of battery life along with being sweat and weather resistant.

    There you have it, the best running headphones of 2021. There’s nothing left to do but hit the pavement and press play on your favourite song. If you have any other favourites, be sure to leave them in the comments.

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      You Can Score 35GB of Mobile Data for Just $15 Right Now

      pubsub.dcentralisedmedia.com / LifehackerAustralia · Friday, 19 February, 2021 - 05:22 · 1 minute

    Want a solid mobile data recharge for cheap? Amaysim – who are powered by the Optus 4G Plus Network – are currently offering a half-off deal on its 35GB prepaid plan.

    With this discount offer, you’ll only have to pay $15 per recharge for the first three recharges you make with Amaysim. A recharge for the 35GB Amaysim plan would normally cost $30, so with this half-off deal you can save $45 over those first three recharges.

    An Amaysim recharge lasts 28 days, so as long as you don’t hit your data cap, you can get close to three months of discounted prepaid data. And since it’s a prepaid plan, that means you won’t be locked into any contracts so you’re free to go elsewhere once the discounted recharges finish.

    This offer is available until February 28.

    How do Amaysim’s prepaid plans compare to other mobile plans?

    For $15, Amaysim’s 35GB prepaid plan is great value for money.

    Most mobile plans sit in the $35 range, and can net you between 35GB to 50GB of data. If you desperately need as much data as you can possibly get, you might be best grabbing Circles.Life’s 50GB data plan for $22 per month.

    Amaysim isn’t the only telco that has slashed 50% off of its prepaid plans. Earlier this week iiNet released a half off deal across all of its prepaid plans , which means you can score 25GB of data for only $15.

    In terms of value, that’s not as good as Amaysim’s discount – but if you’re someone who only needs a small amount of data each recharge and aren’t too keen on paying for the extra you aren’t using, iiNet’s plans are worth looking into.

    You can see how Amaysim’s prepaid offers compares with other mobile plans within the 35GB data range.

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      Add Salt to Your Whiskey for the Best Old Fashioned Cocktail

      pubsub.dcentralisedmedia.com / LifehackerAustralia · Friday, 19 February, 2021 - 05:19 · 1 minute

    When it comes to the end of a long week, or just a big day, how good is a cocktail? My absolute favourite is an Old Fashioned. Not too sweet, and makes me feel just a tad fancy, especially in a classy glass.

    Now I’m pretty new to making cocktails myself – give it a crack and you’ll soon realise why bars charge 20 bucks a pop for them. But an Old Fashioned is fairly easy. The perfect place to start your celebration.

    It’s basically whiskey, bitters and orange peel. But at a recent event for Westward Whiskey (yes, tough gig I’ve got, I know), I was handed an Old Fashioned that blew my mind. It had one extra ingredient: rock salt.

    (Full disclosure: I usually avoid salt at all costs, but this was a special occasion. A rare treat.)

    The tiny pinch of rock salt completely changed the drink. It was like it brought all the flavours in the glass to a whole new level.

    It also made the cocktail incredibly moreish and I may have guzzled it more quickly than was polite. So be warned.

    Here’s how to make an Old Fashioned with a salty twist



    60mL Westward American Single Malt Whiskey

    5mL raw liquid honey

    A pinch of Olsson’s sea salt flakes

    Half a dropper of Fee Brothers Old Fashion Aromatic Bitters

    Orange peel to garnish


    Pour the whiskey, honey, sea salt and bitters into a mixing glass and stir. The put it all into a fancy Old Fashioned rocks glass on a large cube (it’s the fancy glass that makes it extra delicious, if you ask me). Garnish with a strip of orange peel (if that’s not your thing, you can use a cherry to garnish instead).

    That’s it. So simple yet so impressive, and that’s what we love. Cheers!

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      How Do Face Tanning Waters Work and Which Are The Best To Try

      pubsub.dcentralisedmedia.com / LifehackerAustralia · Friday, 19 February, 2021 - 04:26 · 3 minutes

    Anyone who fake tans religiously will tell you that self-tan has come a long way. Long gone are the days of applying a streaky, orange coat.

    These days, tanning formulas are designed to be a hybrid between skincare and self-tanner, with skin health top of mind. Meaning they often contain a range of skincare actives and ingredients that help nourish your skin while you tan and won’t cause blocked pores. You can also self-tan products like face tanning water that you can add to your everyday moisturiser for a subtle glow.

    Tanning your face is a tricky beast, especially when compared to your body. A lot can go wrong and there are far fewer ways to cover it up when it does. Tanning waters also don’t contain any kind of guide colour (it’s exactly like water, so it’s colourless), so when it comes to tanning your face start slow and build the colour up. You can always apply a second coat. And always make sure your skin is completely cleansed (double cleanse if you have to) before applying.

    Ahead, we’ve rounded up 6 of the best face tanning waters so you can add one to your skincare routine. Glow on, you know you want to.

    Bondi Sands Pure Concentrated Self Tan Drops


    Bondi Sands Pure Concentrated Self Tan Drops, $19.49

    Bondi Sands new Pure Self Tanning Drops combines their iconic golden glow with skin-loving Hyaluronic Acid for hydration, Vitamin C for radiance and Vitamin E for repair. The level of tan is completely customisable, you simply add the desired amount of drops to your regular moisturiser and apply it as usual, within 6 hours you’ll be good to glow. The formula is suitable for all skin types, fragrance-free and dermatologically tested.

    Tan-Luxe The Face Self Tanner


    Tan-Luxe The Face Self Tanner, $59

    Tan-Luxe’s face tanning water gives you the freedom to tailor your tan. Loaded with the highest quality, naturally derived tanning actives (DHA), it gives a natural-looking glow that complements your skin tone. It’s also formulated with skin-boosting properties of Raspberry Seed Oil, Vitamin E and Aloe Vera, so your skin feels hydrated and nourished with every application. It also doesn’t smell strongly of fake tan, which is a huge win if, like me, you’re not a huge fan of the smell.

    Eco Tan Organic Face Tan Water


    Eco Tan Organic Face Tan Water, $34.95

    Eco Tan Organic Face Tan Water is a non-comedogenic (read: won’t clog your pores), vegan gradual self-tanning water with non of the nasty stuff. Suitable for oily and blemish-prone skin types, this hard-working formula even helps to reduce the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles and uneven skin tone. Made with Vitamin C, it works to protect the skin against visible signs of ageing and helps protect your skin from environmental aggressors.

    Bali Body Face Tan Water


    Bali Body Face Tan Water, $29.95

    The Bali Body’s Face Tan Water is a gradual face tanning water that provides a flawless, natural-looking glow to the face, neck and décolletage. Enriched with skin-loving, anti-ageing ingredients it works to tone and hydrate while giving you a good glow, sans sun. It’s natural, streak-free, 100% vegan and suitable for all skin types.

    St Tropez Self Tan Purity Bronzing Water Face Mist


    St Tropez Self Tan Purity Bronzing Water Face Mist, $24.49

    Achieve a natural-looking golden glow that lasts for days with just a few spritzes of Self Tan Purity Bronzing Water Face Mist. This ultra-lightweight transparent mist is infused with 100% natural tanning agents, as well as antioxidants. It’s also got a fresh, tropical fragrance and no tell-tale self-tan smell.

    St Tropez Self Tan Purity Bronzing Water Gel


    St Tropez Self Tan Purity Bronzing Water Gel, $42.49

    Like the above St Tropez Self Tan Purity Bronzing Water Face Mist, St Tropez’s lightweight gel-to-water formula develops into a natural, golden tan in just three hours. You don’t even need to rinse it off. The non-sticky, fast-absorbing gel also provides up to 72 hours of hydration, so your pores won’t feel clogged or tight.

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      5 Ring Lights to Help You Nail the Perfect Selfie

      pubsub.dcentralisedmedia.com / LifehackerAustralia · Friday, 19 February, 2021 - 04:25 · 3 minutes

    Nowadays, almost every smartphone comes with some kind of “beauty mode” for the front-facing selfie lens. Sometimes it’s filter to try to improve your features, while others have a sliding scale of Photoshop smoothing. There’s a fair amount you can do on-camera to improve your selfies, but you can’t easily modify the level of light around your face. That’s where a halo ring light comes in.

    Human beings don’t actually have flat pancakes for faces, and that’s a big problem if you’re trying to get a perfect snap. Our faces are contoured with bumps and lumps, noses and eyeball sockets and plenty of other places where light can fall unevenly, making us look significantly less attractive. It’s an issue that only gets worse with age, because every wrinkle is also a potential source of shadows. Unless you’re going for that perpetually hungover/sleepy look – and very few of us are – that’s less than desirable.

    A circular ring light – often also called a Halo light – can solve all of these problems by providing a balanced lighting array around your entire face. With LED ring lights, you can also often opt to use colour washes on the light itself, which can be great for accentuating particular features, making the most of your makeup, or just to present you in – quite literally – a new light.

    Everybody wants to look their best in selfies, and this range of halo light options will make your Insta posts pop.

    Neewer Camera Photo Video Light Kit: 18 Inches/48 Centimeters Outer 55W 5500K Dimmable LED Ring Light $85.46

    Neewer’s Photo Light Kit contains everything you’d need to get started taking better selfie shots or making YouTube or TikTok videos. It features a 48cm ring light with 5500K lighting – very bright in lay person’s terms – along with standard orange and white colour filters to let you get your best-looking video the first time out. The included tripod can hold your phone in the middle of the ring for easy shooting or a DSLR, and it comes with a simple Bluetooth shutter so you can quickly take shots or shoot video.

    UBeesize 10″ Selfie Ring Light with 50″ Extendable Tripod Stand $69.99
    UBeesize pitches its 10″ halo ring light as being perfect for live makeup tutorials – or any other kind of live-streaming you’d care to engage in – with a simple tripod and Bluetooth remote also part of the package. The 10″ ring light offers three white colours – warm, cool light and daylight – with 11 different intensity settings for each colour temperature.

    Neewer Table Top 10-inch USB LED Ring Light $27.61

    If you shoot your video from your desk or while sitting down you probably don’t need a tripod, and this is where the smaller Ubeesize Dimmable Desk Makeup Ring Light might be a good match. It’s functionally much the same as the Selfie Ring Light, so you get three colour temperatures and 11 intensities to choose from, but with a smaller and simpler desktop-style tripod that can take up to two kilos, so it’s not just limited to simple smartphone use.

    Neewer Table Top 10-inch LED Ring Light $42.99
    The price is attractive, and while you might think that means Neewer’s Table Top 10-inch Ring Light is super basic, you’re actually getting a fair quantity of features for your money, including three light modes – white, yellow/white and yellow – 10 levels of brightness and a simple desktop stand. It’s pretty clearly built mostly for smartphone use, although it does feature a universal ¼” screw thread for other camera types.

    Neewer Camera Photo/Video 14 inches LED SMD Ring Light $57.99
    If you’ve already got a tripod you’re happy with, Neewer’s larger 14″ halo ring light might be the right buy for you. This kit includes a 14″ 5500K ring light with variable dimming, orange and white plastic filters and its own power supply – a rarity among halo ring light setups that usually presume you’ll use your phone’s charger or a portable battery to give them their glow.

    Editor’s note: Descriptions and features are as taken from manufacturer/seller claims on Amazon.

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      How to Get the Most Out of Apple News Now That Facebook Is a No-Go

      pubsub.dcentralisedmedia.com / LifehackerAustralia · Friday, 19 February, 2021 - 04:24 · 3 minutes

    So, yesterday happened. And today we’re waking up in a new Facebook-news-free Australia. If you’d like to catch up on what exactly went down with the Australian media and Facebook yesterday, you can read about that here .

    Today, however, I’d like to take a peek at one of the more popular news content aggregators out there, Apple News.

    If you’re familiar with the service – awesome. If you’re new to it however and would like some insight into how best to use it, I’m here to help. I chatted with the team at Apple for a quick rundown on the app and got some tips on how to make sure you’re curating your news experience to suit your needs and preferences i.e. all Lifehacker, all the time (I’m joking).

    What’s Apple News?

    In short, it’s a free new service through Apple that pulls together a selection of news pieces on current events. The collection is managed by Apple News editors, and it’ll shoot you nifty notifications to let you know when breaking news has hit.

    How about Apple News+?

    Back in September 2019, Apple launched Apple News+ in Australia. This service is a paid subscription (you can sign up for $14.99 per month, after a one-month free trial) that pulls together the content from a solid chunk of popular magazines and newspapers. The platform will suggest articles based on your interests, and past reading habits.

    If you’re signing up for the service, Apple recommends looking at an Apple One membership which bundles as many as six memberships including Apple Music, Apple TV, Arcade, iCloud, News and Fitness+ subscriptions. If you’re a fiend for an Apple service it may be worth considering. It’ll set you back $39.95 per month for all six, so crunch some numbers and see if it works out better for ya.

    Anyway, I digress.

    How to use Apple News, properly

    Just by using the Apple News app, the service will begin to learn about your preferences and will start making suggestions on what you may like. But the service is customisable.

    If you have a particular topic or outlet you’d like to be kept across, head to the Following tab. From here you can use the search bar to find those favourites of yours. Tap the plus symbol to add them to your feed. Pretty simple stuff.

    You can also block channels (outlets) or topics if you’re not keen on seeing stories from them. To do this, tap the “more” button (the ellipsis) next to the title or term, and select Block Channel/Topic.

    Tap Following > Blocked Channels & Topics to see the channels and topics you’ve blocked.

    It’s worth noting here that Apple states although you won’t see blocked content in your Today Feed, you may see articles pop up if they’re featured by editors elsewhere on the app.

    Lastly, scroll down to the bottom of the Following tab and click Discover Channels and Topics to find a selection of suggestions that you may not have thought of just yet.

    If you’d like a super curated experience, you can also choose to only see news from pages and topics you follow in your daily news feed. For those who are very particular about what they read, you’ll want to head to Settings > News then turn on Restrict Stories in Today .

    (These tips are tailored to iOS 14, so may be slightly different if you’re not using the latest operating system.)

    Tailor your notifications

    Stick around in the Following tab if you’d like to manage how many notifications you receive from the app. Scroll down and select Notifications & Email , then use the toggle to edit which updates you get pinged about.

    And there you have it. A quick and simple guide to getting your Apple News app in order. If you’d like advice on other news sources, check out our write up on the best ways to stay informed after Facebook’s Australian media ban.

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      Every Title Coming to Star on Disney+ in Australia At Launch

      pubsub.dcentralisedmedia.com / LifehackerAustralia · Friday, 19 February, 2021 - 01:58 · 10 minutes

    This month hails a new era of content on Disney+. The new ‘Star’ hub will launch on the platform on February 23, providing a space for Disney’s more mature content.

    Star is set to bring nearly 450 new movies and 155 TV series to the platform, basically doubling the size of the existing content library. To compensate for this, the price of Disney+ is also going up (details on that, here ). There is a workaround if you want t o hold onto cheaper prices for a while, however.

    There’s some great new stuff to choose from including the Deadpool movies, Love Victor, Titanic, Alien and Die Hard, so that price hike looks like it’ll be worth it. To see if your favourite show or movie is hitting Disney+, however, we’ve compiled a list of all 600+ titles that will be hitting Star in Australia at launch.

    Star originals

    • Big Sky
    • Love, Victor
    • Helstrom
    • Solar Opposites

    Movies on Star

    • 12 Rounds
    • 127 Hours
    • The 13th Warrior
    • 25th Hour
    • 27 Dresses
    • 28 Days Later
    • 28 Weeks Later
    • 42 to 1
    • 500 Days of Summer
    • 9 to 5
    • A Gift of Miracles
    • Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter
    • Absolutely Fabulous: The Movie
    • Aftermath
    • Air Force One (1997)
    • Air Up There, the
    • The Alamo (2004)
    • Alien
    • Alien Resurrection
    • Alien Vs. Predator
    • Alien: Covenant
    • Alien3
    • Aliens
    • Aliens Vs. Predator – Requiem
    • All About Steve
    • Amelia
    • Anna and the King
    • Annapolis
    • Another Earth
    • Antwone Fisher
    • Anywhere but Here
    • Arachnophobia
    • Armageddon
    • The Art of Getting by
    • The A-team
    • Babylon a.d.
    • Bachelor Party
    • Bad Company (2002)
    • Bad Company (Aka: Tool Shed)
    • Bad Girls (1994)
    • Baggage Claim
    • The Banger Sisters
    • Battle for the Planet of the Apes
    • Battle of the Sexes
    • Be Water
    • Beaches
    • Because of Winn-dixie
    • Before and After (1996)
    • Behind Enemy Lines (2001)
    • Beloved (1998)
    • Best Exotic Marigold Hotel
    • Best Laid Plans
    • Bible, the
    • Big Trouble
    • Billy Bathgate
    • Black Nativity
    • Black Swan (2010)
    • The Blue Max
    • The Book of Life
    • The Book Thief
    • Bootmen
    • Borat: Cultural Learnings of America for Make Benefit Glorious Nation …
    • Boys Don’t Cry
    • The Bravados
    • Braveheart
    • Breakthrough
    • Bringing Down the House
    • Bringing Out the Dead
    • Broadcast News (Aka: Nachrichtenfieber)
    • Brokedown Palace
    • Broken Arrow (1996)
    • Broken Lizard’s Club Dread
    • Brothers in Exile
    • Bubble Boy
    • Bushwhacked
    • Butch and Sundance: the Early Days
    • Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid
    • Calendar Girls
    • The Call of the Wild (2020)
    • Can You Ever Forgive Me?
    • Can’t Buy Me Love
    • Casanova
    • Cedar Rapids
    • Chasing Tyson
    • Choke
    • Chronicle
    • Cinderella Man
    • The Clearing
    • Cleopatra (1963)
    • Cocktail
    • Cocoon: the Return
    • Cold Creek Manor
    • The Color of Money
    • The Comebacks
    • Commando (1985)
    • Con Air
    • Consenting Adults
    • Conviction
    • Corky Romano
    • Courage Under Fire
    • Coyote Ugly
    • Cradle Will Rock
    • Crazy Heart
    • Crazy/beautiful
    • Crimson Tide
    • Crucible, the
    • Damien – Omen Ii
    • Dangerous Minds
    • The Darjeeling Limited
    • Dark Water
    • Date Night
    • Dawn of the Planet of the Apes
    • The Day After Tomorrow
    • TheDay the Earth Stood Still (2008)
    • The Day the Series Stopped
    • Day Watch
    • Dead Poets Society
    • Dead Presidents
    • Deadpool
    • Deadpool 2
    • Deception (2008)
    • The Deep End
    • Deep Rising
    • Deion’s Double Play
    • Deja Vu
    • Delivery Man
    • Demolition
    • The Descendants
    • Deuce Bigalow: Male Gigolo
    • The Devil Wears Prada
    • Devil’s Due
    • Die Hard
    • Die Hard 2
    • Die Hard With a Vengeance
    • Doc & Darryl
    • Doctor Dolittle (1998)
    • Dodgeball: a True Underdog Story
    • The Dominican Dream
    • Double Take
    • Down and Out in Beverly Hills
    • Down Periscope
    • Downhill
    • Dragonball: Evolution
    • Drive Me Crazy
    • The Drop
    • Dude, Where’s My Car?
    • Duets
    • The East
    • Ed Wood
    • Eddie the Eagle
    • The Edge
    • Edward Scissorhands
    • Enemy of the State
    • Enough Said
    • Escape From the Planet of the Apes
    • Ever After (Aka: Ever After: a Cinderella Story)
    • Evita
    • The Fab Five (2011)
    • Face Off
    • The Family Stone
    • Far From the Madding Crowd (2015)
    • Father of the Bride
    • Father of the Bride Part Ii
    • The Fault in Our Stars
    • The Favourite
    • Ferdinand
    • The Fifth Estate
    • Firestorm (1998)
    • Flicka
    • Flight of the Phoenix (2004)
    • Flightplan
    • The Fly (1986)
    • For the Boys
    • Four Falls of Buffalo
    • French Connection Ii
    • The French Connection
    • Fright Night
    • From Hell
    • G.I. Jane
    • Garage Days
    • Gone in Sixty Seconds
    • Good Day to Die Hard, a
    • Good Morning, Vietnam
    • The Good Son  (1993)
    • Good, the Bad, the Hungry, the
    • Goodbye Christopher Robin
    • The Grand Budapest Hotel
    • The Greatest Showman
    • Grosse Pointe Blank
    • Guilty as Sin
    • Gun Shy
    • Hand That Rocks the Cradle, the
    • He Got Game
    • Hello Dolly!
    • The Help
    • Her Infidelity
    • Hidalgo
    • Hidden Figures
    • Hidden Life, a
    • Hide and Seek
    • High Fidelity
    • High Heels and Low Lifes
    • The Hills Have Eyes
    • The Hills Have Eyes 2
    • Hitchcock
    • Hitman
    • Hitman: Agent 47
    • Hoffa
    • Holy Man
    • Hope Floats
    • Hope Springs (2003)
    • The Hot Chick
    • Hot Shots!
    • The Hundred-foot Journey
    • I Hate Christian Laettner
    • I Heart Huckabees
    • I Origins
    • I Think I Love My Wife
    • In America
    • In Her Shoes
    • Independence Day
    • Into the Grizzly Maze
    • Inventing the Abbotts
    • Jenniferâ´s Body
    • Jingle All the Way
    • John Tucker Must Die
    • Johnson Family Vacation
    • Jojo Rabbit
    • Jordan Rides the Bus
    • Joshua
    • Judge Dredd
    • Juno
    • Just Married
    • Just Wright
    • Keeping Up With the Joneses
    • Kid Who Would Be King, the
    • King Arthur
    • Kingdom Come
    • Kingsman: The Golden Circle
    • Kingsman: The Secret Service
    • Kinsey
    • Kissing Jessica Stein
    • The Ladykillers
    • Last Dance (1996)
    • The Last King of Scotland
    • The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen
    • Let’s Be Cops
    • The Life Aquatic With Steve Zissou
    • Like Mike
    • Little Big Men
    • Little Miss Sunshine
    • Live Free or Die Hard
    • Logan
    • The Longest Ride
    • Mad Love (1995)
    • Marked for Death
    • The Marrying Man
    • Martha Marcy May Marlene
    • The Martian
    • Mash
    • Max Payne
    • The Maze Runner
    • Me and Earl and the Dying Girl
    • Medicine Man
    • Megan Leavey
    • Melinda and Melinda
    • Men of Honor
    • Metro
    • Miami Rhapsody
    • Mighty Morphin Power Rangers: the Movie
    • Mission to Mars
    • Mistress America
    • The Monuments Men
    • Moonlight Mile
    • Morgan
    • Moulin Rouge (2001)
    • The Mountain Between Us
    • Mr. Popper’s Penguins
    • Murder on the Orient Express (2017)
    • My Cousin Rachel (1952)
    • My Cousin Rachel (2017)
    • My Cousin Vinny
    • My Father the Hero
    • Mystery, Alaska
    • Nature Boy
    • Need for Speed
    • Never Been Kissed
    • Never Let Me Go
    • The Newton Boys
    • Nixon
    • No Mas
    • Notes on a Scandal
    • Nothing to Lose
    • Notorious
    • Of Miracles and Men
    • Office Space
    • Omen, the (1976)
    • One Good Cop
    • One Hour Photo
    • The Other Side of the Door
    • Other Sister, the
    • Other Woman, the (2014)
    • Our Family Wedding
    • Out to Sea
    • Paper Towns
    • Patti Cake$
    • Patton
    • Pearl Harbor
    • People Like Us
    • Phenomenon
    • Phi Slama Jama
    • Picture Perfect (1997)
    • Planet of the Apes (1968)
    • Pony Excess
    • The Poseidon Adventure
    • Powder
    • The Preacher’s Wife
    • Predator 2
    • Predators
    • Pretty Woman
    • Primeval
    • The Proposal(2009)
    • Quills
    • Quiz Show
    • Ramona and Beezus
    • Ready or Not
    • Rebound
    • Red Tails
    • Renaissance Man
    • Revenge of the Nerds Ii: Nerds in Paradise
    • Rio
    • Rio 2
    • Rise of the Planet of the Apes
    • Robin Hood (1991)
    • The Rock
    • Romancing the Stone
    • Romy and Michele’s High School Reunion
    • The Royal Tenenbaums
    • Ruby Sparks
    • Runaway Bride
    • Rushmore
    • The Scarlet Letter
    • Scary Movie 4
    • Sea of Shadows
    • The Second Best Exotic Marigold Hotel
    • The Secret Agent
    • The Secret Life of Bees
    • The Secret Life of Walter Mitty
    • The Sessions
    • Shadow Conspiracy
    • Shallow Hal
    • Shine (2018)
    • Shining Through
    • Sideways
    • Signs
    • Silver Streak
    • Simple Twist of Fate, a
    • The Sitter
    • Six Days, Seven Nights
    • The Sixth Sense
    • Sleeping With the Enemy
    • Snake Eyes
    • Someone Like You
    • Soul Food
    • Sound of My Voice
    • Speed
    • Spies in Disguise
    • Spy
    • Spy Hard
    • Stagecoach
    • Starship Troopers
    • Step
    • Stoker
    • Stuber
    • Summer of Sam
    • Sunshine (2007)
    • Super Troopers (2002)
    • Super Troopers 2
    • Surrogates
    • Sweet Home Alabama
    • Table 19
    • Taken (2008)
    • Taken 2
    • Taken 3
    • Taxi (2004)
    • Terminal Velocity
    • Terminator: Dark Fate
    • Thank You for Smoking
    • That Thing You Do!
    • The Shape of Water
    • There’s No Place Like Home
    • There’s Something About Mary
    • This Means War
    • Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri
    • Three Fugitives
    • Three Men and a Baby
    • Tim Richmond: to the Limit
    • Titan a.e.
    • Titanic (1997)
    • Tolkien
    • Tombstone
    • Tora! Tora! Tora!
    • Trance
    • Transporter 2
    • The Transporter
    • Trapped in Paradise
    • Tristan & Isolde
    • True Identity
    • Turbo: a Power Rangers Movie
    • Unbreakable
    • Under the Tuscan Sun
    • Underwater
    • Unstoppable (2010)
    • Up Close & Personal
    • The Verdict
    • Veronica Guerin
    • Victor Frankenstein
    • The Village (2004)
    • Viva Zapata
    • Volcano (1997)
    • Waiting to Exhale
    • Waitress
    • Waking Life
    • Walk the Line
    • Wall Street
    • War for the Planet of the Apes
    • War Horse
    • The War of the Roses
    • Warlock (1959)
    • The  Watch(2012)
    • Water for Elephants
    • The Waterboy
    • We Bought a Zoo
    • What Carter Lost
    • What’s Love Got to Do With It
    • When a Man Loves a Woman
    • While You Were Sleeping
    • White Men Can’t Jump
    • Who Framed Roger Rabbit
    • Why Him?
    • Wild (2014)
    • Wild Hogs
    • Wilson (2017)
    • Win Win
    • Working Girl (1988)
    • The X-Files
    • Year of the Scab

    TV Shows on Star

    • 24 S1-8
    • 10 Things I Hate About You S1 and 2
    • 2000s, the Decade We Saw It All S1
    • 24: Legacy S1
    • 24: Live Another Day S9
    • 8 Simple Rules S1 and 2
    • The 80s Greatest S1
    • The 90s Greatest S1
    • The 90s: the Last Great Decade? S1
    • 9-1-1 S1 to 3
    • According to Jim S1 to 8
    • Alias S1 to 5
    • Alone Together S1 and 2
    • American Dad S1-s15
    • American Housewife S1 to 4
    • Angel S1 to 5
    • Animal Fight Night S1 to 6
    • Apocalypse World War I S1
    • Apocalypse: the Second World War S1
    • Area 51: the Cia’s Secret
    • Army Wives S1 to 7
    • The Astronaut Wives Club S1
    • Baby Daddy S1 to 6
    • Benched S1
    • Betrayal S1
    • Beyond S1 and 2
    • Black-ish S1 to 5
    • Bless the Harts S1
    • Bless This Mess S1 and 2
    • Blood & Oil S1
    • Blossom S1 to 5
    • Bob’s Burgers S1 to 9
    • Body of Proof S1 to 3
    • Bones S1 to 9
    • Bordertown S1
    • Brickleberry S1 to 3
    • Brothers & Sisters S1 to 5
    • Bunheads S1
    • Buried Secrets of WWII S1
    • Burn Notice S1 to 7
    • Castle S1 to 8
    • The Catch S1 and 2
    • Chance S1 and 2
    • The Chi S1 and 3
    • The Cleveland Show S1 to 4
    • Commander in Chief S1
    • Cougar Town S1 to 6
    • Dawn of the Nazis (Aka: Apocalypse: Hitler’s Rise to Power) S1
    • Desperate Housewives S1 to 8
    • Devious Maids S1 to 4
    • Dirt S1 to 2
    • Dirt S2
    • Dirty Sexy Money S1 to 2
    • Dollface S1
    • Don’t Trust the B— in Apartment 23 S1 to 2
    • Drugs, Inc. S2, 3, 4 and 7
    • Eli Stone S1 and 2
    • Ellen S1 to 5
    • Emergence S1
    • Empire S1 to 6
    • Family Guy S18
    • Felicity S1 to 4
    • The Finder S1
    • Firefly S1
    • The Fix S1
    • Flashforward S1
    • For the People S1 and 2
    • Fresh Off the Boat S1 to 6
    • Galavant S1 and 2
    • GCB S1
    • Genius S1 and 2
    • The Gifted S1 and 2
    • The Glades S1 to 4
    • Glee S1 to 6
    • Grand Hotel S1
    • Grandfathered S1
    • Greek S1 to 6
    • Grey’s Anatomy S15, 16 and 17
    • Grown-ish S1 to 3
    • Heroes of the Long Road Home With Martha Raddatz
    • Hill Street Blues S1 to 7
    • Hitler Youth S1
    • Hitler’s Death Squad S1
    • Hitler’s Last Year S1
    • Homeland S1 to 8
    • The Hot Zone S1
    • How I Met Your Mother S1 to 9
    • Inside North Korea’s Dynasty S1
    • Inside the SS S1
    • Jane by Design S1
    • Kevin (Probably) Saves the World S1
    • The Kids Are Alright S1
    • The Killing S1 to 4
    • Kyle XY S1 to 4
    • LA 92
    • Lance
    • The Last Man on Earth S1 to 4
    • Last Man Standing S1 to 8
    • Lie to Me S1 to 3
    • Life in Pieces S1 to 4
    • Locked Up Abroad (Aka: Banged Up Abroad) S5, 6 and 10
    • M*A*S*H* Goodbye, Farewell & Amen – TV Special
    • Make It or Break It S1 to 4
    • Mars (Yr 1 2016/17 Eps 1-7) S1 and 2
    • Marvel’s Cloak & Dagger S1 and 2
    • The Mayor S1
    • Melissa & Joey S1 to 5
    • The Mick S1 and 2
    • Mistresses S1 to 4
    • Mixed-ish S1
    • Motherland: Fort Salem S1
    • My Name Is Earl S1 to 4
    • My So-called Life S1
    • My Wife and Kids S1 to 5
    • Napoleon Dynamite S1
    • Nazi Megastructures S1 to 6
    • Nazi Megastructures: America’s War S5
    • Nazi Megastructures: Russia’s War S1
    • New Girl S1 to 7
    • North Korea From the Inside With Michael Palin S1
    • O.J.: Made in America – TV Special
    • The Orville S1 and 2
    • Outmatched S1
    • Perception S1 to 3
    • Prison Break S1 to 4
    • Prison Break Event Series
    • Private Practice S1 to 6
    • Quantico S1 to 3
    • Raising Hope S1 to 4
    • Raising the Bar S1 and 2
    • Real O’Neal’s S1 to 2
    • Red Band Society S1
    • The Resident S1 to 3
    • Resurrection S1 and 2
    • The River S1
    • Rosewood S1 to 2
    • Salem S1 to 3
    • Samantha Who? S1 and 2
    • Scandal S1 to 7
    • Secrets & Lies S1 and 2
    • Single Parents S1
    • Sleepy Hollow S1 to 4
    • Son of Zorn S1
    • Star (Lee Daniel’s) S1 to 3
    • Station 19 S1 to 3
    • Stitchers S1 to 3
    • Stumptown S1
    • Trophy Wife S1
    • Ugly Betty S1 to 4
    • Ultimate Survival WWII S1
    • What About Brian S1 and 2
    • When We Rise (8 Eps)
    • The Whispers S1
    • White Collar S1 to 6
    • Wicked City S1
    • Witness to Disaster (Fka: Eyewitness) S1
    • The X-Files S1 to 11
    • Young & Hungry S1 to 5

    Still with me after all that? That is every single one of the 600 titles coming to Disney+’s new Star content hub. Get your watch list ready because they’ll be hitting your screen in a few weeks on February 23.

    You can start streaming on Disney+ here .

    And if you want more content to stream, check out our write up of everything available on all other streaming services for the month of Feb, here .

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      Tech Sales: The Best Deals from Samsung, Apple, Amazon and More

      pubsub.dcentralisedmedia.com / LifehackerAustralia · Friday, 19 February, 2021 - 01:42 · 1 minute

    It’s Friday friends, and man are we glad the end of the week is here. Not only because it means a glass of vino is patiently waiting for us, no. We’re glad because we’re bringing you the best available tech sales today and who doesn’t love a bargain ?

    From mobile phones to headphones and internet deals, we’ve collected the best available deals in the tech space; ready for you to enjoy.

    Check out some of our favourites below.

    Mobile phone deals

    Samsung sale

    h5stfmqb7at9dmpg3sbg.jpg?auto=format&fit=fill&q=65&w=1280 Image: Samsung

    Telstra is offering a $480 discount on the newly released Galaxy S21 Ultra, which works out to be a $20 per month saving on a 24-month plan. Plans start at $112 per month with 40GB.

    iPhone 12 deal

    Telstra is also slinging a solid deal for those keen on getting themselves an iPhone 12 or iPhone 12 Pro. If you register to get the new phone, they’ll throw in free Beats Flex. This deal is valid until March 1, 2021.

    Best internet deals

    There’s a solid selection of deals available on internet plans at the moment. SpinTel comes in at the cheapest at $74 per month for your first six months on a NBN 100 plan.

    More on internet deals here .

    Apple sales

    GettyImages-1207925642.jpg?auto=format&fit=fill&q=80&w=1280&nr=20 (Photo by Alex Tai/SOPA Images/LightRocket via Getty Images)

    Apple AirPod deal

    Apple AirPods Pro – $315 (down from $399)

    Massager sales

    RENPHO Massage Gun – Save $20 with Amazon coupon

    Breo iSee Electric Eye Massager – $199.99 (save $30)

    Dashcam deals

    Uniden’s iGO CAM 65R $154.95, down from $279.95

    Garmin 010-02231-11 Dash Cam 56 – $213.95, save 23%

    Smart home device sales

    Google home sale

    Google Nest Mini Smart Speaker (2nd Gen) – $44, save $35

    Google Home Max – $338, save $111

    Amazon deals

    echo-dot-3rd-gen.jpg?auto=format&fit=fill&q=65&w=1280 Image: Amazon

    Echo Dot and Fire Stick Bundle – $89 (save $29)

    Gaming deals

    PS5 Controller Dual Charging Station – $29.99 (down from $39.99)

    SteelSeries Arctis 7 headset – $182.77 (down from $339)

    Assassin’s Creed Valhalla (PS4) – $69 (down for $99.95)

    Assassin’s Creed Valhalla (PS5) – $69 (down for $99.95)

    Ghost of Tsushima – $65 (down from $99.95)

    Mortal Kombat 11 Ultimate (PS5) – $59 (down from $89.95)

    The post Tech Sales: The Best Deals from Samsung, Apple, Amazon and More appeared first on Lifehacker Australia .